Today’s topic is Nature Is Healing: The Best Natural Healing. Generally, We have got eight doctors by nature. It is a strange law of nature that the elements from which the body of the creature has been made, again its natural medicine is also done by those elements. Now let’s see who is that doctor. Air, food, water, fasting, sun, exercise, thought, sleep, are the eight types of healers which we have received from nature.

(1) Air (Vayu )

Nature Is Healing: The Best Natural Healing
  • First of all, we will discuss air. In human life, the air is more important than water.
  • It is said in the Vedas that air is the nectar, air is situated in the form of life.
  • By consuming air in the morning, the metal and sub metal (Dhatu and Upadhatu) of the body are purified and strengthened.
  • Man becomes intelligent and strong.
  • The power of the eye and hearing senses increases and the senses are controlled. And one received peace.
  • Many diseases are destroyed by taking air and excursion in the morning.
  • To maintain body, mind, vitality, celibacy, purity, happiness, radiance, radiance, strength, power, longevity, everlasting gaiety, it is necessary to take pure air intake and walk in the morning. (Nature Is Healing)

(2) Sattvic Food

Nature Is Healing: The Best Natural Healing
  • The second doctor is diet i.e. our food. Everyone should eat sattvic food. Because through a sattvik diet, all the dhatus of the body are benefited.
  • Eat only as much as the body can easily digest it.
  • Pure and sattvic food nourishes the body, gives quick strength, satiety, enhances life, stamina, courage, and enhances mental power and digestion power. The seven metals are formed in the body through diet.
  • Purification of food leads to the purification of Sattva. With the purification of sattva, the intellect becomes pure and determined. Then Moksha (liberation) is also easily attained by a pure and pure intellect.
  • Stale food is more harmful. Eat food only when you are hungry. Food should be eaten peacefully and in a clean environment. (Nature Is Healing)

(3) Water

  • The third doctor is water. Drinking clean water as soon as you wake up in the morning is said to be very beneficial for health.
  • A person who takes eight sips of water at the time of sunrise, lives more than 100 years, free from disease and old age.
  • Drinking fresh water from a well or water kept in a copper vessel is considered more beneficial for health.

(4) Fasting

  • The fourth physician is fasting. A lot of importance of fasting has been explained in the scriptures.
  • By fasting, the body, mind, and soul are all progressed. The Tridoshas of the body is destroyed by fasting. Fasting is very important from the point of view of health.
  • The spiritual power of man increases by fasting. If both the Ekadashis are followed properly in the month, then nature becomes completely sattvic.
  • Those who do not yet have the practice of fasting, those people should not fast for the whole day. For the first few times, give up food only once a day in a week. Keep doing this exercise slowly. After that fast for the whole day.

(5) Sun

  • The fifth doctor is Surya. The original source of all the powers that protect life is the Sun. Surya is the life base of all the living beings, if there was no sun, we would not have been able to survive even for a moment.
  • Many diseases and germs of our body are destroyed by the rays of the sun falling on the body.
  • Generally, The effect of the sun is very deep on the body and mind of a human being.

(6) Exercise (Nature Is Healing)

Nature Is Healing: The Best Natural Healing
  • Moreover, Now after this the sixth doctor is exercise. Generally, Ayurveda believes that exercise leads to growth of the body. The tiredness of the body parts is destroyed.
  • The tiredness of the body parts is destroyed. And the restlessness of the mind goes away. The gastric fire is ignited. And the laziness goes away. Generally, Increase in physical beauty. And the radiance of the face increases.
  • Exercise energizes the body. Working power increases. The gastric fire remains ignited, obesity does not remain. And all the parts of the body become strong.
  • Generally, Exercise is absolutely necessary for happiness, health and beauty in life.

(7) Thoughts (Nature Is Healing)

Nature Is Healing: The Best Natural Healing
  • The seventh doctor is our thoughts. A great purpose is hidden in the power of thought. That is why we should always keep our thoughts happy, neat and pure.
  • Generally, Thoughts directly affect our health. Not only does the mind get distorted by wrong thoughts, it becomes sick. But the body also goes on getting sick.
  • Generally, Right contemplation and right thought is a life force. For the benefit of health, man should take shelter of the power of thought.

(8) Sleep (Nature Is Healing)

Nature Is Healing: The Best Natural Healing
  • The eighth and last physician is sleep (Nindra). By sleeping at the right time at the night, the metals remain in equilibrium. And the laziness goes away.
  • Moreover, Affirmation, vigor, strength, and enthusiasm increase. And the fire glows.
  • Generally, Deep sleep is essential for health. One should sleep peacefully in the night, remembering the good thoughts. Body clothes should be loose while sleeping.
  • Before sleeping the mind should be freed from all sorrow, worry, and fear. Moreover, one should wish for success with happiness, contentment, and patience. With this, you will find great changes in yourself in the morning. (Nature Is Healing)

By following or consuming these eight doctors as a boon given to us by nature, complete health can be achieved in both mental and physical ways. (Nature Is Healing)

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