HOW TO OPEN THIRD EYE (SCIENCE OF PINEAL GLAND) ….. HOW TO OPEN THIRD EYE (SCIENCE OF PINEAL GLAND) …..want to know more than you are in the right place!! Have you ever heard of the third eye or the third eye in the world of meditation and spirituality? If you do not have knowledge of this amazing thing, I will not let it happen, you should know about it because your life can change and an important thing Which will be the most shocking set. You have two eyes, one on the right eye and one on the left eye. What do you know that you also have a third eye? Let’s see How To Open Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland)?

2What Is The Powerful Method Of Opening The Third Eye(Sixth Sense)?
3Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Great Research Water Experiments
4Sixth Chakra (Ajna Chakra) Place And Benefits
5What If My Third Eye Is Already open
6Benefits By Staying With Nature
7Power Of Positive Thinking For Third Eye Meditation
8Science Of Pineal Gland (Ajna Chakra)
9Nasal Vision In Yoga To Open Third Eye
10How To Activate Third Eye? The Easiest Way

What Is The Powerful Method Of Opening The Third Eye(Sixth Sense)?

What Is The Method Of Opening The Third Eye?
  • In the world of science, the third eye is called the pineal gland. According to the posted online Spiritual Experience of the people, through this third eye, you will be able to see all that you cannot see through this normal vision. After the third eye is opened, the power to understand fully will be increased by looking at something. You will be able to easily read the mind of others and will be able to see (precognition) things before they happen. Your intelligence will be more than 100 times faster. You will know how much incredible power you have. What is the method of opening the third eye?
  • The research was done on your mind and heart at The Heart Mart Institute and it was revealed in this scientific fact that The Heart is More Powerful than the Brain and It’s about 100,000 Times Stronger Electrically and up to 5000 times Magnetically than the brain. Meaning if you major in electricity, then your heart is 100000 times more powerful than the brain and if you talk magnetically, then your heart is 5000 times more powerful than your brain. The power of the mind is incredible, but the power of your heart is even more incredible.
  • So the thing is that in order to activate the penial gland, part of the brain, people try to focus on the pineal gland between the two eyes in their forehead. You must have heard that sit in the pose of meditation and focus between your two eyes. I am talking about this typical technique. Yes, it works to open the third eye to some extent. But it is not completely effective.
  • But the real trick which is very effective is that as you have just come to know that your heart is a million times more powerful than your brain. So in this old technique, you used to use only your brain. Just sit and focus on the point between your two eyes, but why not use the power of both heart and brain together. It will be very effective for you if you get the power of both together.
What Is The Method Of Opening The Third Eye?
  • Heart plus mind you have to do is that you have to sit with your spine straight and focus on your heart, focus on your heart, what is there in your heart, you have to feel your feeling. If you want, you can put your hands on your heart and feel is the most important thing and now you have to use visualization techniques. You have to think, it is to visualize that energy is coming out of your heart, which is going above your throat, meeting to the position of your third eye. Meaning you have to visualize that your heart and your third eye are connecting, you have to visualize repeatedly that the energy is going out of the heart to your third eye. While you are doing this you will notice that there will be no thought in your mind. Because while doing this, your full focus will be on the position of your heart and your third eye. Your brain will be fully focused automatically. And be seen in the present moment, which is a complete meditation technique with additional benefits.
  • You will get the benefits of meditation in this and at the same time, the intuition power will also increase. So you must be aware that the benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven in thousands of studies. You should do it for 5 minutes daily. If you have a question as to how many days the third eye will open or how many days your intuition power and brainpower will increase, then let me tell you that this is not a fix. It is different for every person here. You have to keep meditating daily. When your intuition power increases, then you will understand that you will start feeling that power. You need a lot of important things to open the third eye.
  • But you know what is the important thing to open your third eye, listen, the answer is, your intention. That means how much you are inspired from inside to open the third eye. It is very important to have that desire inside you to open the third eye. Your desire affects your body, that is, your desire and your thinking affect your body.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Great Research Water Experiments

