January 26 is also known as the Republic Day of India. It is the festival of immortal stories of sacrifice and penance of patriots. January 26 is a very special day for our country. Republic means rule by the people for the people. On 26 January 1950, our country India became a republic country. Everyone will know what is the meaning of the Republic. The people in the country have the right to choose a political leader. The great freedom fighters of India had given complete independence to India only through hard work and struggle.

What is a Republic? What does Republic mean?

26 January Republic Day of India History and Celebration
  • 26 January is our Republic Day. This is the day when every Indian wakes up with a wave of patriotism and great respect for the motherland.
  • The word Republic is derived from the Latin word ‘res publica’. Which means related to people. That is, Republic is something that is associated with people.  And if we also understand its Hindi form, then ‘Gan’ means ‘people’ and ‘Tantra’ means system i.e. ‘system of people’  The Republic or Republic is a system in which the country belongs to the people.  Government belongs to the people.
  • And the biggest means of doing this system is ‘democracy’ what Abraham Lincoln has defined in very simple terms is the rule of the people, for the people and by the people. And it is proud that India is the largest democracy in the world. 

Why did the Republic need it?

Why did the Republic need it?
  • Previously, only the son of a king became a king, whether he was capable or not. And indeed even today many Arab and African countries have ‘monarchy’ i.e. the royal system.
  • But 500 B.C. Around the ‘Romans’, after getting rid of the ‘Itraski’ kings who ruled them for hundreds of years, built a system in which the public could elect their representatives who would rule on their behalf. That is, now there is no single person like there was no king who has infinite power.
  • And later the system was adopted in many countries around the world, including our country India. But by saying what can a country become a republic? No. All that is required is a constitution.  
  • Whatever was made, it should be done by the elected representatives but it is bigger than that. Which should be the basis of justice which directly and indirectly determines the distribution and use of the power of the supreme power of the state. And so the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly was held on December 9, 1946, before getting independence.

Why is Republic Day celebrated on 26 January?

dr. baba saheb bhimrav aambedkar
  • The Constitution of India was passed by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949 after two years, 11 months and 18 days. Therefore 26 November is celebrated as Constitution Day. But the constitution was just passed but not implemented. And a historical date chosen to apply.
  • A historic date, 26 January 1950, because exactly 20 years ago, on 26 January 1930 on this day, the Indian National Congress (INC) declared India as a complete swaraj.
  • And on this day, Pandit Jawahar Lal hoisted the ‘Tiranga’ in Lahore. Dr. Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar and the whole team who made the world’s largest written constitution, salute and thank them wholeheartedly.
National Flag
  • 26 January is a celebration of the country. It is a celebration of the Republic. It is the only national festival to be celebrated except Gandhi Jayanti and Independence Day. 28 January is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India.
  • 26 January is an occasion to remember our freedom fighters. Tilak of Mangal Pandey, Laxmi Bai, Bhagat Singh. To salute Netaji Subhash Chadra Bose and Lal Bal Pal (Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal).
  • This is an opportunity for the country to offer prayers to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives while laughing. 26 January is an opportunity, despite all the diversities to worry, we are the world’s largest republic and democracy.

Celebration Of Republic Day (26 January)

Nehruji and Gandhiji
  • This is the occasion to stand up and sing Jana Gana Mana with pride. On Republic Day, the program of Janda Rohan and National Anthem is celebrated with great pomp in schools and offices across the country and in the capitals of all states. Through various colorful programs, we showcase our patriotism and sweeten each other’s mouth with delicious sweets.
  • On this day, every little big man celebrates this day in his own way by embellishing the small big nation flags found in shops at his home and vehicles.
  • And prominent among all these events is the grand celebration of Republic Day, celebrated on January 26 at Delhi’s Raj path, which has no comparison. The ceremony begins at India Gate. Where the Prime Minister of India pays tribute to the Amar Jawan Jyoti made in memory of the martyred soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.
26 January Republic Day of India History and Celebration
  • After this the President of India hoists the national flag. The national anthem is sung between 21 gun salutes. And after this, the parade of the brave Indian Army, which thousands of people gather from abroad to see. And millions of people enjoy it in front of TV in their homes. Every year on this occasion, an influential nation president or distinguished person is invited as the chief guest along with His Excellency the President.
  • The President of India is also the Chief Commander of the Indian Armed Forces and he takes the salute of the parade.
  • India demonstrates its strategic strength through this parade. And shows the entire world with state of the art weapons missiles and tanks proudly on the Raj Path. After the parade, the President is honored by giving medals to the brave soldiers and courageous citizens for their bravery.

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  • In the meantime, the helicopter’s rose petals bring a smile to everyone’s face.
  • After the army parade, it is the turn of the looks of various states. The color of this colorful cultural parade is worth seeing. Through these looks, you can see the whole of India in no time. And can understand the specialty of every state and its cultural heritage.
Republic Day 26 January of India History and Celebration
  • One of the main attraction of the parade is that those fearless courageous children who get National Bravery Awards. Those who ride in elephants take part in the parade. Apart from these, school children who come from different parts of the country also get attracted to the people with their dance and art.
  • Generally, At the end of the parade, fly past is done by the Air Force, thrilling everyone. In which state-of-the-art fighter aircraft pass over the stage saluting His Majesty.
  • Truly being a part of the parade of 26 January is an amazing experience in itself, which makes us patriotic. The Republic Day celebration in the capital New Delhi does not end there.
  • Generally, After the grand program of 26 January, the Prime Minister’s rally takes place at India Gate on 27 January. In which NCC cadets win the hearts of everyone with their amazing tricks.
  • Finally, on January 29, Beating the Retreat is organized in which bands of the three armies play patriotic songs and on this day at 6:00 pm the Bagalars Retreat tune is played and the national flag is taken off.
  • And finally the Republic Day celebrations are formalized by singing the national anthem.
Republic Day 26 January of India History and Celebration

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