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Now today’s topic is What Is Karma? How Its Works? Principal Of Karma Yoga. Let’s see about it.

What is Karma? According To Buddha Story

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Once a disciple of Gautama Buddha asked him, Guruji, please tell us what is karma?

Gautama Buddha told his disciple that in order to understand karma, I tell you a story. From this story, you will understand what is karma? Gautam Buddha narrates the story to his disciples. 

‘Buland’ was a king of the city. And he was touring his kingdom one day on a horse. After traveling around, he came in front of a shop and stopped. After stopping, the king told his minister that the minister does not know why I think this shopkeeper should be sentenced to death tomorrow. I am desirous of being given the death penalty. Before the minister could ask the king the reason, the king overtook him. 


To find out the reason for this, the minister changed to disguise the next morning and went to the shopkeeper with the disguise of the general public. By the way, the shopkeeper used to sell sandalwood wood. The minister asked the shopkeeper how your work is going brother. Then the shopkeeper told that his condition is very bad. People come to his shop, smell the sandalwood, and praise him. But no one buys. And he further told me that I am just waiting for when the king of our state dies and for me to buy a lot of sandalwood from him for his funeral. And maybe my business will increase and my business will also improve.

What Is Karma? How Its Works? Principal Of Karma Yoga

The minister understood the whole thing that it is this negative thought which has made the idea of Maharaj also negative. That minister was very intelligent so he thought that I would buy a lot of sandalwood wood. He told the shopkeeper, can I buy some sandalwood wood from you? The shopkeeper was very happy to hear this. He thought let’s sell something, nothing was being sold for so long. He wrapped the sandalwood with paper and Peking it well and gave it to the Minister of Wood.

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The minister reached the king’s court with sandalwood the next morning. And he said to Maharaj, Maharaj who is the shopkeeper, he has sent some sandalwood sticks as a gift for you. Maharaj was very happy on hearing this. And in my mind, I started thinking that I was thinking wrong unnecessarily about that shopkeeper. He took the wood in his hand and he smelled it very well. He was getting a very good aroma. The king was very happy with this and the king sent the gold coins from the hands of the minister to the shopkeeper. Taking the form of the general public, the Chief Minister reached the shopkeeper the next day with gold coins. The shopkeeper was very happy. He thought that I was thinking very badly about the king. The king is very kind. And this is where Gautam Buddha ended the story.


When the story was over, Gautam Buddha asked his disciples that now you tell me what is karma? The disciples replied that the word is our karma.

Whatever we work is our karma. Whatever our feelings are is our karma. After hearing the answers of all the disciples, Gautam Buddha said that your thoughts are your actions. If you have learned to control your thoughts then you become a great person. When you think well then it is good for you. If you think well, others also will start thinking good about you.

What is Karma? According to Geeta.

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What is karma? What is the Definition of Karma? It is important to know all this. Because if you read scripture, Vedas, Gita, Puranas, etc. then you can understand karma, akarma, auspicious karma, inauspicious karma, karma Bandhan, karma yoga, etc. But it has been told in the ‘Vanaparva’ of Mahabharata that there will be only one among thousands who knows how to do karma well.

It has been told in the verses of the Gita that no human being can live in any state even a few moments without doing any work Karma. Man is doing Karma every moment.

We Do Karma In 4 Ways

What Is Karma? How Its Works? Principal Of Karma Yoga

The first is through thoughts such as thinking something about someone, the second is through words as if someone has to say something. The third is through actions that we do ourselves. The fourth is through actions that others do on our instructions.

There are 4 ways we act. This means that everything that we thought, said, found, or became a reason is everything Karma. Our thinking, getting up, walking, speaking, eating, sleeping, doing something all come under karma.

What Is The Definition Of It And Collection Of Three Types Of Karma?

What Is Karma? How Its Works? Principal Of Karma Yoga

So we saw that according to our scriptures, attachment, duty, auspicious inauspicious yoga, karma yoga, devotion, karma Bandhan have defined karma according to all these. It is said in the Gita that Karma means action which is done with body, mind, and speech. Because every moment a person is doing something with mind, speech, and body. So everything a man does in his life is karma. It can also be said that action is called karma.

Karta, Karana, and Kriya This is a collection of three types of karma.

Kriya (Action):

Seeing, hearing, understanding, remembering, eating, drinking, etc. are called actions, in other words, ‘to do’ is called action.

Karta (Doer):

The Karta is the one who performs all the above-mentioned actions; in other words, the person who is doing Karma is called the Karta.


Karan means that all the above actions are done by the mind, intellect, and senses, it is called Karan. In other words, the means by which karma can be done is called Karan.


According to the Gita, when a man believes in ‘I am the doer’, then his actions will be called karma.

Man does karma (action). But at the same time, ‘I am the doer’ whatever I do with this feeling. That is karma. This is stated in the Gita’s Karma Collection.

Principal Of Karma Yoga

What Is Karma? How Its Works? Principal Of Karma Yoga

A long time ago a Sanyasi went to a forest. Daily meditate, worship, and practice Hath Yoga for a long time. After years of hard work and practice one day, he is sitting under a tree when some dry leaves fell upon his head. He looked up and saw a craw and crane fighting on the top of the tree which made him very angry. He sharply glanced at them. And birds burned to ashes. He delighted with his own power what he is gain with his meditation. He could burn the crow and crane with a near glance.

What Is Karma? How Its Works? Principal Of Karma Yoga

Sometime later he went to the town for food. He went stood by the hut and said mother give me food. A lady wise came from inside the house. Wait my son I am busy. The young Sanyasi thought how dare she makes me wait. She doesn’t know my power. Just then he heard a lady’s voice telling him boy Don’t think too much yourself. I am neither a craw nor a crane. He was shocked. Finally, the lady came out. And he fell at her feet. The Sanyasi said mother how did you know about the craw and the crane. The lady said my boy I do not know the powers and the practices of your yoga.

What Is Karma? How Its Works? Principal Of Karma Yoga

I am a simple woman. I made you wait because my husband was ill and I was nursing him. All my life I have focused only on my duty. But by doing my duty I have become illumine thus I could read your thoughts and know what you have done in the forest. If you want to know something higher than this go to the market in the next town and find the ‘Vyadha the Buch’. He will enlighten you further.

What Is Karma? How Its Works? Principal Of Karma Yoga

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Then Sanyasi went to the market in the next town and found The Vyadha chopping the meat. The young Sanyasi was shocked again. He thought oh Lord helped me. Is this the man from whom I am going to learn? Then this ugly blucher looks like an incarnation of a demon. In meantime, Vyadha looked up and said Oh Swami did that noble lady sent you here. Kindly give me a little time to finish my duty. After the Vyadha finishes his work he took the Sanyasi to his home. Then he freshens up feed his old parents and came to the sanyasi and said to swami you are come all the way here to see me. What can I do for you?

The Sanyasi asked him questions about Life, Soul, and God. and rather gave him a detailed sermon which forms a part of epic Mahabharata called the Vyadha Geeta. It contains one of the highest flights of Vedanta. Then the Vyadha finish his teaching. The sanyasi felt mulberries He said which is such Devine knowledge. Why are you doing such filthy work of a butcher?


Then the Vyadha replied that no duty is filthy and no duty is impure. In this birth, I am placed in the circumstances that demand me to do my duty as a Vyadha. And I tried to do my duty to the best of my abilities without any attachment. I feel that this is the ultimate story that portraits Karmayog.

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