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Today we will know about Tiryak Tadasana. So Let’s see Tiryaka Tadasana How To Do? Benefits, And More. Tiryaka tadasana is also known as Swaying Palm Tree Pose. Tiryaka means crooked or twisted. First, you will come to Tadasana, after that you will bend the body to the right or left side. To practice this, stand in your place. And for the practice of asana, choose such an environment or place which is calm.

Tiryaka Tadasana How To Do?

Tiryaka Tadasana How To Do? Benefits, And More

(1) Stand in your place for its practice.

(2) Join both feet.

(3) Keep the back and neck straight.

(4) The fingers of the hand will be intertwined i.e. mix them together.

(5) Now the elbows should be straight as you pull the hands down.

(6) Taking a long breath, take the hands up from the front.

(7) Both the hands should be joined together and keep breathing as the hands go up.

(8) Now when both the hands reach the head, then leave the breath out.

(9) Now both the hands have to be kept connected above the head and now take a long breath again.

(10) Now while exhaling, bend the body down on the right side and keep in mind that the elbows should remain straight.

(11) As long as the body is held down on the right side, then in this situation either the breath can be stopped or else the ideal position will continue to breathe normally in the posture.

(12) Now while inhaling, become straight.

(13) Fill the breath again, while exhaling, go down on your left side while exhaling, that is, you will bend the body to the left, keep in mind that the fingers of both the hands should be connected together. The elbow should remain straight. Now while breathing back, straighten up.

(14) Now while exhaling, hands down from the side

Know More About Tiryaka Tadasana

Tiryaka Tadasana How To Do? Benefits, And More

(1) The practice of Tiryak Tadasana can be done two to five times from two sides.

(2) And keep the body still for ten to thirty seconds each time.

(3) By its practice, the body is motivated and prepared to do triangle posture and angle posture.

(4) In its practice, you will experience the whole stretch from the palms to the arms, elbows, wrists, shoulders, waist, and lower thighs, in which part you will feel the whole stretch of the body on the other side, from the palms up to the thighs.


Tiryaka Tadasana How To Do? Benefits, And More

(1) Now if we talk about the benefits, its practice produces a very good stretch on all these muscles like fingers, wrists, palms, elbows, arms, shoulders, waist, thighs. Due to which this part becomes flexible. The circulation of energy, circulation of blood is done well. And this muscle becomes strong.

(2) Its practice is especially beneficial for the growth of children’s height and for physical development.

(3) It has a positive effect on the nervous system. And for the heart, this exercise is also beneficial for the lungs, it produces a complete stretch around the heart arteries and this exercise is especially beneficial for the lungs.

Precaution Of The Swaying Palm Tree Pose

As a precaution, take so much care that if there is any serious disease related to breathing, related to stomach, and related to heart, do not practice it or practice it only after consulting a doctor.

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