Let’s know about Poshi Poornima. Generally, It is believed that Poonam of the posh month was born of mother amba. Our scriptures and Puranas have shown the great importance of festivals and fasting.

Poshi Poornima - Sister's Fast for Brother
Poshi poornima

Importance Of Poshi Poornima

On this day sister fast for her brother. On this day one has to bath in the holy rivers and worship their god and chant mantras. Lord Shiva is worshiped on this day with milk, water, and Panchamrit. On this day maha Mrityunjay mantra and Chandra dev are also worshiped. In other words, Poshi Poonam has the same importance as Veer Pashli. Fasting is observed on this day, you can take fruits. Further, The reading of sacred texts has special significance on posh Poornima.

Poshi Poornima
Poshi Poornima

Method Of Poshi Poornima

        On this day sister fast for her brother’s long life. Prasad of kheer and chapati is offered to Chandra dev. Then sister makes a hole in chapati and first seen Chandra dev from the hole of chapati and sees her brother from the hole of chapati. Afterward asked her brother that ”Eat or Play brother’s sister then brother replied to eat. And in this way, the sister completes Poshi Poornima fast for her brother.

Poshi Poornima
Poshi Poornima

Sant Ram Temple – Story behind on Poonam

Some story behind Poshi Purnima
Sant Ram Temple is located in Nadiad. In short, there is a tradition in this temple in which berry is bounced in the temple. In other words, we can say it is believed that a bore will be raised at the Santram temple on the occasion of Poonam. A few years ago a woman came to Sant Ram and said that her child cannot speak. When that child started speaking, she offered plum according to his reach, since then this practice has been going on.
It is believed that a vow is kept for a child who cannot speak so that he can speak. And also it is believed that if the child starts speaking, then he will go to the temple and throw the berry.

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