Today’s topic is Prana Pratishtha of the idol – A Spiritual Science. In our society, it is a custom under rituals that when a new idol is installed in the temple, then life is also consecrated in the idol. Purohits, other brahmins, and those who are not priests also do this Prana Pratishtha. In some areas, every year new idols are installed from house to house. There, the head of the house consecrates that idol. The work of prestige has been going on in our society since time immemorial.

What Is Prana Pratishtha?

Prana Pratishtha of the idol - A Spiritual Science

Prana Pratishtha means to establish the Prana, that is, to transmit the Prana. A new stone idol is taken in the temple or house. In order to make it Chaitanya, Prana is infused in it. Inside this stone idol, prana (prana element) flows. Then that idol is called Jagrut Murti. That is, even after being made of stone or clay, divinity is given inside it. Now it is a matter to understand that the work done by them, is it completely true? Does Prana begin to flow inside the idol? In fact, such work cannot be done by all human beings.

Prana element flowing inside the idol

Prana Pratishtha of the idol - A Spiritual Science
  • Our ancestors, i.e. sages, sages, yogis, ascetics, and Brahmins, etc. used to do the rituals of the Prana Pratishtha. After completing this task by him, the flow of Prana started in that idol. And the reason for this was that those best men would have developed their inner self through austerity and practice of yoga. And because of his authority over the science of Prana, it was a normal activity for him to transmit Prana.
  • The brahmin men of the earlier times were definitely superior, used to do penance throughout their Prana, attained excellence by practicing yoga. Along with being honest, he was also restrained. Such great men had power. And they were completely successful in doing work like Prana Pratishtha. That is why it is described somewhere in the scriptures that while worshiping the same God or Goddess appeared from the idol of that place and after giving blessings again merged into the same idol. Due to the Prana Pratishtha in the idol, that deity used to appear from the same idol. The truth is that those deities used to manifest themselves with the help of the Prana element flowing inside the idol. (Prana Pratishtha of the idol – A Spiritual Science)

Who Can Do It?

Hare Krishna
  • Today’s human beings are not able to transmit Prana in their body, but they start transmitting Prana in stone or clay idols. When a person does not have the ability to infuse Prana into a living flesh body, then how can he Pran Pratishtha into a non-living stone idol? Because he has never followed Yama-Niyama, has not practiced pranayama and austerity, has not practiced yoga, therefore he has not developed internally. Then how can one get control over the vital element? Just keep doing this work just for show. There is no change in that idol. The worldly man understands everything. He is not so ignorant that he does not know this, but still celebrates the program of Prana Pratishtha with great enthusiasm. By feeding food to Brahmins, he spends a lot by giving Dakshina.
  • It is certain that one who is completely ignorant and has wasted all life in vain in acquiring and enjoying only worldly objects, has never walked on the spiritual path, cannot do such work. Only a high-class devotee, high-class seeker, and yogi can do this type of work. There is so much power within them that they can infuse Prana inside the stone idol. Only such excellent men are worthy of Prana Pratishtha. Every idol in which the work of consecration of Prana has been done by yogis, even after a long time, the idol is still full of vitality. Such idols are called waking idols.
  • If worship, Archana, prayer, and meditation are done near the awakened idol, then the proper benefit is definitely received. Such awakened idols are worthy of worship. Even in the present time, there are many such awakened idols in our country. Wise people must go to such places to see the idols. (Prana Pratishtha of the idol – A Spiritual Science)
Prana Pratishtha of the idol - A Spiritual Science

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