Let’s see Time Management Tips For Work. It is said that behind the success of every man, there is definitely a hand of every woman. All right. But behind the success of every person, be it male or female, the biggest hand is time management. To be honest, the person who manages his time in the best way always succeeds.

And the person who does not know how to manage his time properly always fails. Office working people, students, businessmen and all those who work at home, that is, this article will prove to be very helpful to all. Read this article completely, you will get a lot of help because many important things have been told in it. (Time Management Tips For Work)

Know About Some Misconceptions (Time Management Tips For Work)

Time Management Tips For Work

To learn time management, you have to know about some misconceptions that many people have from the beginning. God has made someone fair, some has made art, some has made tall, some has made short, but time has been given to everyone for 24 hours. Every human being is a wonderful creation of God on this earth. You all think that we all have 24 hours. And this is your biggest misconception. Actually, we don’t have 24 hours. You understand this thing a little carefully. Because about 7 hours of our time goes to sleep. And about three hours is spent on all the other activities.

So it means about 10 hours of our time has passed. We have 14 hours left to move forward to be really successful. So actually time management means proper use of 14 hours. Today we are going to know many important things about time management. (Time Management Tips For Work)

Time Management Tips For Work

Time Management Tips For Work

(1) Scan You Time

  • The first rule for time management is that you have to do a ‘city scan’ of your time. Remember that a few days ago, Covid had increased a lot. And to catch him, either a city scan had to be done, or an X-ray had to be done. Meaning that to catch any major disease, you have to go inside and look. What is that disease? Where is that disease? So in the same way you have to see where the disease is on your time. That is, where are you getting less time and where are you giving more of your time. You have to make this type of timetable to manage your time. And follow it for three to four days. Be as you are. But for three to four days you write down everything.
  • You write when are you sleeping, when are you awake? And how long are you eating?, Then how long are you watching mobile? Think how long are you watching TV? how long are you studying? , How much time are you giving to the office?, Or how much time are you giving to your business? Make an account of every day and keep writing in it, don’t change anything, just keep writing in it. After three to four days you will come to know that I am giving most of my time here. And I am giving very little here and with this, you will be able to catch your disease easily, that is, which activity takes you so much time, you will be able to see, understand. (Time Management Tips For Work)

(2) Replace Your Time With Specific Goal

  • The second formula for time management is to replace your times with your specific goals. Many such people are wasting their time by making a normal goal.
  • There are two types of goals. One is the normal goal and one is the specific goal. The normal goal means that a student tells himself that he will top this time, a businessman tells himself that he will earn so many lakhs this year. But that goal will not be specific until it is made specific. So that means you have to make a specific goal. (Time Management Tips For Work)

How are specific goals made? (Time Management Tips For Work)

  • Now how are specific goals made? Understand it carefully. Now here let me take the example of a salesman. All of you will use it in your own fields.
  • Suppose there is a salesman and he has made a target that in this month I have to save 20000 rupees in any condition. Now he sells a product. He gets Rs 100 for selling that product. Now if he wants to earn 20000, and he is getting 100 rupees on one product. This means that he will have to sell the entire 200 products in a month. Now if he wants to earn Rs 20000 and is saving Rs 100 on a product. This means 20000 divided by 100 means he has to sell 200 products in that month.
  • But how many days are there in the month? thirty. But will that person work for the full thirty days? Not at all, even five days will be considered a holiday. This means he will work for 25 days. Now, this 200 is divided by 25, so it comes to eight. This means he will have to sell around 8 products every day. Only then will he be able to fulfill his aim. This is what is called a specific goal.
  • Everything is mention here. Everything is written. Now if that person sells 8 products in a day. Then he will come to know that I am going exactly according to my aim, according to the target. Suppose he sells more products. Then he will find that my target will be completed soon. If he sells less than eight products. Then he will know that I am doing wrong somewhere. My target will not be achieved.
  • So in this way you also have to make this type of specific goal in your own field in writing. Now listen carefully, next we had made a time table that how much time you give to your activity and how much time you have left with you (we saw earlier by doing x-ray of time), so the time you saved, you give that time to your specific goal. Give it. (Time Management Tips For Work)

(3) Warren Buffett Rule

  • The third formula for time management is the Warren Buffett rule. What does this Warren Buffett Rule say? Understand carefully, you have to make three lines on a page. In the first line to write ‘compulsory work’, in the second line to write ‘Not compulsory but important work’, and in the third line to write ‘Not compulsory Not important work’.
  • In the first line, you have to write those tasks which are ‘very compulsory’, without which work will not work. If you are a student then studying is compulsory for you. You have to finish this chapter. If you are a salesman then you have to sell this product, it is compulsory for you. Write such things here.
  • In the second line, you have to write ‘Not Compulsory But Important’. Now think and see that brushing is not compulsory but it is important, bathing is not compulsory for you but it is important. To write such things in the column ‘Compulsory and Important’.
  • And in the third column, write ‘Not Compulsory Not Important’. Just like operating a phone is not so important for you, watching TV is not so important for you. Write the list of such tasks at number three.
  • So give the first time of the day to ‘compulsory works’. If they run out, give the second number to the work ‘Not Compulsory but Important’. And if there is some time left in the day, then you give that time to ‘Not Compulsory Not Important’.
  • Now let’s understand it with a small example. There was a woman who was married and had a great interest in playing the violin. And she knew that I could do better in this. But first, she used to do all the household chores throughout her day, and then later she learned to play the violin in the little time she had left. Now a lot of time has passed like this but she was not getting satisfaction in his mind. Because she was not able to play properly, she was not able to learn properly. But then she followed the Warren Buffett Rule.
  • Now she kept playing the violin first in the compulsory work. First of all, as soon as she wakes up in the morning she will play the violin, only then she will do all the work. She did the same. She played the violin first. After that, she does all work. And gradually it started improving. And after that, she became very successful. (Time Management Tips For Work)

