Nag Panchami Festival Information…Nag Panchami Festival Information…!! The month of Shravan can be considered as the month of festivals. In this month, there are many festivals, and Lord Shankar is also worshipped in this month. Many people fast all month and eat only one time. And many people also do charity and worship. There are many festivals in this month like Raksha Bandhan, 15th August, Bol Chauth, Nag Panchami, Radhan Chhath, Shitala Satam, Janmashtami. And human beings celebrate these festivals with gaiety and enthusiasm.

Story: Nag Panchami Festival Information

Nag Panchami Festival Information

Story Of Lord Krishna and Kaliya Nag

  • There is also an interesting story about Lord Shri Krishna and Kalia Nag. A lot of fear of Kalia nag was spread among the people. And Kalia nag had polluted the river Yamuna with its poison. Then once Lord Shri Krishna was playing with the ball with friends. And when they were playing, their ball fell into the river Yamuna. They jump into the river to bring the ball back. He fought with the Kaliya Naag in the river Yamuna. And he ordered the Kalia Naag to leave the river Yamuna. God forgives the Kaliya Nag. and thus lord Shri Krishna conquered the Kaliya nag. And remembering this victory, the Serpent is worshipped on the Nag Panchami.
Nag Panchami Festival Information

The legend of Nag Panchami

  • The legend of Nag Panchami is as follows. The newly married daughter-in-law was very unhappy in her mother-in-law’s house. This is because of poor families and many other sufferings. She is pregnant and Where she had not enough food to eat and therefore spent her days in difficult situations. One day, she takes some leftover food with her and goes to fill the water. she keeps the food in a safe place and goes to fill the water. One day, he takes some leftover food and goes to fill in the water. She keeps the food with her and She keeps it in a safe place and goes to fill in the water. When she comes back and sees, someone had already eaten her food. she blesses the one who has eaten, God does good for them. Her food is eaten by a snake. The snake comes to her with joy when the snake hears her blessings. And asks him to ask for a blessing. The daughter-in-law cried and said her grief. the snake was kind and assured, ‘I am your mother and you are my daughter from today. I will come to fill your lap during your pregnancy. Remember me in your sorrow. The bride’s day came and she sent a message to the snake. and fulfill her wish. the bride gave birth to a son. and the snake gave her a lot of wealth.

Why is the Nag Worshipped on Panchami?

Nag Panchami Festival Information
  • Why is nag worshipped on Nag Panchami? There are many social, spiritual, and mythological reasons behind It.
  • On the day of Nag Panchami, nag is worshipped for the prevention of Kalsarpa Dosha.
  • By worshipping the nag by law legislation, Kalsarpa dosha is removed.
  • Worshipping the serpent by doing proper rituals gives away Kalsarpa dosha.

What to do on This Day?

Lord Shiva
  • On this day, a metal statue of the nag is purchased from the market or you can also make it from the soil at home.
  • The serpent is offered milk.
  • And on this day, Lord Shiva is also worshipped.
  • It is considered auspicious to see the Naga on this day.
  • In Naga Panchami, white flowers are used to worship.
  • Snakes are not killed on The Naga Panchami.

Whatever the festival, every festival has a special significance. On this earth, God has given everyone the right to live. This festival teaches us something that the Insect and animal should also be given the right to live.

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