Online Teaching – A way to learn in life let’s looks at it briefly. Generally, We all know E-Learning is now the most famous word in the education system. some rural areas do not have schools or colleges. but govt. provide the facility of learning At that time it becomes a blessing. In short, education makes everyone’s life and help people to fulfill their dream.

Firstly, Now in critical condition, people can’t go outside with their family And they worried about their family. But tension can’t do anything. People must be responsible and get more aware of the fact. But Every condition has two sides benefits or disbenefits:

So Let’s see about Online teaching a way to learn:

Online Teaching – Importance,Meaning,Advantages & Disadvantages

Meaning of It

Online Teaching - A way to learn in life
  • A few years ago we had not thought that we could use E-learning so much.
  • There has been such a revolution in the field of technical education that everyone’s inclination has shifted E-Learning.
  • Most educational institutions are using E-Learning.
  • It is believed that the future of E-Learning is bright.E-learning has made learning and teaching easier with the help of updated technology.
  • Reading and writing with the help of electronic media is called E-Learning.
  • Studying effectively with the help of the internet is called E-Learning.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Teaching

Online Teaching - A way to learn in life
  • Benefits:
    • Time flexibility
    • Location flexibility
    • You can achieve digital information literacy
    • Convenience
    • New teaching experience
    • Easy to access and  sharing information
  • disbenefits:
    • No face to face interaction
    • It needs self-discipline- Every person may not have the facility to learn online 

Importance Of it

Online Teaching
  • In Addition, Education has a big hand in the development of the individual and the prosperity of the community.
  • Generally, The Online Education system using multiple communication modes.
  • In addition, facilitates teachers and students to exchange ideas and informational work anywhere around the world.
  • So It is a form of distance learning.
  • Business curriculum and introspection also promotes learning.
  • E-Learning is flexible and convenient.
  • Anyone can learn anywhere and you can use the Internet.
  • Students can study easily while living at a distance. There is no age limit to learn.
  • Physical distance does not create any obstacles in E-Learning.
  • No Infrastructure is required to teach a student.

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