(4) Pareto’s 20/80 formula

running man
  • The fourth rule of time management is Pareto’s 20/80 formula. This is very important, understand it carefully. You will have a lot of work to do in a day but out of this 20% will be such work which will give you 80% result. And 80% will be such work which will give you only and only 20% result.
  • What mistake do so many people make now? Many people are engaged in these 80% work which is giving only and only 20% result, whereas they never do those 20% work which can give them 80% result.
  • You people first think in the same way that first in the day you do easy work first, after that whatever tough work is left, you will do it later. In this cycle, you are never able to do those things. Because of this, you are not able to get 80% of the day. And you tell yourself that I did a lot of work but I could not get the result. Because you are not doing that most 20% important work.

(5) Purchase your time

  • The fifth formula of time management is to learn to buy your time. Yes, time can also be bought. How to buy Will understand Suppose a person has to make a reservation. Now there will be a person who will go to the railway station. There will be a line there for hours and after that, you will come home after getting your reservation done. But there will be another person who will make the reservation online and save your entire time of two to three hours. Now, what is the point of buying time here?
  • The first person will think that I will go to the station and I will save five to ten rupees and he wasted his whole time in the pursuit of saving five to ten rupees but the second person thought that in this time I will earn more money by doing more work. Five ten rupees will go away, it will not make any difference.
  • You all must have noticed that whenever a man and a woman go shopping, the man buys his goods very quickly, but the woman takes too long to buy any item. That’s because she bargains a lot. She thinks that I will buy these things. That woman tells her husband very proudly that look, I have saved 200 rupees today. But the husband keeps thinking in his mind that you wasted my three hours. In these three hours, I would have earned one thousand rupees, which means that eight rupees have been lost even then.
  • So you can buy your time in this way. Don’t waste your eight hundred rupees in the pursuit of saving two hundred rupees. Buy your time

(6) Gravitational law of wasting time

Time Management Tips For Work
  • The next formula is very important and that is the gravitational law of wasting time. Whenever you sit to work, you must have noticed one thing that as soon as you sit down to do some important work, your brother-in-law calls you, your mother calls you, or a friend’s call comes. This is called the gravitational law of wasting time.
  • As soon as you start doing any important work, many people are attracted towards you to disturb you. And you also get disturbed by getting caught in this cycle. You have to keep these people away from you. How to do it? Listen to the example.

Story Of Henry Ford

  • Henry Ford used to have a lot of important work from someone in his office, so he did not call that person to his office, but he himself used to stand up and go to that person’s office. He used to do this because if a person comes to his office, then when he will go is up to him, so if he himself goes to someone’s office, then when he has to leave himself is up to him.
  • A person came to meet such a great scientist. Sit for some time and started asking them that you must have many people coming to meet you, then how do you manage them? How do you spend so much time? Will your time be wasted? So that scientist replied to that person that whenever my servant feels that someone is wasting my time, then he makes a loud voice to me that your wife is calling you inside for some very important work. I get up and go inside. And as soon as the scientist said that thing to that person, in fact, the voice of that servant came from there that the master, your wife is calling you inside for some important work. And that person understood everything. So you also have to stay away from such people who waste your time, spoil that time.

(7) Delegating one’s work to others

  • The seventh sutra of time management is to assign your work to others.Any great person becomes great only when he learns to assign his work to others because not every person can do everything himself. The thinking of a normal person is that he should do everything himself because he feels that no one can do this work better than me.
  • Do you think that Dhirubhai Ambani earns so much money, then he must have kept counting his money sitting all day, not at all he must have kept a lot of people to count money. He will give his time to important works. Similarly, you also learn to delegate your tasks to another person.

(8) Draw Conclusions (Time Management Tips For Work)

  • And the eighth most important formula of time management is to generate results. If you are giving your time to some work and it does not produce results, then that time is considered a complete waste.

Story Of Thomas Alva Edison

  • Thomas Alva Edison devoted a lot of his time to make the bulb. He gave a lot of time in his life but after that, he finally got the result. That is why today we all remember that person.
  • But at the same time there will be many scientists who will be working in making bulbs, they also spent a lot of time in making bulbs but they could not get the result, so we do not remember them at all.
  • Even at home, if a woman takes three to four hours to cook food, it will not make any difference as long as the result is not right. If the right result is not found, then there is no point in cooking for three to four hours.
  • The most important thing over time is the ‘result’. And If you have given time to some work but you have not got any result from it, it means that time is wasted. If you have taken some important lessons from this, then it is good.

If you follow all these formulas then you can save a lot of your time. And you too can be successful.

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