In today’s world people are running towards fame, for that they are also facing all these sorrows, pains, unrest, stress. And then, running after fame, he has to face either success or neither of these two. In the end, the person wants to attain ultimate peace, to overcome his stress and for this, he takes the path of knowledge. Meditation is a process that connects one’s inner energy to the ultimate power and enables it to experience peace and happiness ultimately. Let’s get deep knowledge about Samarpan Meditation – That Connects You With the Ultimate Power.

Meaning of Samarpan Meditation

Samarpan Meditation -  Connection with Ultimate Power
  • Samarpan means surrendering oneself to the feet of God.
  • In other words, Samarpan means to surrender yourself to the divine. This meditation is beyond religion, is famous all over the world.
  • God’s will is our desire, whatever he does he will do well.
  • Devote yourself, your thoughts, your actions, your feelings to God.
  • Connect with God, feel them, experience unity with God.
  • Do not do any physical exercise in Samarpan meditation.

Method of Samarpan Meditation

Samarpan Meditation
  • Chant this Guru mantra first ”Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwara Gurur Sakshat Parabrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah”.
  • Think in your mind and say yourself And say it again and again that I’m a holy spirit. and I’m a pure soul. that I am a holy spirit. I am a pure soul. Now we will chant the Guru Mantra. Om has to prolong the pronunciation.”Om …Shri Shiva Kripa Nand Swami Namo Namah”
  • Consider in your mind that I’m a holy spirit. and I’m a pure soul. I’m a holy spirit. I’m a pure soul.
  • Now we will chant the Guru mantra.
  • Om has to prolong the pronunciation.”Om …Shri Shiva Kripa Nand Swami Namo Namah”
  • Now Shree accent is to be lengthened.”Om Shri…Shiva Kripa Nand Swami Namo Namah”
  • Now the pronunciation of both Om and Shri is to be lengthened.
  • ”Om…Shri…Shiva Kripa Nand Swami Namo Namah”
  • Then calm your mind and meditate.
  • After a short time of meditation, then we will pray.
  • ”O God we are all holy souls pray to you from the heart, Peace be upon the whole world. May the souls of the whole world grow spiritually, And all-round progress. This is the pure desire of all of us souls”.

Founder Of Samarpan Meditation

  • ”Neither wealth nor fame, Neither knowledge nor science, Kundalini may wake up, only in Samarpan Meditation”.
  • This amazing meditation method was brought to society in AD 1994.
  • And this wonderful meditation method was told by the Supreme Divine, the Most Holy, His Holiness the Himalayan Master Shiva Kripa Nand Ji Swamiji to the society.

Kundalini Jagran With Meditation

  • There is an energy within all of us humans. Divine energy. Divine energy called Kundali Shakti is within us this Kundalini Shakti which we have to awaken and which can be awakened by Samarpan Meditation.
  • We can connect to the ultimate element of ultimate awareness with dedication meditation.
  • And with constant practice, with reverence, the faith you can awaken your inner energy.
  • Believing faith is a very important thing. There is an old saying that the boat is crossed with faith. If you believe in God and believe in yourself and you will constantly try and keep your ethics, thoughts, behavior pure, then you will identify with the Supreme power. Will be able to experience.

Who can do Meditation?

  Connection with Ultimate Power
  • So, Any person can do easily Samarpan Meditation.
  • in short, there is no restriction of age and no restriction of religion in Samarpan meditation.
  • So, All mankind can do Samarpan meditation and experience the divine.
 Ultimate Power

Generally, As you drown in the depths of Samarpan Meditation, you forget your physical existence and your mind becomes thoughtless, no thoughts come to your mind. So, Dedication meditation leads to physical mental, spiritual, social progress. A person can identify himself who he is, where he has come from, where he has to go if he feels the ultimate essence, then he gets answers to all his questions.

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