Hi, today we are going to learn the history of Aadi Kavi – Narshih Mehta. Gandhiji’s most beloved Bhajan “Vaishnavajan to tene re kahiye ” was composed by Narashih Mehta. In this bhajan, he has given a beautiful description of who is the true ‘Vaishnavajan’. As Narashih Mehta was the first poet of the Gujarati language, he got the title of Adi Kavi Narashih Mehta.

Journey from Narashih Mehta to Adi Kavi

Narshih Mehta - A well-known Adi Kavi History
  • Narshih Mehta’s Nick Name -Adi Kavi ,Narsaiyo , Bhakta hari no.
  • Birth Place – 1414 Talala (Bhavnagar)
  • Death – 1480/81 (Mangrod) Narshih
  • Narshih Mehta was in the around 15th century
  • Father’s Name – Krishna das Mehta
  • Mother’s Name – Dayakuvar
  • Cast-Nagar Brahmin
  • Nurturing – Grandmother – Jaya Gauri

Narshih Mehta’s Childhood and Family

  • But, At a very young age, he could not speak until the age of five
  • Moreover, And his parents died at the young age of eight
  • After the death of his parents, he was raised by his grandmother named Jaya Gauri
  • After the death of his grandmother, he moved in with his elder brother
  • He married a woman named Manekbai in 1429
  • He had two kids, Kunwarbai and Shamalsha.

Narshih Mehta Award and Movie

  • Prabhatiya Pad Bhajan Vaishnavajan is his popular literature
  • Narasih’s ‘Prabhatra’ is praised
  • Umashankar Joshi identifies the first Gujarati-language poet Narshih Mehta.
  • He had a darshan of Shri Krishna Leela in the temple of Gopinath Mahadev in Bhavnagar.
  • The first color film ”Narshih Mehta” in the Gujarati language was released in 1932
  • He died at 1481 Mangrol
  • The best Gujarati language poets are given the ”Narshih Mehta” Award in their memory. This award is bestowed by Trust Adyakavi Narshih Mehta Sahityanidhi.
  • The Adikavi Narshih Mehta Award has been given by Moraribapu in the field of literature by the Government of Gujarat since 1999 The first ”Narshih Mehta” Award winner was Rajendra Shah. The 2018 award was given to Vinod Joshi. The award carries a prize of Rs 1.55 lakh.
  • Junagadh, the karma Bhoomi of Narshih Mehta, is the Jirna Durga
  • He is also said to be the first writer of Gujarati literature.

TanaRiri and Tansen

  • Shamalsha ‘s wife was Ratanbai, and Her Father was Madan Mehta. He was originally from Vadnagar
  • Narshih Mehta’s daughter’s name was Kunwarbai and her daughter’s name was Sharmishtha and Sharmishtha’s daughter’s name was Tana RiRi which is famous in Gujarati music
  • So, These two daughters TanaRiri removed the famous Tansen Agnidah at Akbar’s court. Tana and Riri sang Malhar Raag.
  • For Example, Twelve thousand rupees’ assistance is given by the Gujarat government to the father of the bride at the time of marriage in the memory of Kuvarbai under Kunwarbai’s Mameru scheme.
  • To clarify, All the literature of Narshih Mehta is written keeping in view the occasions of Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna bestowing grace on him.
  • They used to sing Ramgari Raag and Prabhatiyan when they went to bathe in Damodar Kund.


  • He was a contemporary of King Ra’mandalik.
  • He was known for his ‘Juliana Chhand’ and ‘Malhar ragas’.
  • On the occasion of the 600th anniversary of Narshih Mehta, the Government of Gujarat established ” Narshih Mehta” University at Junagadh and appointed Shri K P Mayani as its first Chancellor.
  • Legend has it that once Narshih Mehta’s sister-in-law uttered words that made Narshih Mehta sad, so Narshih Mehta left the house and then started worshiping Lord Shankar. Lord Shankar was pleased with him and asked for blessings. Narshih Mehta said, When you give it to me, Lord Shankara said, “I like Lord Krishna’s Rasalila very much, so I will show you the same.”
  • Gokul returned to Mathura etc. Narashih Mehta returned to Junagadh
  • Lord Krishna helped Narshih Mehta in his son’s marriage on the occasion of his daughter’s semant and at the time of necklace theft Lord Krishna helped Narshih Mehta
  • Narshih Mehta’s son was married to Vadnagar Pradhan Madan Mehta’s daughter Shu Sena. Narshih Mehta’s daughter was married to Una’s Srirang Mehta’s son.
  • But, He can also be called a social reformer because he sang bhajans in the place of untouchables in opposition to others even though he was of higher caste

Compositions by Narshih Mehta

Narshih Mehta - A well-known Adi Kavi History
  • Generally, If we look at the works of Narshih Mehta, Kuvarbai’s Mameru Hindola, Shamalsha’s marriage, marriage, devotion, etc. are famous.
  • But here If you look at the works of Narshih Mehta, Shamalsha’s marriage, Kunwarbainu’s Mameru bhakti verses, etc. are famous.
  • In other words, Here are some lines from Narshih Mehta’s famous hymns
  • Gandhiji’s favorite hymn ”Vaishnavajan to tene re kahiye he pid parai jane re ”
  • ”Jal kamal chhodi jane Bala”
  • ”Akhil brahmand ma Ek tu Shri hari ”
  • ”Pranthaki mane Vaishnav vala ”

Narshih Mehta History

Narshih Mehta

Generally, Narsaiyo or Narshih Mehta was born (1414 – 81) in the nearby village of Talaja. Nashi Mehta’s father’s name was Krishna Damodar, a Nagarvanshi noble brahmin. Similarly, In memory of Narshi Mehta, the best poets of Gujarat are honored with the Narshi Mehta award. Nashi Mehta has also been the title of ‘Adi Kavi’. Narshi Mehta’s Elder brother’s name was Banshidhar. Narshih Mehta’s wife’s name was Manek bai. Narshih Mehta’s sister-in-law’s (bhabhi)name was Zaver Mehti. To clarify, Narshi Mehta’s daughter’s name was Kuvar bai and his son’s name was Shamaldas.

His parents died when Narshi Mehta was young. And So he was raised by his grandmother. There is a legend that Narshi Mehta was speechless when he was young. But, His grandmother was concerned. But One day a monk came to his village and his grandmother took him to the monk. Sadhu kept asking Narshih Mehta to speak Radhe Krishna and then Narshih Mehta’s voice came to light. But After the death of his grandmother, Bhai-bhabhi raised him. Meanwhile, He married Manek Bai.

According to a legend, his sister-in-law once taunted him. He felt bad that he went to the forest where he saw a Shivling then he started worshiping shiva. Lord Shankara was pleased. And made Narshi Mehta see Shri Krishna Leela. Lord Shri Krishna has helped Narshi Mehta in every difficulty. whether it is Kuvar bai nu mameru, hundi, Shamlsha’s marriage or his father’s shraddha lord Krishna always came to help him. Narshih Mehta has composed many bhajan, Prabhatiya, pad. Generally, Some of them are ”Vaishnava Jan to tene re kahiye ”,  ” Jal kamal Chhandi jane Bala ”, ” Akhil Brahmhand ma Ek tu Shri Hari ”, ” Mari hundi Swikaro Maharaj shamla Girdhari ”.

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