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Pranayama is the heart of spirituality. Pranayama is good for health. It makes our health healthy. but if you want to grow in spirituality then you must follow the pranayama.

The Body Can React In The Practice Of Pranayama

Any successful work is always painful or difficult in the beginning. This statement works perfectly here. When a seeker starts yoga practice, especially after starting the practice of pranayama, the body takes certain reactions. Due to this, some problems start to arise.

There are some special reasons for having those reactions

  • As the body’s impurities come out,
  • functioning of the body at the subtle level,
  • In the beginning, there is an imbalance in the air,
  • This may be due to the process of purification of the body or some other reasons. Due to which some reactions take place in the body.
  • the kind of sleeplessness or excessive sleepiness,
  • loss of appetite or excessive hunger,
  • getting hot or getting cold,
  • Feeling cold in summer, and feeling of heat in autumn,
  • not cleaning the stomach properly,
  • Headache or heavy head

Some such problems can be seen in the initial days. But it is normal.

  • If it doesn’t get better in a few days. If these problems do not get cured on their own in 8 to 15 days, then you need to inform them about this from the yoga teacher or the doctor under whose guidance you are practicing.
  • And then it is a matter of thinking and worrying if these problems are seen in the body for a long time. But it is natural for a healthy person to have such problems in the first few days.

What Is Prana?

What Is Pranayama? Importance, Purpose, And More
  • Prana is life energy, a force through which this entire creative process is going on. Just as metals like gold, silver become pure by the heat of fire or when they come in contact with fire. Similarly, when a person does pranayama, his senses become pure.
  • Generally, prana is understood to be the practice of breathing and pranayama to increase the amount of oxygen in the body and to provide strength to the lungs.
  • Of course, there are benefits to it. But this is not the real form of Pranayama.

Prana Is A Life Energy

  • To know what is Pranayama, what is its meaning, what is its real nature, it is necessary to know the meaning of its words.
  • So Pranayama is made up of two words Prana and Ayam. Now before knowing Pranayama, it is very important to know Prana, what is Prana? Because normally prana is understood as breath. Or the breath is called Prana. But these two are different.
  • Prana is life energy, it is a force through which this entire creative process is going on. Now, this has to be understood a little deeper.
  • All matter at the beginning and end of creation All matter in the beginning period of creation are three types of matter. solid, liquid, and gas. All these substances come in a physical form after receiving life energy from the sky. They do their work throughout life by taking shelter of prana energy. And due to a lack of prana energy at the time of catastrophe, they go into their causal form and merge.
  • In this way, the sequence of this entire creation goes on. Trees, plants, all living beings, the life of man, is determined on all life energy. Taking shelter of Prana energy, our life goes on for all the species and due to lack of Prana energy, this body of ours and all the living beings get merged or destroyed.
  • Air is running in the universe, water is flowing, trees and plants are growing, human life is going on, behind all this an energy is working, it is called Prana energy or that is life energy.
  • So in this way a sequence of the whole creation goes on, now if we understand it on our body, what work does Prana do in our body or how does it work or what is its work?

Purpose of Pranayama

What Is Pranayama? Importance, Purpose, And More
  • So first we have to understand our bodies. There are many systems inside our body, I will use some simple words so that you can understand them well.
  • There are many systems inside a body such as the digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system, endocrine system, muscular system, skeletal system, nervous system, there are many such systems.
  • Systems are made up of organs. Organs are made up of tissues. and consists of tissue cells. Now understand it from top to bottom
  • Very small elements together make up a cell. Many cells together form a tissue. All the tissues together make up an organ. Many organs together make up a system. And many systems together make up a body.
  • Different parts of our body perform their functions. The energy that is provided to all these organs, gets energy from our blood. Blood circulates throughout the body. The energy that the organs get from the blood. The energy that the blood gets from oxygen. And oxygen comes to our body when we inhale through the nostrils inside the lungs and we release carbon dioxide out of the body. This is the order of our body. There is anatomy and physiology. This is how our body works.
  • So the activities that take place in the whole body are at the root of this is our breath. The blood gets energy from the breath and all the organs get energy from the blood. Now if we see from the physical point of view, then our breath is at the root in the whole activity of this body. Through breathing oxygen, energy is provided throughout the body.

Importance Of Pranayama

What Is Pranayama? Importance, Purpose, And More
  • Now, what is the energy with which we are breathing? So special energy is needed even to move the breath. So the energy that is there is life energy. Or that energy is called prana energy through which our breath is moving. So this is how Prana works in our body.
  • This prana is the ten types of air. Normally we get to see, hear and read five types of air. They are Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana, and Vyana. Apart from this, there are five more breaths of air. Due to which such activities occur due to blinking of eyelids, sneezing, yawning, hiccups.
  • Now the second word is ‘Aayam’. ‘Aayam’ means to expand. to extend something. So what is meant by the words of pranayama is to give dimension to the ‘prana’ within one’s body. Increase its quantity, exercise it.
  • Different methods have been mentioned in many texts for Pranayama.

What Is Pranayama?

What Is Pranayama? Importance, Purpose, And More
  • Now let’s discuss what is Pranayama? Because pranayama is generally understood to be breathing and exhaling. The act of breathing in and out is called Pranayama.
  • So inhalation and exhalation go on all day night and continues throughout life. So do we keep doing Pranayama throughout our life? Do you keep doing pranayama all day? Do you keep doing pranayama even while sleeping? That is not possible. So what is such a thing that converts the process of normal breathing into pranayama or gives it the form of pranayama? So normal breathing, the process of exhalation that we take and exhale through the whole life, there are two things in this process ‘Purak’ and ‘Rechak’.
  • Puraka means inhaling and Rechaka means exhaling the breath. When a third thing is included in ‘Purak’ and ‘Rechak’ or when a third thing is added to them, then the normal breathing process changes into Pranayama.
  • And that third thing or action is called ‘Kumbhak’. ‘Kumbhak’ means to hold the breath or stop the breath.
  • There are three types of Kumbhak. Inner Kumbhaka, External Kumbhaka, Kevalya Kumbhaka.
  • Internal Kumbhaka means holding the breath inside the body.
  • Keeping the external Kumbhaka breath outside the body.
  • Wherever the Kevalya Kumbhak breath is, it should stop there or stop it there.
  • There are different exercises and different methods for this.
  • In this, three types of bandhas are imposed. Jalandhara Bandha, Udayana Bandha, and Moolabandha.
  • So when the practice of Kumbhak is added to the process of normal breathing, then the process of normal breathing turns into Pranayama.

What Is The Real Form Of It?

Breathing exercise
  • The description of Pranayama or the properties of Pranayama has been discussed in great detail in the Sanatan texts in a mysterious manner.
  • God Manu speaks for this Pranayama, in the same way, that when a person is heated by fire or comes in contact with fire, the impurity of metals like gold and silver gets purified, in the same way when a person does Pranayama, his senses get purified.
  • And on the other hand, Panchshikhacharyaji says that there is no more penance than Pranayama. Pranayama purifies the senses, mind, and subtle body. And the light of knowledge begins to appear.
  • So in this way, Pranayama has been described a lot in many Sanatan texts.

Instead of considering pranayama as a physical exercise, the importance of its true nature should be understood. How the practice works on our subconscious mind, on the subtle body, it gives physical benefits but it should be considered as a dividend, it should be considered as a bonus. Pranayama has a specific main goal and effect. A few days before starting the practice of pranayama, new seekers are made to practice yogic breathing exercises so that they can be inhaled and exhaled in a rhythmic manner.

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