Today’s topic is Side Effects Of Tea: How To Get Rid Of Tea? In today’s life, tea has become an integral part of our life. After research by experts and scientists, it has been concluded that there are three types of such main elements or three such substances found inside the tea. Which proves to be very harmful to our health.

Substances(Elements) Found In Tea.

Side Effects Of Tea: How To Get Rid Of Tea?
  • The first element of which is ‘Thein’. The mild pleasure that appears to be from drinking tea is the effect of this toxin called ‘Thein’. It has a very toxic effect on the organization of cognition.
  • The second element is ‘Tenen’. It is a strong constipating substance. It completely destroys the digestive power. Which also has the power to destroy sleep. The effect of this element on the body is similar to that of alcohol. Due to this, after drinking tea, one feels freshness in the beginning, but after a while, the intoxication of it subsides, dryness and fatigue start to arise. Due to which there is a desire to drink more tea.
  • The third substance is caffeine. It is a terrible substance. The effect of which is similar to nicotine found in alcohol or tobacco. It weakens the body very quickly. This makes the body hollow. It increases the heartbeat. And if there is an excess of quantity in the intake, the heartbeat stops completely. And the person becomes a victim of death. Caffeine is that part present in tea, which becomes a person of tea after being addicted to it.

According To Doctor John Harvey | Side Effects Of Tea

  • According to Doctor John Harvey, consuming tea causes stomachache, flatulence, constipation, indigestion, indigestion, imbalance of heart rate, sleeplessness, clogged and many types of eye diseases.
  • It is in the interest of the body to give up tea.

Mindset And How To Get Rid Of It?

Side Effects Of Tea: How To Get Rid Of Tea?
  • In fact, a mindset, many people make such an argument that if tea is not drunk in the morning, then the body feels sluggish. Because for many months to years, such a habit has been maintained that in the morning something hot inside the body should go hot, such a mentality remains.
  • So if instead of tea we drink Tulsi decoction, drink cinnamon decoction, drink Giloy decoction, drink Arjuna bark or drink only hot water, then the mentality of drinking something hot can be changed. And which one should try to drink in place of tea, take Ayurvedic medicine or decoction according to your nature and body.
  • Or if you do not get anything or do not need any, drink a cup of hot water instead of tea. By doing this also the habit of tea can be gradually weaned.

Side Effects Of Tea

Side Effects Of Tea: How To Get Rid Of Tea?
  • Acidity:
    • In the morning people have a habit of drinking tea on an empty stomach. And because of this, drinking tea on an empty stomach increases acidity.
  • Constipation:
    • And at the same time, it reduces the process of gastric juices which are helpful in the process of digestion. Obviously, the gas formation will start happening, your digestive system will not work properly and you will become a victim of constipation. At the same time, it also kills your hunger.
  • Sleeplessness:
    • If you drink four to five cups of tea throughout the day, then understand that you are inviting the disease of sleeplessness. If you drink too much tea, you will have trouble falling asleep.
  • Anemia:
    • If you drink tea after a meal, then the tea contains tannic acid. The iron element that the body should have got after eating this food is not available due to tannic acid and you can become a victim of anemia.
  • Blood pressure:
    • Caffeine is found in tea which increases blood pressure. If it is normal then the blood pressure will become high and people with high blood pressure should not drink tea at all.
  • Osteofluorosis:
    • A case study from the New England General of Medicine suggests that drinking too much tea can lead to a disease called Osteoporosis.

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