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The Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life? ….The Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life? If you want to learn more, you’ve come to the perfect spot!! In this world, a lot of words are used. But ‘I am ‘ is not one of the two most powerful words in the world, but the two most powerful words in the world. Now you must be wondering what is this ‘I am ‘. Read this article from beginning to end. Because by putting any word in the middle of the word ‘I am ‘, you can become anything. If you want to be the topper of your class, you can do this with affirmations. And If you want to get a good job, that is also possible with affirmations. If you want to improve your health, you can also do this very easily through affirmations. Man, don’t think about it so-called I am going to tell you about witchcraft or Tantra Mantra. These are affirmations. I know that this is a strange name ‘affirmation’. But bro, you just know that the two words ‘I am ‘ that I talked about are called ‘affirmation’. So let’s see Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life?

What Is Affirmations?

Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life?
  • Affirmations generally refer to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering the concept that “a positive mental attitude backed by affirmations will aid in the achievement of success.”
  • Positive affirmations may help you improve many parts of your life, including your health, fitness, finances, and relationships.
  • This exercise will keep these affirmations at the forefront of your mind whenever you make a decision.
  • Affirmations are a two-edged sword.
  • Positive affirmations such as “I study hard and I will pass my test” or “I work hard and I will establish my own business” will increase your confidence and assist you in reaching your objectives.
  • Here are some negative affirmations that might drive you to doubt yourself: I am stupid, I am forgetful, I am unimportant, and so on.
  • So, make sure that you don’t allow negative affirmations to enter your thoughts and that you repeat positive affirmations as often as possible.
  • To include affirmations in life, one should prefer to include them in the morning and evening routines.

How Do Affirmations Work? | The Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life?

  • Affirmation is the combination of words. Which you listen to again and again to get something in your life. Between the two most powerful words ‘I am ‘, you can put anything, you can make it come true.
  • Affirmation is the combination of words. Which you listen to again and again to get something in your life. Between the two most powerful words ‘I am ‘, you can put anything, you can make it come true. Really you become what you put between those two words.
  • No matter what your current situation is. When you listen to ‘affirmations’, then it affects you. Meaning these words should go to your ear. Just whether you are speaking yourself and sending it to your ear. Or record your own voice and listen again and again.
  • If you record, it will be good. Because then you can listen to it at any time of the day. And if you sit and say ‘affirmations’, then morning is the best time for you. You will be asked to record the affirmations in your own voice and listen to them. In affirmations, you speak positive things about yourself. But you will say to me that hey man, everyone knows that we should think positively, what is new in this. But friend, it is a matter of difference between affirmations and positive thinking.

Difference Between Affirmations And Positive Thinking

  • Both of these are different things, think positive, everyone says, but the really magical thing that is of benefit to you, no one tells.
  • There is a difference between positive thinking and affirmations that in positive thinking you say that ‘everything will be good with me. ‘I will be rich, ‘My life will be great. ‘Affirmations’ is better than ‘positive thinking, because in positive thinking you say that ‘all will be well with me. ‘will be’ When you say ‘will be’ and think, then you speak and think about the future. Like ‘Yes, I will top‘ this makes your brain think that you want to get all these things not now but in the future.
  • But in affirmations, you say ‘I am the topper’. ‘I am rich ‘. The same thing between ‘I am _‘, ‘I am topper’, ‘I am rich ‘ in affirmations you say that. Affirmations When you will record or listen, or you will only sit and speak then you have to visualize that you have to think that you already have those things in the present. That means you have to think that you already have that thing. You have to feel that you are already a topper.
  • Brother, I know if you are not the topper of your class, then you will say to me, oh man, what are you saying, I am not a topper, that is someone else. Brother, this is the secret, ‘affirmations’ work like this. Like I said when you say ‘I am the topper’ then your mind will immediately start saying and try to disturb you in ‘affirmations’. The mind will say, oh man, you are not a topper. In this world, a lot of words are used. You will say ‘I am very rich’ then your mind will not accept it, but it has to be stopped.
  • No matter what your mind says, you just have to keep speaking. Or to keep listening, if you keep listening to the recording. When you say ‘I am a topper’, your mind does not initially believe that you are a topper because you have already told the mind that you are a good average student.
  • But when you say ‘affirmations’ your mind cannot stop for long and in the end, it has to accept that you are a topper.

Science Behind Of Affirmations | The Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life?

  • See, your body is in your brain’s hands. Your mood is also in your mind’s hands. How much intelligence you have inside you is also with your mind. How much power you have to understand something is also with your mind. Your mind also determines how much your memory power is.
  • So science is that when you say ‘affirmations’, then you force your mind to change. You transform your imagination into reality. Saying ‘I am the topper’, ‘I am smart’, ‘I am fearless’, ‘I am lucky’, ‘I am healthy’, your mind really starts thinking that you really are all this. Even if you are not all of it. Now your brain does not have any eyes that it can see what is really going on outside.
  • Your mind is inside that big skeleton, so you can comfortably convert your mind that you are really smart, you are really rich, you are really brave, now when the mind assumes that you If this happens, then it starts releasing some such chemicals in your mind that you become fearless. Such energy starts coming in which you become smarter. It has been said that many great people have believed that you can not say something for very long and not have an expression of that thing manifest. Meaning that this cannot happen, that affirmations do not work.
  • When you speak affirmations, then those things should come into your life. This is universal truth means affirmations work in every situation. Can the earth stop moving? No. It is the universal truth that the earth keeps on moving. In the same way, affirmations are also a universal truth. Meaning it works everywhere, in every situation. By using affirmations, many people of the world have completely changed their lives. If your marks are not coming well now, then you must be feeling like, can my marks really be good with ‘affirmations’? Your mind will say that it does not seem so in the present situation. Your mind will say that in the current situation it is not as if I will be able to beat the whole class and reach the top position. But friends, know that this is completely possible. I am just saying that you will say ‘affirmations’ and only Marks will come on which will be written 100/100. Logics is also behind this. If you say affirmations, then your mind will become such that the more fun you get while watching a cricket match or while doing your favorite thing, the more fun you will get in reading. You tell me how much fun it will be when reading will be equally fun.
  • There are many people in this world who were very poor. There was nothing in his life but due to ‘affirmations’, he changed his reality completely. But as I said, the main thing is that when you must have been speaking affirmations, then you must feel that you are already. (Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life?)
  • This is the most important point. Very few people in our country know about affirmations. And you are one of those lucky people who have come to know about it now. I want that affirmations should be told in school too. But what to say about the school, in today’s school, only book knowledge is imparted. It is spoken in school, it is not called, it is not forced, that read, read, read, but no one tells how to read? It is simple to read your mind should be with you. When you pick up the book, then one becomes sleepy, does not feel like reading, what is this for?
  • This is because your mind is not with you. The simple fact is that your mind is healthy and will be calm only then you will be able to read. And the matter of your benefit is that I am the topper, with this affirmation your mind starts to be with you. Your mind starts to calm down. So how to read? Its simple solution is the affirmation of ‘I am the topper’ (Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life?)
Power Of Affirmation How To Change Your Life?

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