• Nature creates its creation through the air element by being established in the sky element. First of all, nature creates itself in the form of causal. Then it is created in a subtle form. And in the end, it creates itself in a gross form. Lives in three states. It is clear from this that Prakriti (Apara Prakriti) lives in three states. (1) in the causal state (2) in the subtle state (3) in the gross state.
  • The land of the (mind) Chitt is also created by the predominance of the air element. The living being continues to experience happiness and sorrow according to the movement on the mind. Due to the heterogeneous state of the qualities of the mind, gradually becoming extroverted, in the end, the gross body is attained. Therefore, the sanskaras that are formed for the actions performed by the gross body, continue to be situated on the mind. This happens because of craving, attachment, and ignorance towards gross objects. As long as the ignorance remains in the human being, then by the actions performed by him, he will continue to be established on the ground of the mind by becoming sanskaras in the same way.

How Does Man See Material Things?

The Creation Of The Universe By The Air Element

The formation of the mind is due to the predominance of the air element. The nature of the air element is to vibrate or vibrate. That is why there is always vibration in the mind. There is an effect of the vibrations of the air element on the Karmas located on the cheetah. These Karmas are also called instincts. Because these Karmas are present on the mind in a circular (circular) form. That is, due to the vibrations on the mind, there is vibration in the instincts also. Then the instincts turn outward and start coming outwards. In the end, it comes out through the eyes and spreads everywhere. and assumes the form of gross substances. Then the consciousness of the nature of the substances is given to the brain. In this way, man sees gross objects.

Chitta and Vritti (instincts) Are Complementary To Each other

The Creation Of The Universe By The Air Element
  • There are always two types of presence in the mind. (1) Vibration of air element in the mind, (2) Presence of instincts (Karmashayas or Sanskar). These two (instincts and vibration) cannot live without each other. Of course, they are complementary to each other. The vibration of Prana is always happening in the mind. There is a vibration in the mind of all beings who have a gross body and a subtle body. This creature may be attained in any place, in any state, but the vibration is never bound. Because the structure of the mind is due to the primacy of the vital element. As long as the mind exists, there will be vibrations.
  • As long as there is vibration, the sanskaras situated on the mind will continue to manifest outward. If one of these two is conquered by effort, then the other will automatically be possessed. Both cannot live without each other. Because both complement each other.

How do instincts (Vritti) stop? (The Creation Of The Universe By The Air Element)

The Creation Of The Universe By The Air Element

Pranayama is the simplest way to get control over life. To get control over the instincts, one has to practice Samadhi. Because it is only through Samadhi that one can get the right over the instincts. Through Pranayama, if an effort is made to control the Prana according to oneself, then the outward movement of the instincts gets affected. That is, the instincts start stopping.

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