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Life is not easy. It does not pass in the same place. Like the waves that come into the sea, life has many ups and downs. Even a wise person can’t handle himself in a difficult situation, he’s going to be the right way to life. Or they lose their lives. If you know the Top Most Ways How You Can Save Life of Others.

We all know life is precious. And this life is only once. Let us live, preserve, and cultivate it. Going to school will provide a degree or certificate. which will educate you. which will make you financially. School studies are scheduled for a few years. But life is such a school. During a lifetime which teaches you everything in life.

Let’s See Top Most Ways How You Can Save Life of Others.

How to Save Person’s Life

Save Life
  1. By Donating :
    1. You can donate blood:
      • Your donation can give life to someone. There are many diseases that require blood. And sometimes, in some circumstances, an accident also arises. You can help someone by donating blood and getting satisfaction.
    2. By Donating Your Organs after Death:
      • After the end of life, the body is to be found in ash. We all know that. So, even after death, one can help someone. Organ donation can save the life of others.
  2. By cultivating some awareness and providing some facilities:
    • Fire safety should be used in school or office or building.
    • Keep the emergency helpline number with yourself and give it to others who do not know it. Like women helpline numbers, Ambulance number list.
  3. Have some first aid knowledge :
    • Have some first aid knowledge so that you can help someone with your knowledge and treatment until the doctor comes.
    • like if you have knowledge about heart attack you can help someone that you can call on 999 or 112 for emergency help and sit the person down and give them aspirin but do not give if a person has allergic and under age 16.
    • This kind of basic knowledge saves someone’s life.
  4. You should have knowledge about Heimlich and Defibrillator:
    • Defibrillator device sending electronic pulse or shock to the heart and restore a normal heartbeat.
    • The Heimlich maneuver is a technique to help a choking person who is conscious and unable to talk. it pushes air out of the lungs and makes him cough. Cough strength can then move the object out of its airway
  5. Identifying a problem when someone is in depression or feels life wasted.  Help him. And get him out of frustration.  

Creative Ways to Save Time

Top Most Ways How You Can Save Life of Others
  1. Planning of Time:
    • Plan your time. How much time will you give to your work?
    • First, complete the most important tasks.
  2. Always wake up Early:
    • Getting up early in the morning improves health. and devote time to exercise and yoga
    • You can finish the morning tasks comfortably and quickly. You can finish the morning tasks comfortably and quickly.
  1. Make your Task Create through diving Time and Use Different Services:
    • Use Internet Services To Pay Different kinds of bills like light bill, Gas bill, etc. so you can save your time by doing this.
    • You can do multitask at one time like when you go for a walk you can do small shopping when you return home like to purchase milk or during cooking, you can watch your T.V. news.
    • You have to keep your things in a particular place so when you need it you can find it easily and you can save your time.
    • When you want to shop first prepare a list of items that you want to purchase. Then you can buy it through Amazon or other websites. And in today’s time so many online shopping services are also available you can use it and make your task easy.
  2. Give social media a fixed time and phone calls:
    • Giving social media a fixed time will save most of your time. Check all the social media activity associated with you at a certain time.  No matter what, it can be like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.
    • Make phone calls at a certain time. which will save you time.
  3. Allocate quality time for yourself:
    • Quality time should be allocated for yourself. Where you can complete yoga, exercises, meditation, and other hobbies of your own.
  4. Choose the right friends and relationships:
    • Choose friends and relationships that will help you to provide quality of your life and time.

How Can You Show Generosity to Others

How Can You Show Generosity to Others
  1. Make the rule of feeding a poor person once a day or once a month.
  2. Keep a portion of your income aside for charity.
  3. Always keep smiling and making others laugh. It’s also good to work.
  4. Help others in trouble.  Financially, it can be helped, but also emotionally strong support. Make someone realize that he is not alone in his problems, but you are with him.
  5. Your old clothes, toys, and books can be given to children of poor people to study.
  6. You can help the poor children financially, but you can also teach them free of all. such as tuition without fees.  
  7. Spread awareness in society about cleanliness, education, equal rights for women, removal of superstitions, etc.
  8. Giving moral values to children and thus, the responsibility of society can be fulfilled.  Because children are the future of society.
  9. You can go to the orphanage and spend time with them. Adopting a child can give him a new life.
  10. By giving cards, wishing a happy birthday, by giving others the opportunity to grow up. That makes anyone be happy.
  11. Visit the hospital and serve and help the needy. 

How to Save Life

How to Save Life
  1. Every life on earth has a right to live. So be kind to others. We should be kind to animals, birds, insects. 
  2. If the animal is sick then call the animal helpline number.  Call a veterinary doctor and get treatment.
  3. Feed the animals and birds.
  4. Save the environment. Every living organism on earth depends on the environment.
  5. Festivals have a unique significance. But the festivals should be celebrated in such a way that the insects, animals, and birds do not suffer. And, festivals should be celebrated in such a manner that not harm the atmosphere. 
  6. Do not hunt animals.

Ways to Show Generosity at School

Ways to Show Generosity at School
  1. Teach the student to share:
    • Generosity has a positive effect. when you give something to another person give it can inspire other people to become more generous too.
  2. Helping to Others:
    • Generosity increases happiness. Because when you help someone you feel happy. When you give to others, the other person is happy, but at the same time, you feel happy to help someone.
  3. Respect others:
    • Explain the importance of discretion to the children by respecting elders and teachers. It really makes a difference in our life as well as our family. because we feel happy. 
    • Young children who learn and understand the importance of happiness and generosity become more happy and generous.
  4. Learn How to save money and how to use it in the correct way:
    • Teach children how to save money and how to help others with that money. Like, with that money they can purchase toys, books for needy people.
  5. Caring for others:
    • Caring for others gives us happiness
    • Schools and families should teach moral values. Those who think for all, make a big heart, teach to be a donor, and generosity makes you big-hearted and teaches to give.  And generosity makes a good person.
    • It is a rule of nature that What you give, you get. But by what we receive we earn a living and by what we offer we build a life. Generosity changes everything.
  6. Projects and Seminar:
    • A school should organize a generous project and seminar.
    • And introduce a student to someone who is ahead in this field.
    • The world is a family. Explain that feeling. And show generosity and gratitude to the stranger. Celebrate a special day. And smile on the face of others.

How to Save Life in Emergency

How to Save Life in Emergency

If you are outside and you see somebody suddenly fall in down and its collapse so how do you give that person basic life support? how do you save a life? and this keeps happening all around us you here so many stories that suddenly some people having a heart attack on the flight on the bus on the train and we are helpless we don’t know what to do at that point. Here some tips when you are facing this situation:

  1. What to do when someone breaks down in front of you:
  • And you are there to save their lives first make sure that the person lying down in a safe environment or place.
  • Suppose you are in situations whether it is fire around you make sure a person has to take a safe place and make sure a person lying down so next important step is you check for response to calling or shaking.
  • And then feel for the pulse in the neck behind windpipe.
  • And then call for help, phone for ambulance.sit next to the person and start pumping the heart. With the heel of the hand. push between the nipples. hand straight push 30 times and give 2 breaths. Again 30 heart-pumping then 2 breaths, continue the cycle.
  • So till the help reach you, this may help you to save a person’s life.
  1. First aid in snake bite:
  • On the bite of the snake, the first person should quickly take the hospital.
  • As long as the ambulance comes you keep calm,  don’t run, not bind the wound.
  • but you can use (PIB)  WHO has advised that you can use the Australian pressure immobilization bandage (PIB) method.
  • Immobilize the area. apply a compress. remove any jewelry. Alert emergency services.

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