As soon as we hear someone speaking English, we feel that when we will be able to speak much English and we are very impressed with how the English words are going out of the human mouth. Would this person not be afraid of our affection to get out of the wrong English? If everyone can speak, why can’t we speak, we can also do the same in English, just work hard. Everything is easy, just a little bit of planning and hard work is needed. So Speak English Confidently and Fluently.

Importance of Speaking English-Speak English Confidently and Fluently

  • You should think about what is your goal of learning English? Do you want to learn English? Or you are fond of, or you have to prepare for an interview, for a job, or to speak all The English in your friend circle, all of them can speak English and you cannot speak. 
  • So first you make a goal of why you have to learn English. Then you have to prepare some topics accordingly.
  • First, you can make some topics in which you can think in your mother tongue, speak, and then translate the same topics into English.
  • There is no medium importance for learning, what medium you have taught, from Gujarati medium or English medium. 
  • The most important to learn is your motivation, your perseverance, your desire to do something.speak in English even if you mistake in English.
  • Why are we not able to speak because we have no practice .so please do not worry .if you speak wrong English no problem because you can learn from mistakes.
  • so please try to speak in English. Unless you practice, you cannot learn. The desire to improve is the most important thing. All of you need to have.

First is Skill of Listening  – Speak English Confidently and Fluently

  • First is the skill of listening is necessary.
  • listen to English and when we listen to anything we try to listen to it properly and try to understand it and you can practice speaking that.
  • you can listen to anything your favorite English songs, some stories on youtube or on T.V., news on T.V., watching English movies.

Second is Skill of Reading

Speak English
  • Read repeatedly.and try to understand meaning and language.
  • You can read anything in English that has your interest.
  • If you have an interest in the story, you can read the story, you can read the Novell if you have an interest in Novell.
  • You can read some newspapers, you can read some magazines in which you have an interest.

The Third Skill is, Think in English

  • We think generally in our mother tongue, you take a topic of your interest and on the same topic, you try to think in English. 
  • You can convert your thinking into English by practicing such.

  Learn and Understand English Properly, Create Command over Good Vocabulary

  • Understand the depth of the English language, understand its grammar.
  • For this, you can use the Internet, use different mobile apps, and use books that are available.

Write a Diary in English-Speak English Confidently and Fluently

Speak English
  • One should be trying to write a diary in English.
  • For better, the result you can write your daily life work in the diary. and You can write about your hobby. 
  • And You can write about your own. You can write your views. You write what you like to do.

Create an Atmosphere to Speak and Learn English

Speak English
  • You can call your other family members and friends and talk to them in English.
  • Try to talk in English at home.
  • Remember your childhood.  How do you learn to speak in childhood? What atmosphere of your house side was? Which language was spoken in your house? Remember that all, you will know how easy it is to learn any language. As a child is small, the mother tongue in his house affects the child. At home, parents teach him to speak one word and then the child sees it, listens, and then tries to speak in his own language.  Then, as he grows, he himself learns to speak.
Girl is Reading

When we were small, we did not know anything, we did not even know how to speak. How did we learn all that, if you think about it?  So you will understand that no work is difficult. Just What to do is Trust your self, do practice and practice, and try more definitely, success is yours.

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