Today’s topic is Subtle Energy – What Is Subtle Energy In Spirituality? In ancient times, our revered ancestors, with their own keen eyes, grasped this subtle element of science. He used his strengths in his quest and success. As a result, they were able to benefit many times over from the successful physics of the present day. They were able to establish their authority over the subtle power currents of the primordial power. It is an obvious fact that the human body is the center of many types of subtle electrical energies. Awakening them gives rise to many kinds of powers.

A Source Of Subtle Energy

Subtle Energy - What Is Subtle Energy In Spirituality
  • Generally, Our sages used to awaken the power centers, chakras, glands, Jyotish hidden in different parts of the body through yoga sadhana. And the powerful currents that were generated from that awakening were related to the three streams of ‘primordial energy’ with which one was needed. For example, when the transmitter device of a radio station is connected to the transmitter of another radio station, the electrical power of the two becomes interconnected due to the same. And the exchange of conversations and dialogues between the stations starts.
  • In this way, by awakening the hidden and dormant centers in the body through sadhana, a connection is established with the currents of the subtle nature, when human and primordial energy are connected. Because of this relationship, human beings begin to understand the secret of the womb of ‘primordial energy’ and can use it as they wish. Because everything in the world is within the primordial energy, so the person connected with it can also establish his relationship with all the objects and tools of the world.

Benefits (Subtle Energy)

Subtle Energy - What Is Subtle Energy In Spirituality
  • Nowadays, scientists make some inventions using large expensive machines like electricity, steam, gas, petrol, etc. to establish a relationship with the atoms of the five elements, with their limited nature. And gain a little benefit. Such experiments are extremely laborious, difficult, costly, and time-consuming. It also involves the struggle for future destruction, damage, and change. Work must always be continued to install, protect, and manufacture these devices. And changing its location is even more difficult. Such a commotion was not against the scientists of Indian yoga science. They performed wonders without the help of any machine and without the operator as well as electricity, petrol, etc., simply connecting the power centers of their bodies to the microscopic nature, the possibility of which today’s physicists have not been able to understand.
  • We now see a very faint form of very few of the weapons used in the Mahabharata and the Lanka War. Radar, gas, atomic bombs, death-rays, etc., are now ready for many efforts. In ancient times, ‘Mohanastra’, Brahmapash, Nagpas, Varunastra, Aagney arrows, as well as returning arrows used to kill the enemy was used. ‘Shabdvedh’ was also prevalent. Such weapons were not operated by any kind of machine but by mantra force. But in ancient times, mantras were used to execute ‘Krutya’ or ‘Ghat’ by force to find and kill the enemy wherever he was hiding. Ravana sitting in Lanka and Ahiravan sitting in America could talk to each other well. They did not need a radio or a transmitter. The planes could only fly without petrol.

Ashta Siddhi and Nava Nidhi

Subtle Energy - What Is Subtle Energy In Spirituality
  • Ashtasiddhis and Navanidhis are described in many places in Yogashastra.
    • Entering the fire,
    • Walking on water,
    • Run as fast as the wind,
    • Exchanging the body of human beings with animals as well as of animals with human beings,
    • To make the body too small or too big, to make the body light or heavy,
    • Curse someone
    • Gaining excellent benefits from gifts,
    • Prevent death,
    • ‘Putreshti’ Yajna,
    • Knowledge of the future,
    • To know the conscience of another,
    • Instant wealth, seasons, town,
    • To produce creatures, insects, folds, etc.
    • To be aware of the movements of the whole universe,
    • Transform anything,
    • Conquering hunger, thirst, sleep, cold, and heat,
    • To fly in the sky,
    • Many amazing deeds were done only by mantra power, yoga power, spiritual science.
    • And it does not require any kind of machine, petrol, electricity, etc. for scientific purposes.
  • But those functions go well with the relationship between physical electricity and the microscopic currents of nature. That was Indian science. The basis of which was – Yoga Sadhana.


human power
  • Not only the above-mentioned physical miracles related to Tamatattva but also the benefits and pleasures of Rajas and Sattva realms could be achieved through Yoga Sadhana. Ordinary human beings suffer unbearably when they lose courage in miserable situations like loss, grief, bereavement, disaster, disease, aggression, protest, trauma, etc.
  • And when a person who knows the use of self-power easily overcomes adversity on the basis of conscience, knowledge, asceticism, adventure, hope, and faith in God.
  • And finds a way to increase their happiness even in bad situations. Whose physical and mental health has improved due to self-reliance and he is fortunate enough to live a happier life than even the richest. This benefit of knowing the use of silver energy is more important than the benefits of physics. (Subtle Energy – What Is Subtle Energy In Spirituality)
  • Explaining the benefits of the ‘sat’ element is beyond the power of both pen and speech.
  • When the divine elements increase in the soul, the amount of compassion, friendship, renunciation, contentment, peace, service, intimacy, truthfulness, honesty, restraint, humility, chastity, devotion, piety, etc. are increasing day by day.
  • As a result, appreciation, gratitude, altruism, faith, help, and respect for him increase in the world. And he continues to be satisfied with reciprocity.
  • Besides, these virtues are so sweet that in the heart of which they reside, there is a constant flow of self-satisfaction.
  • Whether such people are alive or in the state of death, they continue to receive the bliss of Jeevanmukti, Swarga, Parmananda, Brahmananda, Atmadarshan, Prabhuprapti, Brahmanirman, Turiyavastha, Nirvikalpa Samadhi The seeker who reaches the depths of Sat, Rajas, and Tamas easily attains all the three types of pleasures – spiritual, mental, and physical.
  • This is the goal of life and by meeting it, the soul becomes engrossed in the ocean of bliss.


In the world, the three causes of suffering are ignorance, incapacity, and lack. All these three sorrows can be removed by making good use of the three streams of subtle nature. The science that Indian microbiologists invented to achieve the desired pleasure by exercising authority over the subtle nature is extraordinary and great in many respects. The name of the invention is Yoga Sadhana. Yoga practice allows you to attain your goals. Is the mother of yoga sadhana and achievements. Among them, yogis have laid special emphasis on the sadhana of Panchkosh. (Subtle Energy – What Is Subtle Energy In Spirituality)

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