Today we will know Valentine Day How To Celebrate? History Significance. Everybody celebrates this day. Let us know today why Valentine’s Day is celebrated and what is the history of Valentine’s Day? (Valentine’s Day How To Celebrate? History Significance)


Valentine Day How To Celebrate? History Significance

It is believed that Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine’s Day.

According to which Rome was ruled by Emperor Claudius in the third century. According to him, the intelligence and power of men are reduced by marrying. At that time, Rome was ruled by Claudius. The one who wished to become a powerful emperor. For which he had to build a huge army but he saw that those people of Rome who have a family who have a wife and children. So they do not want to join the army. Then that emperor created a rule. According to which he put a bend on future marriages. Nobody liked this thing but no one was able to say this in front of the Emperor.

Valentine did not like this. One day a couple came who expressed their desire for marriage. Then Valentine got her married in a quiet room. But that emperor came to know. And he imprisons Valentine and is sentenced to death. When Valentine was in jail, everyone used to come to meet him and gave him roses and gifts.

They all wanted to tell that they all believe in love. But that Emperor gave the sentence of death, that day was 14 February 269 A.D. Before he died, Valentine wrote a letter which was in the name of lovers.  And pleads to keep love alive, so from that day till today, 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day in memory of Valentine. 

It is also said that 

Valentine Day How To Celebrate? History Significance

Actually, Rome used to have a king in the third century. king was named Claudius. He used to believe that by marrying the power and wisdom of a man is destroyed. That is why he issued a decree in the entire state that from today onwards no soldier or officer will marry. 

But Saint Valentine also strongly opposed this decree. Saint Valentine started making the people of the entire state aware to get married. Saint Valentine arranged many soldiers and officers too and get them married. When Claudius came to know of the protest by Saint Valentine, he issued a decree capturing Saint Valentine. 

Valentine Day How To Celebrate? History Significance

The dungeon in which Saint Valentine was taken captive. The jailor of that jail told him about his blind daughter. And asked Valentine to do her good. Saint Valentine prayed to God and after that, the girl was cured. When the girl started looking, she went to the dungeon to meet Saint Valentine. There they both fell in love with each other at first sight. . Saint Valentine refused to oppose the marriage.

After this, King Claudius ordered Saint Valentine to be hanged. As soon as he heard the execution, Saint Valentine wrote a love letter to his girlfriend. And written below it, from your valentine.  

The king hanged Saint Valentine on 14 February 299. And since then people have started celebrating Valentine’s Day in his memory. Even today, if a lover or girlfriend writes letters on Valentine’s day, then they write ‘From your Valentine’ below.

Valentine Day Importance 

history of 14 February
  • By the way, love is never expressed by seeing time or auspicious time. Love is known without speaking. 
  • Love is a sea of feelings in which even a storm does not harm anyone. This love feeling is celebrated as the festival of love. Then that day becomes a memorable day. Valentine’s Day is such a unique festival, it is celebrated in a unique way
  • Everyone has taken time out for their love on Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day began in America in memory of Saint Valentine. This day was first celebrated in America, then it started celebrating in England.
Significance of 14 february
  • In China, it is known as ‘Nights of Seven’ in Japan and Korea as White Day. The whole month of February is considered to be the month of love. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in India started around 1992, after which its trend started here as well.
  • Although there are different views about Saint Valentine in the historical context
  • In 1969, the Catholic Church confirmed a total of eleven saints valentines and on February 14, celebrated the feast in their honor.
  • The most important of these valentines are considered Saint Valentine of Rome. In the same book called ‘Oria of Jacob’s de Vorajin’, compiled in 1260, Saint Valentine is also mentioned.

Valentine Day Celebration

love day

– On Valentine’s day everyone has taken time out for their love and expresses their love. Celebrate the most beautiful gift of life from the precious time given to you by God. 

– All make a new plan for this day. And Valentine’s Day is celebrated not only on one day but also on a full week. 

– The festival of Valentine runs from 7 February to 14 February. And every single day is given a special name.

rose day
  • February 7 is called Rose Day. On this day, we gift a rose to someone we love.  Every rose says something like white rose says I am sorry. Yellow rose says you are my best friend. Pink rose says I like you. And the most powerful red rose says I love you. 
  • February 8 is called Propose Day.  In which whoever loves from the heart. Proposes it. Whose style is different which he plans himself. 
  • The day of 9 February is called Chocolate Day. We give chocolate to someone we love. In this way, all the sweetness is shared. 
  • February 10 is called Teddy Bear Day. On this day, lovers give gifts to each other, in which they all bring gifts for their best one. 
  • February 11 is called Promise Day. On this day, everyone promises to play their love together. All the towns promise to fulfill the promise by remembering it. 

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hug day
  • February 12 is called Kiss Day. On this day everyone spends time with each other. Makes every moment memorable. By remembering the previous things, they become each other in every way. 
  • February 13 is called Hug Day. On this day, couples live together and share their feelings. Giving each other a warm hug gives them a sense of being with each other. Which will keep them tied to each other in difficult times.
  • February 14 is the final day called Valentine’s Day. On this day all the lovers spend the whole day with each other and Celebrate together. In this way every year, every person spends time with their life partner, their best friend, their family. 
14 February

Love is not an affront to time, but love is hidden somewhere in today’s race. And in this way, while paying homage to Priest Valentine, all the people spend some time with their loved ones and add them to their memories.

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