Dr. Masaru Emoto's Great Research Water Experiments
  • Now I am going to tell you the fact about it, I had said in the beginning that it will be the most shocking fact in your life. Dr. Masaru Emoto was a very large researcher.
  • He put water in front of them and crystallize it. When that water was crystallizing, while looking at the water, he was thinking “I love you“. Meaning he was calling water as I love you. Then when crystallized water was viewed with a microscope, it was creating some form of exactly the symmetrical design.
  • And for the second time, he deliberately thought “I hate you”. And then when the water was seen, a picture of something like Devil came out.
  • Then they thought “Thank you” by looking at the water. The picture was different then.
  • Then after that, he thought “You’re a fool” then the water lost its structure and a clumsy design without symmetry came up.
  • Are you able to see the pattern? Whenever something positive was being thought of, water was creating a very beautiful formation. It is as if water is listening to you. And whenever something was being said poorly, water was forming a broken form. Dr. Masaru Emoto is no longer in this world, but he has gone to give tremendous proof of the power of the subconscious mind.
  • He proved that what he was thinking was keeping away from the water, and he also proved it in a scientific way. He proved that our minds can do anything. What you think has an effect on the things around you. Science has not yet understood your mind. So the number of attainments, the power of the subconscious mind, is such a thing that science is “yet to discover”. That is, research is just beginning. The brain is the most mysterious thing in the world, not just the body. Scientists like “Dr. Masaru Emoto” are less like in the world now. And there are many such experiments that are never able to come up. But these experiments which I told you, prove that there are many things about your brain about which science is not yet aware.
Dr. Masaru Emoto's Great Research Water Experiments
  • So it must be coming to your mind that why I told you about water experiments. I told you this so that you can know the power of your thinking. And how is this experiment related to the third eye-opening? It is related to opening your third eye that the visualization technique that I told you that will connect the heart to the third eye, if you do it with your mind, then you will be successful.
  • So a deep desire should be a deep meditation inside you. There will be a desire in you that I have to open that third eye, then it will affect your body. This question may also come to your mind. In the case of “Dr. Masaru Emoto”, he had affected the water with his power of thinking, so if you wish to open the third eye, then how can that affect your body. So its answer is a scientifically proven fact and that is your body is 70% water, you must have heard that our body is about 70% water, so this means that your thinking can affect your body.
  • Therefore, if you have intention inside you, what is the third eye, you can do anything. You can unlock all the powers of your body. When water was called “I love you”, water was making a beautiful symmetry. And when the water was thought poorly, the water was making a rough figure. So this means you should always think positively. And so positive thinking always works. Thinking positive spreads happiness. And if every person in the world thinks positively, then it will change the world. Positive thinking will change your life, but if you come to the point of the third eye, then if you are meditating, then there must be a desire. (HOW TO OPEN THIRD EYE (SCIENCE OF PINEAL GLAND))

Sixth Chakra (Ajna Chakra) Place And Benefits |((How to Unlock the Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland))

Sixth Chakra (Ajna Chakra) Place And Benefits
  • So you have an intention in you that I want to open my third eye. Only then will your meditation be successful. If you search in Google that my third eye-opening experience, then you will be able to read millions and crores of people. I tell you that you see someone for the first time and without any reason, you like them very much. And in the second case, there is another person whom you meet for the first time, but in the first time, you do not like that person at all. So this is your sixth sense power, it will increase to a great extent when your third eye will open.
  • Know that there is no limit inside you. There is incredible energy inside you which you do not even know about. And with the power of your subconscious mind, you can do anything. You are not able to gain this power, you cannot increase the power of understanding because a Believe System has been put inside you which makes you limited. This world has confined you, maybe you are very good at doing some work, but the world tells you that you cannot do this and that is what most people say and such a live system is created. And because of this, you start believing that you cannot do that work. So if you keep yourself at the limit then you will be affected by the words of others soon, then it will not work. If you do not believe in yourself and stay within a limit, then you will not be able to open your third eye. Therefore be limitless.
Sixth Chakra (Ajna Chakra) Place And Benefits
  • The third eye is nothing but your Sixth Chakra which is called Ajna Chakra. It is one of the seven chakras in your body. And as I said, it is exactly on this place above and between your two eye bros. It is related to your understanding, your power of persuasion, and knowing the mind of others. This third eye is the bridge between our world and the world beyond this world, which connects the two worlds. So what I repeatedly talk about interdimensional quantum is the same world made of more than three dimensions. Because you will be able to see with the help of your third eye.
  • And there is proof in quantum physics that in reality, we have more than three dimensions in this world. Science says that this Pineal Gland is present in your brain. This pineal gland is present in the brain of every human being. And it is among those parts of your body about which scientists know very little.
  • There are a lot of things about which scientists are starting to know. And the pineal gland is one of them. The scientist only knows that it releases a chemical called melatonin. The researches that will be done in the future, I will tell you only, but these spiritual things are very interesting.

