Randhan Chhath Rules and Importance…Randhan Chhath Rules and Importance…!! In Shravana In Gujarat month Krishna Paksha Saptami is the day celebrated as Shitala Satam. Randhan Chhath falls on before Shitala Satam, as per the Gujarati calendar. The most fasting and festivals are in the month of Shravan. And this month of Shravan is also considered to be the holiest month. This month is especially dedicated to Lord Shankar.

Importance and What to do in Randhan Chhath?

Randhan Chhath Rules and Importance
  • Randhan Chhat is also known as Hal Chhath. Randhan Chhath is celebrated in North India as the birth anniversary of The Shri Balaram. Balaram is Lord Krishna’s elder brother. This festival is of great importance in Gujarat.
  • Randhan Chhath is the festival that comes before the Shitala Satam. Shitala Satamseventh is the time to fast.
  • And on that day, there is no cooking in the house.
  • Therefore, on Hal Shashti day, women prepare food for the day before.
  • And after all cooking, the stove is closed before 12 pm and is worshipped. All cooking is prepared before 12 pm and the stove is worshipped. Because the next day, that is, Shitla Shatam, starts after twelve o’clock.
  • The Fair is also organized on this day. People go for a walk in the fair on this day. Buy new things and sit in the Merry-go-round and enjoy a lot.

Fasting Rules on Randhan Chhath

  • Buffalo milk is consumed instead of cow’s milk on this day.
  • Balaram’s weapon ‘Hal’ is worshipped on this day.
  • After completing fast only take Saatvik food.

Different Names of Randhan Chhath

Balaram Jayanti
  • It is also known as Hal Chhath, Hal Chat, Har Shashti
  • The second Name is Chandan Chhath
  • The third is Har Chhath Vrat
  • The fourth is Hal Shashti
  • Fifth is Balram Shashti
  • Sixth is Balram Jayanti
  • Seven is Tin Chhathi

Time List of Balram Shashthi

  • Last 5 years Date of Randhan Chhath
    • 9 August 2020 on Sunday
    • 21 August 2019 on Wednesday
    • 1 September 2018 on Saturday
    • 13 August 2017 on Sunday
    •  23 August 2016 on Tuesday

Menu of Different Food Item

Randhan Chhath Menu of Different Food Item
  • On the Hal Shashti, women are busy in cooking from the morning.
  • All the ladies of the house are made together.
  • They make new dishes.
    • Like Sweet Ball, sweets, puffs, Gulab Jamun, Shakkarpara. Mohanthar
    • vegetables Shaak, stuffed Chillies
    • Bajra Rotla
    • various Puri, Thepla, Sweet Dhebra, Paratha, Teeka dhebra
    • Sabudana khichadi.
    • Mamra,Vada,shira
    • People today make Pani puri, Bhelpuri, Sandwich, Dabeli, various types of dishes they prepared on the day.

How to worship stoves on Balram Jayanti day

Randhan Chhath Rules and Importance
  • The stove is closed after cooking on the sixth day. It is cleaned.
  • Then it is coated with a little cow dung. And then the small cotton plant is kept from cow dung on the stove.
  • And the stove is worshipped with sindoor (Kankoo), rice. A swastika symbol is drawn.
Randhan Chhath Rules and Importance

Every festival has its own unique significance. which brings happiness to our lives. And we get a message. that we live life in a meaningful way.

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