We never dreamed that in life we ​​would face such a situation. Being happy always gives us a lot of benefits, such as many times we have to do any work, and you are doing your work with a sad feeling then your half work is decided there, that your work would not do well. if you are really happy and you are working with happiness, then there are many chances that you will get success in that work. But know one thing that you are a person for the world, but for your family you are the whole world, always inspire yourself, be positive, always protect yourself.

What you can do to stay happy in COVID 19

Stay Happy in COVID 19
  • You have to use technologies and revisit old hobbies and get creative and choose a new skill. And exercise, do yoga, and meditate with your family members and virtually stay connected with your college friends.
  • Play Games Together With Your Family Members or Children. you can learn gardening at home, learn some new dishes, make Plans for future Vacations, and Connect with your Community.
Stay Happy in COVID 19
  • In this condition – Coronavirus, you have to reframe the situation and being positive for happiness, focus on the small things, pay attention to your self, and most importantly balance your social media and keep in touch, stay connected with the current situation and don’t underestimate the power of health and so eat healthy food, practice good sleep, taking care of your mental health most important thing.
  • And in this critical condition, you have to connect with your family members, friends if they are not with you realize that they are not alone. secondly, think about how you can get out of this condition. and help those people who need help. And handle yourself in the feeling of scared, sadness, or anxiety.
Stay Happy in COVID 19
  • A strange time is going on which all of us have never seen or would have thought in our lifetime. We are also very upset about the current situation. Because work-from-home and is a household duty and to take care of the family member. And Online work, online learning, online teaching so in this situation, we have to do plan and manage ourselves. It is also important.
Stay Happy in COVID 19
  • Give yourself some time at the beginning of the day, which will charge you for the whole day’s work. It will give you energy. You have got time, in that you do what you have never been able to do in your busy schedule. Like if you have a reading hobby then you can do it in your free time. If you want to learn a recipe, then you can do it. If you want to complete your study then you can do it, through online study. In a busy schedule, if you have not been able to do it. Then complete your hobbies in free time, online courses are available. You can do what you always wanted to do.
  • You should keep updated with the latest news. And also ask those who are working in your house that they need any help. And those who are poor, whose employment has stopped, then you can help them and give them to eat something.

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