She is a famous saint and devotee of Lord Krishna. The birthplace of Meera bai is kudki and her father’s name was Rana Ratansingh Rathor and her mother’s name was veer kumari. Meera bai’s grandfather’s name was Rao Duda. Meera bai’s spouse’s name was Bhoj Raj. The name of Mirabai’s Guru was Sant Ravi das. Meera Bai was the only kid of her parents. Her mother died when she was younger. Meerabai was raised by her grandfather. He was a religious instinct. Saints and devotees used to visit Rav Duda.

When Meera bai was younger her mother gave her the idol of Lord Shri Krishna. She used to sing, talk, play, and write bhajan in front of the idol lord Shri Krishna. Meerabai considered Shri Krishna as her husband- Meerabai was married by Raja Bhoj. Her husband died after only a few days of marriage. After her husband died, Mirabai devoted all her time in devotion to Lord Krishna. Meerabai’s in-laws did not like to worship Shri Krishna of Meera bai. Her in-laws used to bother her a lot. Meerabai’s in-laws also tried to kill her with poison. Meerabai then write a letter to Tulsidas and told the whole thing then asked for the suggestion. Then Meerabai went to Dwarka and Vrindavan. Meerabai composed many verses and hymns and spent her entire life in devotion to Lord Krishna.

Spiritual Journey of Meera bai

Meera bai - A Famous Saint and Devotee
  • Born:-1498
  • Death:-1546
  • Time 1499:-16th century
  • Birthplace:- Kukdi (Medta Rajasthan)
  • Childhood:-grandfather Rao Dudaji there
  • Father:-Ratan Singh
  • Married:-Raja Bhojraj of Chittor in the Sisodia dynasty
  • Guru:-Ravidas
  • Pierre:-Medta Rajasthan
  • Sasru:-Mewar Shaiv Dharma (Rana Pratap’s aunt)
  • The most popular:-literature and pad
  • Nickname:-Janam Janam ni dashi

Meerabai’s Life

  • When Mirabai was only three years old, a monk came to her house and gave a toy idol of Lord Krishna to her father. Her father accepted the idol as a blessing.
  • But Mirabai liked the idol of Lord Krishna very much at first sight. This idol became ingrained in her mind.
  • Mirabai forbade her to eat or drink anything until she found the idol. For Mira, the idol seemed to have become Krishna’s living. She decided to make Krishna her lifelong friend and husband.
  • Once when the news of marriage came from Mirabai’s palace, Mirabai went out to see it out of curiosity. She asked her mother, “Matrushri, what is this?” Mataji replied, “This is a marriage. Once it happens, Mirabai innocently asks who my groom will be.
  • Mirabai’s mother replied to her that this Lord Krishna is your husband and that child accepts everything, so Mirabai also accepted that Girdhar Gopal is her husband.
  • She lost her mother at an early age
  • Meerabai did not want to get married at all but married the elders respecting their wishes.
  • Mirabai was married to Maharana Kumar Udaypur, son of Rana Sanga of Chittor. Mirabai was interested in Krishna’s devotion from her childhood.
  • Shortly after the marriage, after the death of Mera Bai’s husband Bhojraj, Mirabai became absorbed in devotion to Lord Krishna day by day.
  • Mirabai was engrossed in devotion to Lord Krishna. She was constantly singing bhajans and dancing in front of Lord Krishna.
  • The king builds a Krishna temple for Mirabai in the palace itself. There is such an atmosphere of devotion in the palace that the monks and saints start coming and going there. She has assumed Bairagi
  • Meera forgets the world and becomes engrossed in Krishna and becomes a Jogan by assuming vairagya.

Darshan of Gauswamiji in Vrindavan – Meera bai

  • Mirabai is very disturbed and cups of poison are also sent for her which Mirabai drinks as nectar. Excessive in devotion to Shri Krishna, Mirabai decides to leave Mewar and then leaves for Vrindavan.
  • According to a story, when Mirabai goes to Vrindavan, she wants to meet Goswami, but she gets an answer that Goswamiji does not meet women. Lord Krishna is only one man I don’t know that one more rival of Lord Krishna has been born. Hearing this sweet sarcastic reply of Mirabai, Goswamiji came out with open legs and met Mirabai. This story is first mentioned in the poem of Priya Das.


Meera bai
  • Mirabai met many saints and devotees and finally accepted Sant Ravidas, whose name is Santa Ravidasji in North India, as her Guru.
  • Mirabai mentions her guru in many places in her verses
  • ”Guru milya mhane Raidas, Naam nahi chhodu; kashi nagar na chock ma , mane Guru mila Raidaas”.


  • If we look at the devotion of Mirabai, there is a sense of sweetness in her devotion. She accepts her Ishtadev Shri Krishna as her beloved husband and her friend.
  • If you look at Mirabai’s posts, her posts are found in the Gujarati Rajasthani language. In Mewar, Lord Krishna worships idols together with Mira. If you look at Mirabai, her posts are very famous. spiritual interest is also found

The Famous Verses, Hymns, and Compositions – Meera bai

  • Mirabai composed Narshih Ka Maira, Geet Govind Tika, Raag Govind, and Sorath Ke Pad.
  • Looking at the famous compositions by Mirabai, you can see Satyabhama nu Rushnu, the verses of Krishnabhakti, Ram Ramakadu Jadiyu, Lene Tari Lakdi, Ha Re Koi Madhav Lo, Pag Ghunghru Bandh Meera, etc.
  • Mirabai’s famous verses include Ju nu re Thayu re Deval Ju nu re Thayu, Premni Premni Premni Ray Mane Vaagi Katari Premni Re, Mere To Girdhar Gopal Doosro Na Koi, Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye Odhavji Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye, etc.

Words Spoken in Honor of Mirabai

Meera bai
  • Niranjan Bhagat has said about Mirabai’s verses that ”Mirabai’s verses are a fountain of devotional poetry”
  • The poet Kalapi has said about Meera and Narshih that ”Hato Narshi Hating Meera Khara Elmi Khara Sura”.
  • Mirabai considered Raidas, a disciple of Ramananda, as her guru

Myth About Mirabai’s Death

It is said about the death of Mirabai that Mera Bai is believed to have immersed herself in the idol of Lord Krishna in Dwarka.

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