In our life, we look at any situation from two angles. Accept and reject. If there is an event of our choice, then we are happy and accept it with pleasure. But if there is no such thing as our choice, we reject it. And become unhappy. If you accept it, then it becomes an adventurer. But if you reject something, it becomes fear. Whenever we accept something in life, it leads to growth in life. But if we do not accept something in life, then it becomes a problem. To accept is not to give up but to not let the situation dominate you. Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?

Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?

Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?

Every experience of life teaches you something. It makes you stronger. It introduces you to yourself.

The situation has to be handled with a positive attitude

Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?
  • The situation has to be handled with a positive attitude. And that starts with positive acceptance. Whenever we are in the problem, we either blame the people or blame the situation. And then all our energy, all our thoughts revolve around the same problem. And we waste all our energy. But whenever we accept the situation, we feel the coolness in the thoughts, the mind is calm and some think better and better and the paths are found automatically. And our energy is multiplied only in our development and in fulfilling our wishes.
  • If something is unsolicited and it is rejected then it gets angry, and if something is unwanted and it is accepted then tolerance has to happen.
  • If you see a person succeed and accept his success, then you get inspiration but if no one adopts the success of someone, then they feel jealous.
  • None of us knows what will happen tomorrow. if What will happen tomorrow? If you accept this thing then life becomes an adventure, but if you do not accept this thing, then your whole life has to be spent in fear.
  • The ups and downs are the reality of life. Whenever you come into a problem, ask yourself what is it that I cannot accept and how can I see it from a positive angle. And apply positive acceptance and see how you will feel a positive energy and the problem will be solved automatically.

Forget Past to live happily | Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?

Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?
  • Due to some incidents, we remain disturbed and due to which we are not able to live our present life well, we always think about the past.
  • Many times, such an accident happens and broken some relation, then there are some such incidents that are in our past, but we live in the present day. And because of which we remain depressed somewhere. And you do not live your life properly.
  • So for a happy life, acceptance is necessary. so accepts every situation with a positive attitude. What was to happen in the past is done, we cannot improve it by going to the past, but we can take some tips from that incident. Or Eliminate it, or Reject, or Accept.

Eliminate it, or Reject, or Accept it | Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?

Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?
  • Eliminate means whatever situation you have, solve it with your power. If it is related to the situation past and it is not worth it, then you cannot eliminate it, then you stop thinking about it and if it is a difficult task that you cannot do it, then you will accept whatever situation you have. What had to happen has happened, some situation is such that if you cannot eliminate it, then accept it.
  • If a person does something wrong with you, makes you unhappy and you are upset and sad thinking this, again and again, then you should not do it. You should accept the person as they are. you can not change the thinking of a person, you can not change the Sanskara ​​and values ​​of that person. And no person changes because of your unhappiness or upset. Therefore, first accept the situation, who is like a human being, accept them, and decide that no person can make you unhappy. Keep the keys to your happiness and sorrow with you. You should handle your emotions yourself. Do not let others play with your emotions.
  • As you continue to think about unauthorized thoughts and sorrows, your sorrows and troubles will increase. And then it becomes difficult for you to live. Your growth stops. You can not feel love and happiness, so what should you do in this situation? Whether a person leaves you, or if there is an accident, then in order to handle this situation, you have to speak to yourself that what had to happen has happened. And I accept the situation. Then that situation will not disturb you. Anything that you cannot eliminate, you can accept. And then you will feel Relax.

By Accepting the situation you can create miracles in your life

miracle in your life
  • Accept the situation first and then act and accept with so much love that you wanted to do the same. And if you can do this, then you can create miracles in your life.

Acceptance keeps the questioning mind silent

keep mind silent
  • Suppose there is a problem in life, then we will have to go through it and all we do is to face it, we have to go beyond that challenge, it is also a journey to cross that challenge. It takes a few hours, sometimes a few days, sometimes a few years to cross that challenge.
  • Sometimes a challenge becomes a part of our life. There are some situations that will never get solved. Suppose someone gets a disease that has no cure or someone is born with a physical disability. So it can never be solved.
  • Sometimes if a relationship breaks down, it can never be reunited, if someone dies, then it can never come back, then there are many such situations in life that have no solution.
  • So the misery that has come in our life will bring some effect in our life.
  • So to face that change, the first step is to accept. Because most of the time a problem comes, our mind goes into questions. Why, how, because of what happened means that our mind gets filled with questions. Like everything affects the mind, it also affects the body.

Start finding ideas and fresh possibilities in the stillness of the mind.

Start finding ideas
  • We all keep the script of our life already thinking that in my life I will do this, I will become this, I want this but when it does not happen then depression comes, health deteriorates, sometimes relationships deteriorate.
  • So today the effect of one situation is not the same. Today, the impact of one situation is also creating many other problems.
  • So start finding ideas and fresh possibilities in the stillness of the mind.

The state of mind create destiny

positive mind create destiny
  • Many times the solution of situations occurs, many times we think that we will make it but we cannot make it and we get disappointed but going ahead we get a better thing than that.
  • It is much better for us than we thought. The state of mind will create circumstances. The state of mind will create destiny.

Accept the situation by lovingly |Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?

Accept the situation by lovingly
  • Always a person wants a good situation and if there is no situation according to them. a person says that it should not have happened but it should have happened. But accept the situation As it is. By lovingly accepting it. Ans If you move forward, some welfare will also come out in it.

If there is no outward benefit think positive it empowered you emotionally is the inner benefit

happy life
  • And If you look from outside and often, that situation does not seem to be beneficial from the outside, but we can feel strong internally.
  • We can also feel many positive changes internally.
  • One can come out stronger, out of that situation. Our internal situation increases.

Don’t be a loser. Remain positive. Keep strong will power. (Power of Acceptance Why Acceptance is Important?)

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