Today’s topic is Simple Health Tips For Everyone. So let’s see.

Simple Health Tips For Everyone
  1. During fasting the patient does not produce new feces in the body and the vitality gets a chance to throw out the old feces so healing is achieved through defecation. Fasting means not eat anything. People fast but do not pay attention to what they should eat after breaking the fast. It does not bring much benefit. After breaking the fast, one should take the water of mung for as many days as one is fasting. And mungs should be eaten for the double days rather than fasting. Then khichadi, rice, etc. and finally a normal meal should be eaten.
  2. It is beneficial to take fasting, mug water, mung, puffed rice, roasted chickpeas, rice bran, etc. at the beginning of any disease. If you do not know how to take the medicine, take it only with water or honey.
  3. Ayurvedic wood herbs taken on an empty stomach are more beneficial. Take medicine on an empty stomach in the afternoon and at night before meals but be careful to take the medicine only where it is clearly stated.
  4. The drug is usually taken three times a day at four-hour intervals.
  5. Take different doses of different medicines in equal doses, Where not shown.
  6. When the dosage is uncertain, start taking small doses at first when in doubt. Then gradually increase as you digest or consult an experienced doctor.
  7. Acute drugs like Vaj, Ativish, Zerkochlu, Nutmeg, Aretha should be used with caution and in small quantities.
  8. Eating Harada is very beneficial. It must be taken like an areca nut after a meal and at night. It is also called another mother. But tired, weak, thirsty, fasting persons and pregnant women should not eat Harada.
  9. Amla is highly recommended, so take it regularly at the beginning, middle, and end of the meal.
  10. To experiment in a way that suits nature. Drinking water one hour after a meal is beneficial in terms of health
  11. Walking a hundred steps after lunch and doing ten minutes of vajrasana, sleeping on the left side is beneficial for health.
  12. It is good for health to take food when the right tone of breath is on and to take fluids when the left tone is on.
  13. Never take fruit juice with meals and vegetables. There must be a gap of two hours between the two.
  14. Yogurt, basil, ginger-garlic, sesame-jaggery, dates, fish, radish, lemon, banana, papaya, all kinds of fruits, fruit juice, fruit ice cream should not be eaten with milk.
  15. Taking fruit juice only during the day It is not beneficial to take fruit juice at night.
  16. It is more beneficial to suck mango and eat it than mango juice.
  17. Eating a banana in the morning is worth as much as copper, eating in the afternoon is worth as much as silver, and eating at night is worth as much as gold. It is harmful to non-workers to eat more bananas.
  18. Never eat bananas, mangoes, guavas, papayas, pumpkins, tomatoes, sprouted grains, lotus, cheese, dried vegetables, fish, mash, bakery and refrigerated items, chocolate, biscuits, cold drinks, milkshakes, etc.
  19. Tomatoes are not suitable for patients with gallstones, inflammation, rheumatism, and acidosis. People who have colds, high body heat, stomach, intestinal or uterine ulcers, diarrhea, and sourness should not eat tomatoes.
  20. It is not advisable to eat yogurt in spring, summer, autumn, and rainy season and at night. Do not eat yogurt for fever, edema, bile, phlegm, skin diseases, obesity, jaundice, blood disorders, jaundice, inflammation, etc.
  21. Putting two teaspoons of sugar in a jar full of almonds does not spoil the almonds for months. (Simple Health Tips For Everyone)
  22. Excessive shaking of the head and heart causes damage. (Simple Health Tips For Everyone)
  23. Massage before bathing. Exercise after bathing. Do not bathe immediately after exercise, bathe after half an hour
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