WHAT IS AN AURA? HOW CAN YOU SEE YOURS?….. WHAT IS AN AURA? HOW CAN YOU SEE YOURS?…. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE, THEN IT IS THE RIGHT PLACE!! There is an Aura around everything. With the Aura, you can attract anyone to you.

The Science Of Human Energy

The Science Of Human Energy

Everything in the world has an energy field around it which no ordinary person can see with their eyes. Whether it is a living thing or an inanimate thing, everything has a layer of aura around it. Scientific proof is that everything in the world is truly energy. Meaning that you are holding a mobile in your hands, it is not solid, it is actually energy that is in solid form. Not only things but the whole world are energy. The whole entire existence is energy.

If you disburse Aura in scientific terms, then it is an electromagnetic field that is around the human which is also known as a human energy field. Aura is not visible with eyes, but every person reads another person’s aura, not consensually, but subconsciously means your aura reads you in your subconscious mind, and that too automatically. That is why you look at any person and you get to know that how he is a human being. And seeing you, the other people get to know that how are you. Aura actually represents your physical, mental, and emotional conditions. So let’s see what is an aura? How can you see yours?

Nicholas Tesla, The Greatest Scientist Of The Century, Said

Nicholas Tesla, the greatest scientist of the century, said

Even in Asian Egypt, there was a belief that everything in the world is energy. Nicholas Tesla, the greatest scientist of the century, said if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations. And the secret of Aura is still concealed in this energy. Like I said Aura represents your physical, mental, and emotional condition. You do not see a person till today, you are seeing him for the first time, yet he feels attracted to you. Or is it because your Aura matches that other person’s aura. His energy matches your level with that other person, so there is a resonance in your middle. And you start getting attracted to each other.

What Is Spiritual Science Of Attraction? Understand Attraction

What is Spiritual Science of Attraction? Understand Attraction
  • You are attracted to the people of Ora with the same energy as your Ora, and on the other side, people of Ora with the same energy level are attracted towards you.
  • There are so many people in the world, why are you attracted to only some of them? Out of so many options, why do you like that one option? Have you ever thought? The answer is Aura.
  • The film star befriends the film star and a common man befriends another common man.
  • Always remember that Aura shows your physical, emotional, and mental condition. So what do you want a good image or a bad image? When other people see you, then you become a good image in their subconscious mind. And if you have more Aura, then it will start happening automatically.
  • All the desperate people who are depressed, in this world, all the Aura is very low and the more cheerful people are in this world, the more their Aura is more. That is why they look attractive.
  • Why are the elderly and all the people told you the same thing, again and again, that think positively? Because Positive thinking only will make your ora glow even more.
  • Positive thinking is so powerful because positive thinking does not do anything magical, but it makes energy in you and glows an aura that makes a difference.
What Does Aura Mean? Spiritual Energy Of Body
  • Others start giving you more respect. They may have no idea why they are treating you so well. Because they will feel that because their fragile sensational mind detects more and more what you have become because of your positive thinking when I tell you to be happy always, then it does not mean to just be happy outside and not from inside like I said that Aura recognizes your inner feeling. In a way, you can say that what is written above the aura is how you are feeling from the inside. From the top up, anyone will do a drama and will show laughing but it will not make any difference to Aura.
  • Magical things happen when you start being happy inside. The aura changes and it starts to glow. You tell me that a person who is scared from inside, is sad from the inside, you would like to be with him, no. So the same applies to other human beings as well. It means if you want to be attractive. So applying cream, spaying the hair will only do 10% work. The rest 99% will be from your internal energy. Some people wear simple clothes, yet they seem very attractive because their aura is more strong.
  • That is why sadness, sadness, remove such things from your life and if you want to experience something good in your life, then remove sadness because if you keep all these negative things in your heart and mind, you will never be able to reach the top level in life.
  • Even if your Aura is less then you do not need to take tension because Aura is never static.

Aura OF True Saints In The World

Aura OF True Saints In The World
  • Aura always keeps changing. According to your condition, that is, how are your thoughts and emotional condition? According to that, Aura gets molded. Ora becomes like this. Remember the last time when you were very happy, your time had increased automatically. And remember when you were very sad, that Aura was down. And this fact is that all the wrong or dirty things in the world, which also have a negative effect on your Aura in a very strong way. Therefore, any habit that makes you feel guilt. So leave it today.
  • All the true saints in the world, their Aura are spread far and wide. And for the ordinary people, their ora is only slightly away from their skin.

What Is The Scientific Proof Of Aura?

what is the scientific proof of Aura?

The question that will surely come to your mind is what is the scientific proof of Aura?

