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Today’s topic is Pranayama Does Not Make You Feel Cold Or Hot. On doing more pranayama, a feeling of heat starts inside the body. During summer, there is a lot of trouble while doing pranayama. Because in those days it is very hot. When doing internal Kumbhaka while doing pranayama, then it seems that one should stop practicing Kumbhaka, because due to stopping prana, there is panic and due to increased heat inside the body, problems start. That is why the duration of internal Kumbhak gets reduced during the summer days.

Doing pranayama in winters gives relief. Because at that time the effect of cold on the body starts decreasing. When internal Kumbhak is applied, then there is no problem like summer days. Rather, Kumbhak is practiced for a long time. There is also the principle of the air element that the place where the air will be filled and given pressure, the temperature will start increasing according to the pressure.

Pranayama Does Not Make You Feel Cold Or Hot

When the Sadhak attains the Mahavidehavstha, at that time if the Sadhak has been practicing Pranayama for many years and the duration of his internal Kumbhaka is three minutes or more, then he attains such a state that whether at that time May-June time, yet he will not feel the heat. At the time of Mahavidehavstha, the seeker does not feel in his own physical body but feels at a distance of two to three feet from the body. It seems that he is not in the physical body, the physical body is moving on its own, acting on its own, I feel a different feeling away from it, etc. (Pranayama Does Not Make You Feel Cold Or Hot)

Pranayama Does Not Make You Feel Cold Or Hot

In such a condition, if he walks in the sun even in the month of May-June, even then the effect of strong sunlight will not affect the practitioner. The truth is that he does not have any sensitivity to strong sunlight. Even if the heatwave is blowing and the heat is thumping on his body, he does not feel the hot air blowing. The reason for this is that due to the excessive practice of pranayama, the temperature inside his body increases so much that then there is no effect of outside temperature on him. There is heat inside the head as well. Those seekers have no desire to speak. He is an introvert and always remains silent. His skin stops feeling. Therefore he does not feel the touch of air. That is, the sense called skin, being introverted in this state, is unable to perceive touch.

Due to the state of Mahavidehavstha, one is unable to experience the gross body by himself. The practitioner looks at the trees and infers that the wind is blowing. This situation is very strange. Forgets many things. Even if some event happens in front of him, he still does not know.

Pranayama Does Not Make You Feel Cold Or Hot

Our gross body is made of flesh and body. He is walking on his own. Due to the lack of sensation of strong sunlight, the skin turns black. There is no feeling of moving air. This gross body does not feel like its own.

If pranayama is practiced a lot, then after practicing for many years, the effect of cold and heat starts decreasing on it. Sadhaks attain this state in an exalted state. Not all seekers attain this state, only a few seekers attain this state. (Pranayama Does Not Make You Feel Cold Or Hot)

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