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Hello, today let’s see about Siddhasana. So We will now address Siddhasana ‘s warning, technique, and benefits. The most important thing about this asana is it awakens the dormant power of our body. From the name of this asana is known that this asana is called Siddhasana. Siddha men sit in this asana for hours.
this asana is called Siddhasana as It gives siddhis.


Steps Of Siddhasana

Siddhasana is mostly done by Siddha Gurus. The function of this asana is to awaken our dormant powers.

  • Firstly, straighten both legs forward.
  • Then place the heel of the right foot on the upper part of the anus.
  • And place the heel of the left foot on the bone just below the navel.
  • Join together middle finger and thumb. And thus sit in the Gyan Mudra
  • Then place both hands on both knees.
  • Keep the spine fairly straight and erect.
  • look down and tilt the neck in such a way So that the beard touches your chest.
  • In Siddhasana stabilize the vision Mediterranean.
  • The part between the two eyes is called the Mediterranean. It is also known as Ajna(command) Chakra.
Siddhasana - Awakens the Dormant Power of Our Body

Benefits Of Siddhasana

  • Doing this asana awakens the dormant power of our body which is kundalini.
  • And the nerves of our body begin to become pure.
  • Doing this Adept pose can cure diseases like indigestion, heart decades, diabetes, dysentery, asthma.
  • The adept pose is very useful in diabetes.
  • The yogi sits in Adept pose for hours and as this asana provides achievement it is called Adept pose.
  • Further, The adept pose is said to be the best of these asanas.
  • The speed of breathing is controlled and the restlessness of the mind is removed.
  • In addition, The mind becomes introverted and concentration is achieved.
  • The adept pose involves stabilizing the vision Mediterranean.
  • Generally, In this asana, the memory becomes sharper and easier to remember what is read.


  • So People with chronic leg ailments are required to perform this asana under the guidance of a Yoga Guru.

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