  • You must have heard the word Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography is a technique for real-world photography. People’s Aura can be captured literally with that technique. If you take your hand photo from Kirlian photography, it will look something like this. The colored layer you see in it is Aura.
  • Today’s science has not even discovered 1% of what actually exists in the world. Aura has been detected through Kirlian photography. But still date, it could not be understood in a complete way.
  • In a picture of Lord Buddha, you must have seen a circle (round) picture on the back of the forehead, which is present around his forehead. This is nothing else but Aura.

Can I See Aura? How?

Can I See Aura? How?
  • A person’s glory is his Aura. Most people do not believe Aura until he can see it with his own eyes. So the most interesting question that will be coming to your mind after listening to this fact is that can I see Ora?
  • So the answer is, you can see it at all.
  • For that, you have to increase your senses.
  • Once you see Aura with your eyes, then you will not have to rely on my or any other person’s talk.
  • You will know yourself but it is a bit difficult, senses will increase when you make your Aura stronger. Meaning, meditation positive thinking, good thoughts, you will follow all these things only then your Aura will increase.
  • If the Aura increases, then the senses will increase and the senses will increase, then in a short time you will be able to feel the Aura of others and even see it.
  • Because as much as Aura increases, the distance between you and your subconscious mind decreases. Access the subconscious mind more thoroughly.
  • It is scientifically proven that every human brain has a pineal gland and it is at this place of the brain. And to detect Aura, you have to wake up the pineal gland of your brain. This is the gland that connects you with your subconscious mind on a very deep level.
  • So until your pineal gland will not open, you will not know Aura or any other spiritual thing and will not be able to see more.
  • And to open the pineal gland, you have to increase the level of your consciousness. In the normal way, you can only see a glimpse of Aura.

Experiment Of Aura | What Is An Aura? How Can You See Yours?

Experiment Of Aura
  • You see this image, it has a blue dot and a red dot, there is a black dot in the middle.
  • You have to focus on the black dot. After a while, you will be able to see the aura on both the red and blue circles on the side.
  • Remember you do not have to remove focus from the black dot. Red and blue circles are not to be seen. You only have to look at the black dot.
  • You will feel like removing the focus from the black dot, even if you still look at the black dot anyway.
  • Keep an eye on the black dot only. It is strictly forbidden to ignore the black dot.
  • Ready, keep looking at the black dot, keep looking at the black dot, keep looking at the black dot, focus on the black dot, focus on the black dot, keep looking at the black dot, keep watching, keep watching, keep watching, still watching Don’t look anywhere and keep looking at the black dot.
  • But even if you look at the black dot, you will be able to feel an energy field around the two side circles. Keep looking at the black dot Kohi, but even looking at the black dot, you will see Aura around the adjacent circle. This was just a glimpse.

Want To See The Real Aura So You Have To Follow These Steps

But actually, you have to see the Aura of a person, you have to see the real Aura. So you have to follow these steps.

Want To See The Real Aura So You Have To Follow These Steps
  • 1. Positive Thinking.
    • Positive Thinking has many advantages. First of all, it increases your positive thinking and your Ora, so that you become more attracted. But that is just a bonus, the main factor is that positive thinking takes your consciousness further. As I told you that there are many levels in the brain. Such as conscious mind, subconscious mind, superconscious mind, collective conscious mind, and cosmic consciousness the last.
    • Most people, due to their negative thoughts, stress, tension, all these things are never able to go above the conscious mind or subconscious mind.
    • I told that the Ora of saints is very far and wide. This is because they are very much up to the level in consciences.
    • Positive Thinking refreshes your mind. So that your mind can climb to the upper level. Prepares for that. It is said that a negative person can never move forward. An arrogant human being can never move forward. This is because bad thinking and bad deeds bring a human being to a lower level.
  • 2. Don’t get entertained by what is not entertaining you truly
    • This means that if you do some work in compulsion or that work which you do not like, then it brings you the level of conscience. Drops below. Do not do any work that does not like your heart, mind, soul. That’s why every successful person is saying that do whatever you feel like doing. Do what you like and do what is right. Follow your Passion.
Want To See The Real Aura So You Have To Follow These Steps
  • 3. The third way is meditation
    • You will take years of practice in meditation.
  • 4. Listen to Binaural Music
    • But if you want to see Aura, the best way to elevate your conscience is to listen to Binaural Music. This music calms your mind. And takes you to higher levels. But the condition is that you have to listen to it for at least ten minutes daily.
    • Within a few days, you will see your senses growing. If you have to increase your Aura, you have to be attracted and boost your spiritual energy, then you can listen to it, listen to just ten minutes daily, it will be very much for you.
    • If you want to increase your intelligence and sharpen your mind, then you can listen to music with intelligence and memory. Listen for a few days, the way these bits work, you will be shocked by seeing the results.

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