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Hello, Now we are going to discuss Savasana yoga. Savasana this is the most important part of your yoga practice.
 So let’s Explain the technique, benefits, and precautions of savasana.
      Savasana means Shav + asana. Doing this asana makes the body position look like a corpse.
– This asana helps in removing toxins accumulated in the body.
– The body’s fiber becomes active and removes the body’s wastes.   

savasana yoga

What is Savasana Yoga?

  • Savasana Yoga is the most important part of your Yoga practice.
  • Experience the reflexes of the body, keep breathing, bring the body to a state of complete rest.
  • Keep your body in a comfortable position and experience Prana.
  • Make the body stable and calm.
  • Feel Peace, Feel Peace in Your Body, Feel Peace in Breath.
  • Allow the breath to restrain in slow motion.
  • Do not force anything. So this is Shanti asana

Process of doing Savasana Yoga

Savasana Yoga to Improve Concentration and Self-power
  1. First of all, place a mat or sheet in a clean place
  2. First, lie down on the ground. Keep both hands at a six-inch distance from the body
  3. And Keep a distance of one foot between the two legs. Keep the paws outstretched and let loose. Close your mouth and eyes
  4. Relax the face and eye muscles. Keep breathing slowly, don’t keep any thought in mind.
  5. Keep breathing action normally.
  6. This action takes about 30 minutes.
  7. Continue to take deep breaths to exhale.
  8. Experience peace in the whole body and then start moving the body slowly.
  9. If you feel sleepy while doing posture, take deep breaths.
  10. Continue to take deep breaths to get out of the savasana.
  11. Gently move the head to the right and left.
  12. The process of coming out of (Shanti asana) savasana.
  13. Turn right and rotate the body to the right.
  14. Sitting in a state of Sukhasana (happiness) while pushing the ground with the left hand.
  15. Slowly seat on the left side.
  16. Breath reflexes Slow breath in, Slow in breath out.
 to Improve Concentration and Self-power

Benefits of Savasana

  1. This asana enhances brain function.
  2. Asana is also beneficial in diseases like insomnia.
  3. Can get rid of diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  4. Relieves mental and physical stress.
  5. Increases concentration and self-power.
  6. Also controls increasing weight.
  7. Comfortable in hand diseases.
  8. Breathing relieves restlessness and nervousness.
  9. Depression problem is also relieved.
  10. It also increases brain capacity.
  11. Savasana is an excellent asana for keeping the mind stable and relieving anxiety stress.
  12. It gives peace and inspiration to the body, mind.
  13. Doing savasana after Yogasana exercise the act of breathing remains the same.
  14. It is advisable to do savasana after each asana.
  15. savasana is the easiest asana of all asana.
  16. Doing this savasana increases the power of meditation.

Things to Remember – Precautions

  1. Doing this asana causes the uniform blood circulation in the body, So don’t use a pillow or blanket during this asana.
  2. If an overweight person feels stretched in the knees in this regard pillow or keeps a blanket.
  3. Savasana can be done at any time of the day but 3 to 4 hours before and after a meal.
  4. And Do not do this asana if the doctor forbids you to lie on your back
  5. Do not do this asana where there is no good environment and your peace is disturbed in other words Where there is no peaceful atmosphere and where your peace of mind is disturbed, do not do this asana

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