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Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages …Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages… want to know then you are in the right place!! The practice of joint family has been prevalent in Indian tradition since time immemorial. A joint family is like a big tree under which everyone feels safe under the shade and from time to time all their life needs are being fulfilled. A joint family is a tree trunk under which everyone feels safe. The joint family has only one head of household and all the other members carry out their own responsibilities.

Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages

It is said that Nuclear Family is a Happy Family but we all know that coin has two sides. So like this Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages contain both. So it is very important to know Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages.

Let’s see Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages.

Definition of Joint Family and Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Family means a group of people who are connected with each other by blood or by marriage.
  • A nuclear family means a small family where only parents and children live together. joint family means where children, parents, grandparents, uncle, and aunt live together.

Reason for Separation of Family

Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Many times it happens that the family members do not have confidence in each other and somewhere they have lost their trust.
  • And secondly, we do not want to cut our comfort at all because if I am not able to provide that happiness to my children, then I feel myself in such a way that there is some problem in me. Or there is a problem in this family that I am not able to fulfill my wishes.
  • They feel the generation gap in though lifestyle. And don’t like to sit with those elders because their experiences talk we seem outdated. We have not applied many of their things now. There is a gap to understand each other thoughts; Elsewhere the generation gap is responsible for this, Which needs to be taken from both sides to improve.
  • If they get the job in another state or in another city, then because of this they have to separate.

Nuclear Family Advantages

  • Low Expense is a benefit in a nuclear family. Family members are less in number and their requirements are also less, so their expenses are less because of this. they can have low expenses on everything which ultimately beneficial for them.
  • Due to having fewer members in the nuclear family, they do not need a big house, they can live easily in a small house. In other words, they can settle at the small house.
  • they can survive in the low budget joint families have a large expense on everything but in the case of the nuclear family, they don’t have to expense more and so they can easily survive in a low budget.
  • There is less conflict between members in the nuclear family means no family issues. In the joint family, the number of members is high and everyone’s views are different and when it comes to talking about a decision, there is a conflict in everyone’s views.
  • Small family, members are able to give more time to each other and understand each other and they do not struggle in their thoughts, so there is goodness in their relationship. In short, they have a good relationship with family members.
Nuclear Family Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Due to the small number of members in the nuclear family, children are able to concentrate on studies and can do their work peacefully.
  • In a small family, there are few Members so the responsibility is also less in comparison to a big family.
  • They can have enjoyment by their small function because they can afford small functions expenses due to the Nuclear family. In other words, They are capable to afford expenses of small functions.
  • Family members are less in number so they don’t want more things because of their situation they don’t need more things so in this way their financial needs are less.
  • Nuclear Family members live under small place but due to less in numbers they get sufficient time to be alone so they get privacy so Nuclear family to provide privacy

Disadvantages of Nuclear Family

  • They do not get support from their family members. Because they are in a Nuclear family as they are isolated from their family members.
  • There is more workload on one person. Because there is only one person to handle all activities and family members in a small family.
  • If his earnings are not good and he has many responsibilities. And expenses on his head, Then they can hardly afford the expensive thing.
  • They all think based on his own experience and they can get support from the head of the family that’s why in this situation they cannot get proper guidance so such a way they have to suffer from lack of guidance in the critical condition.
  • In the joint family, all the numbers of family members are big and so their social experience, views, thinking, understanding is high but in small families, their experience and knowledge are not high because they are not in touch with elders. So due to less guidance, their views are not big. They think in a limited point of view.
Nuclear Family Advantages
  • Small family members focus on their own work. And so they are not able to teach their children about discipline so lack of discipline can be seen.
  • They are open to only their family members it means it is tough for them to be open to others. They can share their thinking only with their family members.
  • As they have less number of family members and if they are not good to be open to others. So they have less relationship in a small family.
  • In family, they like privacy for some time, they get privacy but only when time passes, they start feeling lonely.
  • The head of the family has more responsibility and workload. So sometimes he doesn’t give the quality of time to their family.
Nuclear Family  Disadvantages

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