WHAT ARE A FEW BITTER TRUTHS OF LIFE? ….. WHAT ARE A FEW BITTER TRUTHS OF LIFE? …..If you want to learn more, you’ve reached the perfect spot!! 

Today I am going to tell you all such bitter truths of life which everyone knows but no one is ready to accept. It will sound very bitter to hear but it will be very important for everyone’s life.

Bitter Truths Of Life

What Are A Few Bitter Truths Of Life?
  • In the procession, the groom is always behind and the whole procession goes ahead. And when someone’s funeral takes place, the person goes ahead and all the people walk behind. It means to say that when you are happy then people walk ahead of you. But when you are in pain, all the people fall behind.
  • If we had done as much search as we all to find mobile, if we had done to find a true, good leader, then today our country would have been far ahead.
  • Poor person is poor because he spends all his money to show himself as rich. But the rich person is rich because he spends all the money to make himself rich.
What Are A Few Bitter Truths Of Life?
  • Billgates never says that he is the richest man in the world, because he is and people know this. You must have seen some people who keep counting their things to make themselves look rich.
  • Remember that only as long as you are useful, people will recognize you, because after the lamp is lit, the match stick is thrown away.
  • No matter how close a person is to you, he will only like your success until you overtake him.
  • The whole world knows that no person has become fair by applying the cream to be fair, but even after that we apply that cream in false hope. And make the false people rich.
  • No one in the blood bank asks whether this blood is of Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh. It seems that all humanity is seen there.
What Are A Few Bitter Truths Of Life?
  • No girl wants to marry a struggling boy, but when the same boy struggles and moves ahead, achieves a position, then tries to go to him.
  • Until a son becomes a father himself, he finds any decision taken by his father wrong.
  • Wife is the cheapest laborer in the world because throughout her life she is kept under the illusion that she is the owner of this house.
  • Our eyes can see the whole world, but when something goes inside that eye, it cannot be seen. In the same way, a person sees mistakes in the whole world, but what is wrong inside himself, he does not see that.
  • Mistakes are made only by the one who works, the life of the useless goes out in finding the evil of others.
  • When a person does a good deed, then the whole world remains silent, but when he makes a mistake, then the dumb ones also speak.
  • When both of these arrogance and stomach increase, then a person cannot hug anyone even if he wants.
  • The copy which has the responsibility of handling all the subjects, in the end it becomes the rough copy. The same is the case with the responsible person in the family as well.
  • Whatever you do in life, do it on your own because the parrot tries to speak the dialect of others, so it remains in the cage. And the eagle flies its own flight, so it has the power to fly in the sky.
  • The Gita and the Quran never quarrel, and those who quarrel for them have never read them.
  • Money is like salt, which is necessaryelp, but if it is excessive, it spoils the taste of life.
  • There is a strange power in this speech. Even the honey of those who speak bitter is not sold and the chillies of those who speak sweet are also sold.
  • No one is sympathetic to anyone in this world, keeping the corpse in the crematorium, its own people ask how much more time it will take.
  • The most true wines in the world are spoken in places where people have cups of wine in their hands. And most of the lies in the world are spoken in the courts where the Gita and Quran are in the hands of the people, but it is bitter but true.
  • Some things are true but they are bitter.
  • People show amazing unity in bringing down a living person, and in a crematorium for a slain person.
  • Life should not be made an open book, because people enjoy tearing pages rather than reading.
  • The man who hears the condemnation wins over the whole world.
  • When a reasonable person decides to end a relationship, it is because his self-esteem has been harmed in some way.
  • Success comes not from the lines of the hands but from the sweat of the forehead.
  • Learn to believe, the whole world does doubt.
  • Life doesn’t do favors when it gives, and doesn’t care when it takes.
  • One should always give up that happiness which causes one’s misery.
What Are A Few Bitter Truths Of Life?
  • One who gives respect to others is actually respected because a person is able to give to others what he has.
  • Some things are not understood when they are understood, they are understood only after passing on themselves.
  • If there is someone to stop you in life, then do him a favor, because the gardens that do not have gardeners, those gardens get destroyed soon.
  • Hold someone’s hand in their bad times, be a support, give them courage because their bad times will go away in a few days, but that blessing will continue to give you life.
  • Paths are definitely found by the advice of someone, but the destination is found only by one’s own hard work.
  • The world of dreams is very different from reality, there is a lot to be seen but nothing is achieved.
  • Even if people are good, then maintain the distance, because nowadays even poison has started getting sweet.
  • Everyone gets time not to change life, but life is not available again to change time.
  • A name is not made in a day, but if you are determined, then a day is definitely made. (What Are A Few Bitter Truths Of Life?)
  • When you focus on the problems, then seeing the goal will be bound. But when you focus on the goal, then seeing the problems will be bound. (What Are A Few Bitter Truths Of Life?)

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