The nose is called the gate to our brain. Putting oil in the nose provides benefits in many types of physical problems and diseases. Along with this, many diseases and problems can also be avoided.

Every day every person should put a drop of oil in both nostrils before sleeping at night. Except for those who have recently had a nose or brain-related operation. Or at the present time, any type of medical treatment is going on related to the nose, eyes, or brain. Except for those people, everyone else, from children to old age, everyone can put oil in the nose.

Nose Oil | Which oil is good for Nose?

(1) Walnut oil (Nose Oil)

  • Now if walnut oil is put in the nose, one drop every night before sleeping, then there is a lot of benefit in the problem of migraine and memory power increases.

(2) Almond oil (Nose Oil)

  • If almond oil is put in the nose, then adding almond oil provides relief in common headaches, diseases related to the eyes.
  • The blood circulation in the brain is adequate. Due to which the brain is able to do its work properly. And the growth of brain cells is well done.
  • If one drop of almond or walnut oil is given to children, then the brain develops very well.

(3) Mustard oil

  • If mustard oil is put in the nose, then the problem of frequent colds, the problem of nasal congestion, excessive sneezing, is beneficial in such problems.

(4) Pure Ghee of indigenous cow

  • If pure Ghee of indigenous cow is put in the nose, then before this all the benefits mentioned of other oils can be obtained only from pure Ghee of cow.
  • By pouring pure ghee into the nose, ghee reaches almost all the organs in the brain. And makes the brain well functional, so that the brain can do all its work naturally and properly.

(5) Neem oil

  • If neem oil is put in the nose, then it is beneficial in such problems as wounds in the nose, bleeding from the nose.
  • Rash in the nose, worms in the nose, very few people have to face such problems. For those people, putting neem oil in the nose is very good and effective medicine.
  • So before sleeping every night, people who have any of these diseases should choose any one of these oils according to their need. Those who are normal people should also put oil in the nose every day or two or three days in a week before sleeping at night. By doing this, this oil proves to be beneficial for the brain, nasal tube. One who has the problem of snoring gets benefits from that.
  • The nasal tube, the inside of the nose and all the other organs, all the parts of the face, are massaged properly. Oily substance remains in them. With which those organs are able to do their work easily and naturally. The inner muscle becomes stronger.
  • So people who have any kind of problem should choose oil according to their requirement. And those who are healthy can put mustard oil, almond oil, or desi ghee any of these. Walnut oil can also be added. And put neem oil only those people who are suffering from the diseases which have been told related to the nose. Normal people can use any one of these oils.

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