What If My Third Eye Is Already open

What If My Third Eye Is Already open
  • Many people also ask, what if my third eye is already open. So the answer is simple, if something like this happens, then you will start seeing signs of it, sometimes there will be a pain in your third eye position. Next, you have dreams that come true later and then you have got the power of precognition little by little. Then you must assume that your pineal gland has been estimated slightly.
  • Your third eye is already open or not at all, but you can open it completely at your will. The first requirement was the intention, in which I told about the experiments with water. So now the second thing you need to open the third eye is “Being yourself and going into nature”. You should become who you really are. You need to be connected to your real self. ((How to Unlock the Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland)))

Benefits By Staying With Nature

Benefits By Staying With Nature
  • The technological world of today separates us from ourselves. Your subtle body knows from inside that you like nature, but slowly you are also getting away from nature, nowadays technological gadgets mobile phones, computers, television are all taking us away from nature. Use all this but in the limit.
  • Go get some sunlight and go and spend some time in the middle of the tree plants. Sit alone with nature and we all know that your body benefits by staying with nature. The more you can connect with yourself, the more you will get closer to opening your third eye. We talked about living in nature, but being yourself is also important.
  • See what you have been told about yourself, the world tells you that you are like this or that. Which is wrong, you have never seen yourself properly, when you will spend time with nature alone, then you will be able to understand well. And you will not accept the system that this world has told you. You have a different talent inside that you don’t even know about. Regardless of how worthless you feel that you are of no use, you should always remember that you are special. It is very important to respond to you. It is very important to respect yourself. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t expect anybody else to. You know that if your present condition of life is not right, still you can correct yourself in a magical way. (How to Unlock the Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland))

Power Of Positive Thinking For Third Eye Meditation

Power Of Positive Thinking For Third Eye Meditation
  • The water experiments that I told you about how your thoughts affect water and I told you that how you have 70% water in your body, it means that you will respect yourself if you respect yourself, then your body will take a good formation. Just like that symmetrical design of the water. And you will become healthier but if you think poorly about yourself, then nothing can be worse than this, so it is very important to think positively about yourself.
  • Come back to the third eye. What can you expect when your third eye is open? First of all, when your third eye is open, then you will find this world very strange because you will get out of this illusion and you will be able to see that another world which is 3D ie third Dimension is up. You will start to feel that you are not just a human being, you are a multidimensional bean who is just as a human being. You are limitless, you are amazing, you are really very powerful.
  • Meditation is the best way to open your third eye. I will not tell you that you meditate in this way, you mediate that way, whatever you do, but whatever you do, it only affects your third eye. Your third eye starts activating slowly. Therefore it is said that the person who does simple meditation daily also increases his power to learn and understand. If you see the scientifically proven technique between the two eyes, the technique that we have seen at the beginning of the article, if you will not do that even if you do even just simple meditation, then it will still affect your third eye. For those who want to assimilate their third eye in a short time. A simple meditation is enough for normal people, simple meditation will also assimilate your pineal Glend.

Science Of Pineal Gland (Ajna Chakra) |(How to Unlock the Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland))

Science Of Pineal Gland (Ajna Chakra)
  • So I hope that your subconscious mind i.e. the power of your subconscious mind, you have got complete knowledge of how positive thinking makes you more good in life. And at the same time, you must have understood the pineal gland i.e. the third eye.
  • See the easiest use of opening the third eye. Today’s new generation is following a lot of third eye meditation to get quick success. But if the third eye meditation is not done properly, then there can be some side effects such as pain in the head, vibration between the two eyes, or heavy head. See before you do any kind of meditation, you should know its basic.
  • All you get is that third eye meditation is to close the eyes and pay attention to the third eye. Which is in the middle of the forehead. And after just a few days of use, your third eye will be activated. And you become a powerful person of the world, but it is not. ((How to Unlock the Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland))
Science Of Pineal Gland (Ajna Chakra)
  • We have a third eye ie pineal gland which also considers science which is also called the sixth sense. The pineal gland is actually your third eye, which is not physical, it is a hidden possibility within you, which is subtle. If you look at a person in the same area by raiding, you will not see anything. This is your inner thing, the event is also internal. So when it is activated, see what will happen; after it is activated, you will get admission inside yourself, you will be able to know yourself.
  • See if a seeker gets admission to the tomb then assume that it is due to his third eye. Because to go into this world of samadhi, to see it, to experience it there, it is not just a matter of both eyes, the experience of your subtle body or the microcosm, all that experience is due to your third eye. Without the third eye open, you cannot even enter into true meditation. If the third eye is not active, then you cannot have an out-of-body experience.
  • You must have seen a monk who can foretell the possibilities of the future. Monk can get a precise idea of what happened in the past of anyone. This is like some time travel, all such incidents are possible only when your third eye will become active.
  • I am going to tell you about such a simple experiment. Through which you can activate your third eye as soon as possible. So to do this experiment you must know the basics. Meaning if you are using it to activate the third eye, then you should know that where is exactly your third eye?

