There are some such events in our lives that keep bothering us, and keep making us sad, turn our mood off, such as a problem in a family, a problem with friends, a problem in an office or business. , In our daily life, we have to face these troubles many times. And behind these things, our time and sometimes health also deteriorates. If we ever think about our past, then we will know that we were unnecessarily upset behind many minor things. We spent our time behind these things and sometimes we laugh by looking at our past. And it seems that we used to cry after these minor things. At the same time, the same energy, the same emotions, you will be able to use better to make your life better. Sad Feeling Don’t Worry Here the Solution

The solution to Overcome From Sad Feeling

  1. Think the solution in Future with wide attitude
Think positive
  • Whenever something bothers you, take yourself a year ahead and think if, after one year, this thing will have some importance. Got into a fight with the boss, some loss got in the business or some friends said something, or there was an argument with Spouse.
  • Anything that is turning your mood off at the same time take yourself forward a year.
  • And think that at this time I am finding this thing so big. And Will it be so big in the future too? Will it be so important in the future too, as if it was rejected in the interview. Will I feel sad about it even after a year? Or I did not get a promotion. Will I still feel sad after one year? Then you will feel it yourself that you will realize that there are many small things that are not so big in actual but you make them big and keep turning your mood off or Sad Feeling.
  • Then you will not waste your time, your energy, your emotions on many such small things, you will not spoil your mood.
  • So whenever something bothers you, go and see it in the future. A big and positive outlook will change the direction of your life.

2. Keep Positive attitude. Change the command of your body and correct your mood.

Keep positive attitude
  • Many times it happens in life that due to a bad mood we are unable to function properly, due to Sad Feeling or bad mood our relationships are affected and many times our whole day gets spoiled due to bad mood. How often can we cool our mood in difficult situations and in grief? If we know about it then it can be said that just like messages send our body to our mind, in the same way, our mind acts.
  • When you do a positive act, a happy act, your body sends a message to your mind that you are happy, and your mind starts feeling happy.
  • Whenever the mood is bad. If you are sitting reading and your heart is sad due to something, and you take the problem of the office to home, and if you get angry about something, then send positive thinking to your mind in any such situation. Send positive feelings, remember good things, send positive messages to your body. Change the command of your body and correct your mood.

Tips to Feeling Happy

Tips to feel happy
  • All people are different from each other, their thoughts, their thinking, living habits may be different, so people may not be perfect, but you must try to make relation perfect.
  • Whether it is a relation of husband-wife or relation of parents and child or relation of girlfriend and boyfriend or friends, all these sweet relations have quarrels due to each other’s imperfectness, miscommunication is also misunderstanding. The mind is stressed, does not feel happy, and does not feel like doing any work and nothing feels good and the relation gets weak.
  1. Stay in the present forget the past
Sad Feeling Don't Worry Here the Solution

We do not keep any old and useless things in the house, in the same way, we have to forget the old incident, old thoughts, old things.

If you leave the present thing and go to the past, the other will go to your past and the actual talk will never be discouraged.

Old things and old issues have no role in today’s conversion.

Bringing forgotten things in front only hurts and makes things worse.

2. Do not judge anyone i.e. avoid judgment

Be sympathetic optimistic compassionate

Do not judge anyone if you have to avoid fights and stress.

Many times we say our words and give judgments if no work is done properly, then we give judgment to each other’s personality, on other’s nature.

Without understanding the people, or without understanding anything well, it is wrong to give a judgment. And this judgment makes the people hurt.

You say your thing, convince them, tell them what you want, then the result can be good.

3. Discuss your problem at a time


You should discuss one thing at a time. If you discuss more problems together then no problem will be able to solve well. Hence, solve one problem at a time.

4. Word has the power so use it properly

Sad Feeling Don't Worry Here the Solution

There is a lot of strength in the Word, one can win one’s heart by speaking well and one can hurt even by speaking poorly. So Why we should hurt someone or hurt himself in this small life? So, put your points in good words.

But if your purpose is to solve things, to fix the relation, then avoid bad words.

5. Never presume

Sad Feeling Don't Worry Here the Solution

We are all unique, our look is different, our nature is different, as we have a point of view, the other has a different point of view, as we think we are right, but the other one feels that it is right But most of the time, we assume that I am right and when others do not understand us, we become irritated. And when you believe that you are right, you do not listen to others, just say your words. If we do not listen to the other, then we will not understand the other. You discuss, listen to others, say your words, more than half the problem will be solved on the same.

6. Be sympathetic optimistic compassionate

Sad Feeling Don't Worry Here the Solution

Sometimes some things irritate us or Sad Feeling, do not react quickly, do not quarrel, challenge yourself in such situations, find a good insight behind someone’s talk, find a good reason behind this when you challenge yourself that you will. If you find a good reason behind the matter, you will see many things which you will never think of.

7. Debate on point

Do not taunt someone without thinking, understand them and discuss actions

8. Spend some time with yourself

Sad Feeling Don't Worry Here the Solution
  • Listen to music
  • Do your favorite activity
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Play games Do sports activity
  • Go for a walk

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