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An article has already been written about Virabhadrasana 1 i.e. warrior 1. And today we will discuss Warrior 2 i.e. Virabhadrasana 2.

How To Do Warrior 2 ?

Warrior 2 | How To Do? Benefits, And More

(1) Stand in your place for Warrior 2’s practice.

(2) Give a little more distance than the shoulders in both your feet. As far as you can easily give.

(3) Keep the back, neck straight, take both your hands on the shoulders of the shoulders.

(4) Now we will turn our right paw out to the right.

(5) Bend the right knee.

(6) And take the neck to the right.

(7) Keep the body stable.

(8) Left knee should be absolutely straight.

(9) Straighten the neck.

(10) Straighten the knee.

(11) Straighten the paws.

yoga Pose

(12) Now we will turn our left paw to the left.

(13) Bend the left knee.

(14) And the neck to the left.

(15) Keep the right knee straight.

(16) The neck is straight.

(17) Knee straight.

(18) Paw straight.

(19) Hands down.

(20) and Generally, will come back to normal position.

Know More About Warrior 2

Virabhadrasana 2
1NameWarrior 2, Virabhadrasana 2, Virabhadrasana,, Warrior II Pose
2Type Of PoseStanding
3StretchesThorax, Leg, Shoulder, Ankle,Lung
4Preparatory PosesTriangle Pose, Tree Pose
5Follo Up PosesTriangle Pose, Tree Pose, Crane Pose

(1) Generally, In the practice of Virabhadrasana, the movement of the breath will continue normally.

(2) It can be practiced on both sides two to four times.

(3) And in general, the body can be kept still for 15 to 45 or 50 seconds.

(4) Before its practice, practice Tadasana and after its practice, practice tree posture.

(5) If practice is done in this sequence, then it is a more beneficial practice.

(6) Generally, And the asana should be done only on an empty stomach. And after getting fresh in the morning, practice the asana. Or if you have an empty stomach in the evening, then you can practice the asana.


Virabhadrasana 2

(1) If we talk about the benefits, almost most of the muscles of the body are stretched, due to which the blood circulation in the body can be done properly.
is. Moreover, And the energy conducts well.

(2) Along with this, stability also comes in the body.

(3) Its practice is also beneficial for physical and mental stability.

(4) Particularly on the calves, on the thigh muscles, buttocks, waist, shoulders, arms, and chest, these muscles are stretched. Due to which this organ becomes strong. In addition, Makes beautiful. Becomes strong. Moreover, And the circulation of blood gets done well in them.

(5) Moreover, It also has a positive effect on the nervous system.

(6) Its stretch is generated for the heart, lungs, and stomach and also on the front part of the body, due to which these organs also become flexible, healthy, and strong.

(7) Generally, There is an increase in the amount of oxygen to fill the air in the lungs.

(8) Generally, the circulation of blood in the blood vessels around the heart is well done.


In addition, As a precaution, take so much care that it should not be practiced if there is any serious disease related to the back and knees.

Before doing any asana practice, please consult a doctor.

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