Nasal Vision In Yoga To Open Third Eye

Nasal Vision In Yoga
  1. The experiment says that you should sit the same way you are sitting and open your eyes lightly, your eyes should not be completely tied and also should not be open completely. This is called nasal vision in yoga.
  2. That is, your eyes should be half-open, half tied, now you should try to see the front part of your nose. The tip of your nose, that is the last end, you have to see it right in the middle. If you try to look there, you will find that your eyes will not be completely tied or not completely open.
  3. Use to look for some time, if you are unable to see the middle part, then you touch it from finger to nose in the middle. Now you will be able to see it. Keep looking at him, then remove the finger. Try to see it again. You will be able to see the middle part of your nose in between. And then meditation will go astray.
  4. You keep trying it. If you continue to use it continuously, then you will know that from that part of your nose there will be seen along a straight line going from there to the middle of the forehead. See that bright line, the color of that line can be anything. Now that line ends where you have the middle of the eyes right on your forehead, that is your third eye point. That is your third eye.
  5. You may also feel pain in the middle of your eyes while doing the experiment. But no matter if it hurts, then let it happen, if you do this experiment two or three times, then you will know that your third eye is on the spot. And the energy of your attention on it is being drawn in one place. She is gathering And then the third eye starts to become active. For anything to be active, it needs energy. Therefore it is important to meditate. (How to Unlock the Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland))

How To Activate Third Eye? The Easiest Way |(How to Unlock the Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland))

How To Activate Third Eye?

Let’s make a use of it.

  1. If you sit in a comfortable place, you have to sit in Padmasana very comfortably.
  2. Remember the body is straight, your spine should be straight. The body should not be stubbornly complex or tight at all.
  3. Sit perfectly still and remember to keep your eyes closed.
  4. Now focus on your breath.
  5. Watch the breath go in and out. So feel your breath, while breathing in, you will feel cold in the nose and while exhaling you will feel warm in your nose.
  6. Because when air enters you and goes out, then the friction of this breath also arises inside your body, try to listen to that voice. When you focus on dreams, your thoughts will be destroyed. And when your thoughts are destroyed, you get the power of meditation. And you have to feel that power.
  7. You have to visualize that when you are breathing, a bright thing is going up with breath. You have to bring that energy to where your third eye is. Now you know where your third eye is, but carry the power with you. Your pineal gland will attract more power to him.
  8. In the same way, you keep meditating on your third eye where it is there. After some time you will not even realize your breath.
  9. Breathing will start getting shorter. Let it be small. Focus on your third eye. See what you see. Whatever you are experiencing, let it happen. There is no need to be surprised. If you see anything of that subtle world within you, then you do not have to stuff what you see. Let me see what you see. Let it be felt. Even if you are not experiencing anything, sit comfortably in a witnessing manner and accept it as well. Try to get lost within yourself. There should not be any desire within you, get the power of meditation, and the experiences that you get, it is a good thing. Even if you don’t get it, it’s irrelevant.
  10. If this Universe wants to give you something then you will definitely get it. And if nothing is found then the right time has not come.
How To Open Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland)?

Do this experiment for a few days to activate your third eye. This experiment is awesome. If you experience this, then you will see that within a few days you will start activating your third eye. Remember, no one should do meditation or do any meditation until your third eye is active, all are exercises for you. Entrance to meditation will happen only when your third eye is activated. All the activities done before that are exercises to go to samadhi. It is only an effort for all the experiences that occur after meditation. And one thing, you should use this Third Eye Meditation sitting in front of any proven man or Guru and should do it under his guidance. (How to Activate Your Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland))

How To Open Third Eye (Science Of Pineal Gland)?

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