Raksha Bandhan Importance and History. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with joy throughout India. The history of Raksha Bandhan is associated with the Sindhughati. The festival is celebrated 6000 years ago. At this festival, the sisters eagerly wait for the rakhi to be tied on the brother’s wrist.


A Sister’s blessing and love to her Brother on Raksha Bandhan

The COVID-19 situation can stop us, but our blessings and love and good wishes can not be stopped by anyone.


Dear Brother,

How are you? Hope you are fine and all the family members are also fine. We hope you are taking care of everyone in the home. we are sending Rakhi in the envelope with our very many blessings. We are sending this Rakhi to protect our, sweet, brave, innocent, and lovely Brother from all diseases. And we pray to God may your every wish come true.

God bless you, dear brother

History of Raksha Bandhan

King Humau and Rani Karawati-Raksha Bandhan Importance and History

  • If we talk, king Humau and rani Karawati then The first evidence of the historic feast of Raksha Bandhan is King Humau and Rani Karanawati.
  • In the medieval era, there was a conflict between Rajputs and Muslims.
  • Rani Karawati was the widow of the king of Chittor.
  • During that, the Queen had sent Rakhi to Humau, seeing no way to protect her and her subjects from Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.
  • Then Humau protected her and gave her sister status.

Alexander and Puru-Raksha Bandhan Importance and History

  • The second evidence is about Alexander and Puru.
  • It is said that the always triumphant Aleksander was quite distracted by the vehemence of Indian King Puru.
  • So Alexander’s wife was very tense. She had heard a lot about Raksha Bandhan.
  • She sent Rakhi to The Indian King Puru. Then the war situation was over.
  • Because the Indian King Puru accepted the wife of Alexandre as a sister.

Krishna and Draupadi

Raksha Bandhan Importance and History
  • Another example of history is considered to be Krishna and Draupadi.
  • God Krishna killed King Shishu Pal. During the war, when Krishna’s left-hand finger was bleeding.
  • So Draupadi was very unhappy to see this. And they ripped the piece of their saree and tied it in Krishna’s finger. So that their blood was tied up.
  • It is said that since then Krishna had accepted Draupadi as his sister.
  • Years after the incident, the Pandavas lost to Draupadi in gambling. And the whole assembly was getting a rip of Draupadi. Krishna, then playing the brother’s religion, had saved the shame of Draupadi.

Raja Bali and Laxmiji

Raksha Bandhan Importance and History
  • According to this story, the king of the Demons had completed 110 Yagya. The gods were worried that King Bali would not invade paradise. And so all the gods reached Lord Vishnu to protect themselves.
  • Then Lord Vishnu took the Vamana avatar to protect dharma. And requested king Bali to donate three-leg land. King Bali resolved to give three-leg of land to the Vaman God.
  • Then Lord Vaman took the earth with one foot, and from the other foot to heaven. When King Bali saw the third leg moving forward, he got upset and could not think of what to do, then King Bali put his head in the feet of Vaman Dev and said, “You put the third foot on my head and thus the right to reside in the earth and heaven was taken away from King Bali.” and the king walked into the abyss (Rasatal).
  • Then Bali pleased God with his devotion, and Then He took the promise of God to live with him all the time. And Lord Vishnu had to become the gatekeeper of King Bali.
  • The reason why Goddess Lakshmi was confused. She wanted to bring Vishnu back from the abyss. Then they got a solution to this problem from Naradji.
  • Laxmiji went to Raja Bali and tied Rakhi and made him her brother. And in the gift, she asked her husband, Lord Vishnu.
  • It was the full moon day of Shravan’s month. And since then Raksha Bandhan is celebrated.

Indra’s wife Sachi

Raksha Bandhan Importance and History
  • A story of why Rakshabandhan is celebrated is also in future mythology. Indra’s wife, Sachi.
  • According to this story, there was a war between Dev and Devils for twelve years in the ancient period.
  • The deities were being defeated in this war. Indra Dev Guru came to Jupiter, Indra’s wife, Sachi, was also present there and Seeing Indra sad, the Queen Sachi said, “Swami is the Brahmin Shukla Poornima tomorrow. I would prepare a defense formula for you with the legal legislation. You will make them from brahmins in a self-reading manner. You will definitely be victorious when you make it from the Brahmins”.
  • According to Devi Sachi’s instruction, Dev Indra built Raksha sutra from Guru Brihaspati.
  • Thus, a defense formula protected Indra and all the deities.
sister and brother festival

So, These were some historical things related to Rakshabandhan. In today’s world, someday is to be celebrated to maintain the importance of all relation, whether it is mother’s day or father’s day. Raksha Bandhan is a testimony to the love of brother and sister.

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