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This human being resides in the body, part of the divine which is called the soul. When a part of God resides in the body by becoming a soul, then a human being is alive. A human being uses a chariot like a soul to use the name of the body.

What is a Soul?

What is a soul
  • Through the body, the body consumes pleasure and sorrow.
  • But the soul is not the body, the body can be destroyed but the soul cannot be destroyed.
  • The soul is immortal even while in the body.
  • The soul is immovable, it is stable, it is omnipresent, it is eternal.
  • A person renounces his old clothes and wears a new cloth just like a soul abandons an old body and wears a new body.
  • The person who searches within himself has no senses, nobody, no feelings, no thoughts, whatever he perceives, he recognizes himself as a soul.
  • A soul surrounded by things becomes oblivious that it is a part of God.
  • Most humans consider themselves to be bodies, they are different from bodies, they do not know.
  • Knowing the joy and sadness that the body experiences, they do not even try to change. The downfall of that man is certain, who human beings do not try to change and do not do true work.
  • The soul is power. You can call it realization. Whenever you experience your being, then understand that it is the soul.
  • This feeling of being is not only found in humans but also in every living animal.
  • Is found everywhere. It is an invisible force that keeps the functioning of the whole body alive.
  • Spirit means soul, emotion, or enthusiasm. 

Lord Krishna In the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita

Lord Krishna
  • In the Bhagavad Geeta, it is said that the soul remains alive even after the death of a human being. 
  • Those who consider this soul to be a killer and those who believe it to be dead, both of them do not know because this spirit does not actually kill anyone nor is killed by anyone.
  • This soul is neither born nor dies in any period, nor is it going to be born again and again because it is unborn, eternal, truth and ancient, it is not killed even when the body is killed.
  • Hey Arjun! The man who knows this spirit as eternal, continual, unborn, and truth, he knows that no one can kill the spirit.
  • Just as a man renounces old clothes and takes on other new clothes, similarly the person renounces the old body and receives other new bodies.
  • Any weapon can not cut this soul. fire can not burn the soul. and water can not soak it and air can not dry it.
  • Because this spirit is Impermeable, this spirit is inedible, Unknowable, and undoubtedly imperishable. and this spirit is omnipresent and eternal.

This Spirit is Indestructible and This Soul is Free.

  • and then lord Krishna said Arjun! Knowing this spirit as above, you should not grieve, that is, it is not right to grieve you.
  • But if you consider this spirit to be born forever and to die forever, then also, O Arjun! You are not worthy to grieve like this
  • Because according to this belief, the death of the born is certain and the birth of the dead is certain. Also, you should not grieve in this 
  • Hey Arjun! All beings were invincible before birth and are going to be undiscovered even after death, only appear in the middle, then what to grieve in such a situation?
  • Only one great man looks at this spirit as a wonder and in the same way, another great man describes its element as a wonder and another great man only listens to it as a surprise and some can not understand after even hear it.
  • Hey Arjun! This spirit is always in its body and it is immortal (which cannot be killed). Because of this, you should not grieve for all beings
  • The non-existent object has no power and there is no lack of truth
  • Know the spirit which is indestructible, from which this whole world is pervaded. No one is capable of destroying this indestructible
  • All these bodies of this human being are perishable. And perpetually living souls are said to be indestructible.

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