When we come to this earth, when we open our eyes, we first see our mother who gave birth to us. And in his eyes, we feel that true first love for us.  Perhaps if we have true love on this earth, She is a mother.  The mother is the soldier of the child’s life. She is such a person, without her, the life of children is incomplete. Mother’s day Importance History Reason for Celebration if you want to know then you are in the right place. Let’s about Mother’s day Importance History Reason for Celebration.

Importance of This day

Mother's day Importance History Reason for Celebration
  • The first teacher in our lives is the mother who shows us the true way of life. Shows the true path of life and teaches us the right things. and understands and inspires us to do the right thing. If we are doing something wrong, she guides us and stops us.
  • Mother is a person who cannot be described in words.
  • Mother is not just a person for the child but she is the whole world of the child. Every child loves his mother wholeheartedly and respects her. And even if the child serves her, we cannot be freed from the mother’s debt.
  • Mother is the first teacher who teaches us life valuable lessons.
  • Mother is a goddess, the power that comes to take us into this world. The mother dedicates all her life to children. A mother sacrifices her happiness for the happy life of her children.

History of Mother’s day

Mother's day
  • Mother’s Day started 1000 years ago, the Greeks and the Romans were doing it. But the Mother’s Day that we celebrate was started by Anna Jarvis to own her mother in 1908.
  • She is a church in the United States of St Andrew’s Methodist church, which is in the WEST VIRGINIA State.
  • Anna Jarvis’s mother’s name was ANN REEVES JARVIS, Who was a peace activist.
  • He treated all the soldiers who were injured in the civil war and in furtherance of the same work, She opened MOTHERS DAY WORK CLUB to correct the public health issue. So that the health issue of the public can be corrected.
  • ANN REEVES JARVIS passed away in 1905.  And only then did his daughter Anna Jarvis started the campaign that Mother’s Day should be. And it is very important to have a holiday on this day. 
  • Because it will be 1 day when you sit with your mother and make them feel good. Because for us, our mother has done the most work in this world.
  • In 1908, the US CONGRESS rejected the proposal for this mother’s day. She also joked if mother- in- law day would have been better.

Who started Mother’s day

Mother's day Importance History Reason for Celebration
  • In 1914 Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the US. He declared that every second Sunday of May would be celebrated as mother’s day.
  • But it was wrongly meant by the people. Instead of being with his mother.  People started giving her a great gift. And The Companies of America commercialize this MOTHER’S DAY.
  • And Anna Jarvis fought big for it by saying  So you have to decide whether you want to give your mother the things you have purchased from the market or give your own made things.
Mother's day

So respect your mother on Mother’s Day, tell mother how much you love her, how much you care about them. But don’t wait for a day to show love for the mother. every day is Mother’s Day, respect your mother. Mom doesn’t want anything from the kids. She just wants, her child’s to be a perfect life and understand the real meaning of life and happiness and choose the right path.

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