According to the Vedic culture, 16 sanskaras are performed from the birth of the Jatakas to the posthumous, and these sanskaras are considered to be an important sanskara. According to the Scriptures, human beings are considered incomplete without marriage. The Indian marriage tradition believes that this husband is a relationship between the wife, who has to go ahead with her husband’s wife in every circumstance. Let’s see about Seven Steps of Hindu Marriage.

Seven Steps of Marriage

In the presence of Pandit, with the pronunciation of mantras, with fire, two persons are tied up in a sacred bond with the body, mind, and soul as a witness to the earth star. During marriages in Hindus, you often see that the bride takes turns circling around the fire and the brides are bound by seven words from each other in seven turns. Seven Steps of Hindu Marriage

Seven Steps of Hindu Marriage with meaning

  1. The first vow is about to fulfill Basic Need:
    • A Virgo tells her husband that if you ever go to a pilgrimage, take me with you. If you do the work of a fast, fasting, and other religion, like today, include me in that work, if you accept it, I accept you. It is considered mandatory to have a wife with a husband for the completion of any kind of religious work. The wife’s participation and importance in religious works through this weight have been clarified by the wife.
  2. The second step is about Family :
    • Virgo asks for another word from her husband, just as you respect your parents, so respect my parents also.
    • and according to the modesty of the family, While doing a ritual. If you remain a devotee of god, then I accept you.
    • Here, this word gives an impression of the vision of a Virgo. In view of the above word, the husband must consider his in-laws for good behavior.
  3. The third step about Prosperity:
    • In the third word, the Girl says, “You promise me that you will continue to follow me in the three conditions of life in youth, adulthood, old age, so I accept you in that husband’s form.”
  4. The fourth vow is about Living Life to the Fullest:
    • Virgo Fourth Word believes that so far you were completely free from the anxiety of the home family, now that you are going to tie the marriage bond, the responsibility of meeting all the needs of the family in the future is on your shoulders.
    •  If you take the process of bearing this responsibility, I accept you in a husband’s form.
    • In this word, Virgo attracts attention to her responsibility in the future. It has also been clarified by this word that the son should marry only when he stands on his feet. Started earning enough money.
  5. The fifth step is about sharing happiness and sorrows:
    • What a Virgo says in this word is of utmost importance in today’s time. She says that if you take my consultations while spending for transactions or anything else in your household chores, I accept you in a husband’s form.
    • This word completely underlines the rights of the wife. Now, if a wife is consulted before doing any program, It increases the dignity of the wife, as well as the satisfaction of her rights.
  6. The sixth step is that respects and love :
    • Virgo says that if I am sitting among my friends or other women, you will not insult me for any reason before all. If you keep yourself away from gambling or any other kind of abuse, I accept you in a husband’s form.
  7. In seven-step, we are two body but one soul :
    • As the last word, Virgo demands that you consider strangers as mothers and that the husband will not make anyone else a partner between the love of the wife. If you give me this word, I accept you in a husband’s form.
    • Through this word, Virgo tries to keep her future safe.
 Marriage Sanskaras
  • Each step has a word that the husband promises to stay with the wife throughout his life.
  • Marriage is a coalition that binds not just two people, but two families with each other.
  • The bride leaves the parents ‘ house and goes to her in-laws, who understands her home after marriage and plays a lot of duties towards them. For the same, the bride has responsibilities towards the husband’s family.
  • Similarly, the husband has a lot of responsibility towards his wife and his family.
  • To fulfill these responsibilities. And the wife seeks seven words before the Holy Fire during the ritual Saptapadi to be celebrated during the marriage.
  • After accepting seven words, the bride accepts the husband. Every religion and culture has different pledges that have the same purpose to keep this relationship strong.
  • Seven Steps of Hindu Marriage connect both with promise.
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