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Today we will know about Reiki. In ancient times, sage Muni also knew Reiki. It has been used since then.

What is Reiki? How to do Reiki? Why Should Learn Reiki? Benefits, History, Importance

Reiki | What is It? How to do? Benefits, History

What is Reiki?

reiki meditation
  • Rei Means Universal. ‘Ki’ means the same life energy ‘Prana’. So Reiki means Universal Energy.
  • The same energy because of which we are alive and Which is our source of life which is in our body.
  • Our body is made up of very small and big energy centers. We know about the seven chakras. But apart from these seven chakras, there are many energy centers in our body. This ‘key’ rotates in our entire body through the same energy center.
  • As long as this energy center is fine, then the man is fine. And one lives a very happy and prosperous life. But as soon as blockages start coming in all these energy centers, then the life of a person becomes unbalanced.
  • Now, what are blockages? In general, words, if we say, the negativity that we collect after birth.
child reiki
  • It is said that a child is completely pure. Because there was no dirt in it. But as one grows up, inside it, envy, fight, quarrel, lynching, fear, and many such wrong feelings come to mind. This is all negativity. All these things get collected in Ora over time. And what is collected in Ora, all the things reach our bodies. So as soon as these things start to reach our body, all the negativity starts to reach the body, then it blocks the energy centers. So that it was rotating all over the body, then we were healthy. But as soon as the chakras are blocked by negativity, the energy is blocked and the flow of Reiki gets tied up. And that ‘Ki’, the life energy that was moving in our body, the flow of it got tied up. And as soon as its flow is tied up, troubles, diseases, financial problems in our life all start coming. Because of the blockages, that life energy is not able to reach everywhere. So this is the concept of Reiki.
Reiki power
  • Now the work of Reiki starts from here. Whatever you want to call Reiki, ‘Reiki’, ‘Ki’, ‘Chi’, but the same life energy is Reiki. When you start learning it, then it opens all these energy centers. All the blockages have come to the center, due to which the life energy is not able to roam in our body. It removes all those energy center’s mess. It removes the blockages of all energy centers and as soon as the blockages are removed, we begin to become happy and prosperous.
  • Healings are for 21 days or 24 points in Reiki. What are these 24 points, then these 24 points are the same energy centers through which the Life energy moves through our body so Reiki is given on all these 24 points so that the blocks of all 24 points are removed. It Removes negativity.

History of Reiki

History of reiki
  • It is believed that It has come to us from China and Japan. But Reiki is our own learning. That is, Gautam Mercury started it in India. Because his monks had to travel far and away and if someone falls ill during this time, there was no facility to cure him, so Gautam Mercury taught this technique to his sannyasins how you can do your own healing. Because Nature has made arrangements for you.
Mikao Usui
  • It is a very ancient discipline. But the credit for reviving Reiki goes to Doctor Mikao Usui. Doctor Mikao Usui gave Reiki a new look to us. And aware masses about Reiki. Doctor Mikao Usui presented it in a very simple form so that the common man could use it and take advantage of it.


reiki therapy
  • So when we go to heal these 24 points after learning Reiki, then that negativity starts to get removed, if there is a big disease then it also starts to go away, the financial problem starts to be solved. Because 24 centers of our body are clean, the body is clean then Ora will be clean and everything starts to balance. If everything is balanced then there is no problem in life. So this is Reiki. That’s why learning Reiki is important.
  • So as soon as the Reiki power started to flow in you and cleaned your 24 points by continuously healing, then the negativity goes away from your body.
  • Healing of 21 days is the period of cleansing. After cleansing, whether you heal 24 points or 7 chakras. 7 Chakras are large energy centers. If you keep healing, then negativity will come away and you will be filled with positive energy.
  • When you learn It, you are connected to universal energy. You become in tune with the Universe. With good energy, you become in tune. Your mind, body, soul everything becomes pure.
  • Spiritual development is fast in those who perform it. And there is more growth in spirituality.
  • Every person is emotional to some extent and believes in God and you get very well connected with your higher self, then we can never do wrong things and start walking on a good path. There is a spark of truth in us. And spiritual growth starts.
  • Those who do it, their psychic ability starts developing more.
  • When you start healing on your third eye day and night, the third eye is very active.
  • If we talk about the physical world, then whatever you wish, job, money, education, you can complete every wish with Reiki. A lot of the method is in it so that you can fulfill your wish.
human brain mental clarity
  • It gives you mental clarity.
  • Those who do Reiki, their fear is removed from inside.
  • If there is any misunderstanding or problem in the relationship, then you can easily heal any such problem with Reiki.
  • By performing It, your trust is developed. Honesty develops inside you.
  • The feeling of doing something for others is developed in you. Because Reiki alone we do not learn for ourselves, Reiki means healing others.
  • So when we do It, we start being purified with body, mind, and wealth.
  • Good thoughts start coming in our mind and our mind starts thinking good things.
  • Our mind becomes sensitive to others.

Why should learn Reiki?

Why should we learn reiki
  • There are many benefits from Reiki, so it is the reason that everyone needs to learn it a lot. You can help others with it and you can help yourself and bring happiness to your family. There are so many benefits so it should be taught.

Importance of It

importance of reiki
  • Reiki means touch therapy. There is the energy of nature that we can invoke to heal ourselves.
  • And this healing which is there can be at every level, physical level, the mental level can be at the psychological level and also at the spiritual level.
  • It is a perfect power in itself, through which we can heal all levels.
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But always remember that It is positive energy, you will not be able to fulfill any negative wish with Reiki.

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