Today’s topic is Nighttime Routine: The Best Things Do Before Sleep. Our sleep is very important for a healthy life. Health can be achieved by adopting the things mentioned in the article in your life. To stay healthy mentally and physically, we must pay attention to our daily routine. The most important thing is sleep. If we do not get enough sleep, then the whole day and health get disturbed. So today we will know about ten such things that can help you sleep well.

Nighttime Routine: The Best Things Do Before Sleep

(1) Do not sleep immediately after consuming food and milk.

  • First of all, do not sleep immediately after having dinner and immediately after drinking milk.
  • Go to bed about two hours after having a meal and 30 to 45 minutes after drinking milk.

(2) Eat digestible and light food.

  • Secondly, do not eat too much food during the night. The food which is easily digested should be taken at night.

(3) Take a walk after meals.

  • Thirdly, walk after dinner for about 20 to 25 minutes.

(4) Wash hands, mouth, and feet thoroughly before sleeping.

  • Fourthly, before sleeping at night, wash your hands, mouth, and feet thoroughly.
  • Due to which the body experiences purification, freshness, and cleanliness.

(5) Apply mustard oil on the soles before sleeping.

  • Fifthly, before sleeping, massage the feet with mustard oil.
  • By doing this, sleep comes easily and naturally.
  • And it is also beneficial in many problems related to sleep.

(6) Always sleep with your head facing east or south.

  • Sixthly, the direction for sleeping is very important, in which direction the head is being kept sleeping.
  • To protect your health, one should always sleep with the head towards the east or south.

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Nighttime Routine: The Best Things Do Before Sleep

(7) Savasana or sleep on the left side.

  • The seventh thing The best posture for sleeping is Savasana. And after that, on the second number, one can sleep on the left side. Due to which the right voice or Surya Swar gets awakened or it starts moving.

(8) After lying down, create a stretch in the whole body.

  • Eighth thing, when you lie on your bed, then create a stretch in your whole body.
  • Joining both the feet, intertwine the fingers of the hand and stretch the hands above the head and the feet downwards.
  • Keep the whole body stretched for ten to 15 seconds and then bring the hands down from the side.
  • This causes a stretch in all the muscles and nerves of the body. And after that there is a feeling of relaxation in the muscle which helps in bringing sleep easily in the night.

(9) Apologies

  • The ninth thing about this, apologies. During the whole day, if any creature has been hurt by you unknowingly, then repent for it, ask for forgiveness.
  • And this resolution is also simple that from the front or the next time or the next day, no creature should be harmed in any way by us. Or we should not do any such act which proves to be painful for any living being.(Nighttime Routine)

(10) Let yourself be immersed in the feet of God

  • In the last tenth thing, when you lie down on your bed, then leave the whole body completely loose. Let yourself dedicate your body completely to God. Concentrate solely on the breath. (Nighttime Routine)

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