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It is not devotion to bow one’s head in front of God or only before any idol. Head bowing is a physical act. Along with the head, your ego, your mind should be bowed down and the most important thing is to have a pure mind, a pure heart, compassion towards each and every living being of the entire creation, forgiveness all this comes under devotion. If the vast path of Bhakti Yoga is to be tied in the form of one word, then that word is surrender.

What Is Bhakti Yoga - The Best Way To Reach God


  • And to understand the word surrender, we have to understand one more word, that word is prayer. We all use the word prayer in our lives and almost every person prays daily in his life. But wrong or strange meaning has been given to prayer for one’s own selfishness. Our prayers are completely filled with demand. We understand the meaning of prayer to ask before God i.e. to ask for the fulfillment of our wishes, to remove our worries.
  • When people go to the temple or any religious place, or wherever they pray in front of the idol of God, they ask for something, such as wealth, happiness, peace, honor, respect, position, prestige, everything. But this is not a prayer, the real form of prayer is giving. But we have made prayer to demand(ask). All our prayers are completely filled with wishes.
  • But the original and real form of prayer is giving. Give your love to the Lord. Thank you for every breath. Give thanks for this life. 
  • So to thank God for the beautiful life he has given us, dedicate love to God and pray for the welfare of the whole creation, then this is prayer. When there is a feeling of giving something, then the feeling of surrender is awakened.
  • And then one thing is realized that nothing happens by my actions, neither I have created the world, nor I can run the world, O God, you are the creator of this creation.

The supreme power is One

  • Whatever happens, or whatever we do, we do it with the will of that Supreme Power. The power that we worship in different forms. We worship in the form of Ram, Krishna, or any other deities. That supreme power is the same but has different names. As Lord Krishna has said in the Gita that whenever there is a loss of religion, then I come in different forms.
  • So when we understand the basic meaning of prayer, then comes the feeling of devotion to God.

Hypocrisy in Bhakti (What Is Bhakti Yoga?)

  • Surrender means surrendering oneself completely to God. Whatever the circumstances are, accept it and whatever is happening, accept it as the wish of that God. In the name of devotion, hypocrisy is created all over the world. Only because people consider him a devotee. For this, a person goes to the temple every day, sits in front of the statue for hours.
  • It is not wrong to go to the temple every day, or sit in front of the statue for hours, but do such acts to show others, at that time the ego reaches its peak. And the consequences of which are starting to be seen. 
  • When a person goes to the temple every day just to show others, sometimes he sits in front of the idol, reads the text, and does it only for outward appearance, then it does not help. One has to be pure from within. Because devotion begins from the inner journey.

What is Bhakti?

  • When there is complete faith in God, there is a feeling of complete surrender and there is a feeling of world welfare, there is a pure mind and heart, then it is called Bhakti.
  • Whatever means of enjoyment in life, use it only for living but not to harm anyone. Do not make them a symbol of your ego or prestige.
  • Every living being should have a darshan of that God and have faith. In the context of this, a saint has said that Rahiman is applicable to everyone in this world, does not know in what form Narayan should be found. Don’t know in what form we can get that God. 

Narada Bhakti Sutras (What Is Bhakti Yoga?)

  • Narada Bhakti Sutras have a very important place in the Sanatan texts. In this, the explanation of devotion, its effect, its method, and many other things have been told in its context.
  • Of course, Narada Bhakti Sutras have a special and important place on the path of Bhakti Yoga.
  • But in Bhakti Yoga, there are such famous saints like Meera Bai, Guru Nanak, Kabir, and many others who have shown the path of truth to the people and inspired them to devotion. There are many such saints who have made people understand how to attain God by following the path of devotion even while living in the world. At present, it is difficult for every person to follow Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, etc. For those people, the path of devotion is a very easy path.
  • The obstacle in the path of devotion arises when we do not understand its basic elements. Bhakti does not only mean that you keep on chanting only the name of God, or keep chanting bhajans.
  • Practice in your life the teachings that are being given in Bhajan Kirtan, Granth. Bringing it into your practice and bringing it into your life, then Bhakti Yoga is proved. Bring positivity in your life and teach others the way to live.

So the core of Bhakti Yoga is reverence, faith, surrender, and prayer, Have compassion for all living beings.

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