Our Upanishads and Vedas contain the best players in the world. The emphasis is on praying with a sincere heart just to connect with the soul, and not in the petty and narrow-minded prayer of doing good to me alone, but let us enjoy being together, beautiful in all directions. Get ideas and embrace good ideas and practice good deeds. Such a sincere prayer expresses the enormity and generosity of the heart.

What Is Prayer?

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What is prayer? The word prayer means to request. Prayer is one way through which we can communicate with God. Whatever we want to take from God, we can ask God through prayer. If we want to be connected with God, we must pray.

Prayer means connection with the soul. Prayer is the great center of ultimate truth, ultimate illumination, and ultimate inner strength. Only through this can we connect our own intimate relationship with the Supreme Essence Paramatma and with our Atmiya Shakti. But such a prayer needs pure heart and conscience. The connection with the soul in life is the same great achievement.

Why Should One Pray?

  • If we want to communicate with God or put our demands before God, then we need to pray. Whenever we pray, we should praise God because God is worthy of respect and glory.
  • Everyone prays for ourselves, but we should also pray for the welfare of the people, as it has been told in our scriptures that everyone should be well, everyone should be happy and everyone should be healthy and adopt all the truth in their lives.

Topmost points to follow, include and practice in prayer

What Is Prayer And Why It Is Important?
  1. To conquer God with the devotional price of pure conscience
  2. Immersion in Paramatma with devotion
  3. Cultivate auspicious and pure values towards the whole world
  4. A heartfelt plea for a friendly attitude towards all the animals of the world
  5. Must follow the truth
  6. Stabilize in self form through prayer
  7. Have a friendly attitude towards everyone
  8. May the sacred spirit of the welfare of the whole world remain in the mind forever
  9. And the mind remains fearless
  • Through prayer, the man opens his heart to God. And becomes pure and sattvic. In prayer, one has to seek the welfare of the world and to give thanks to God, who has given this human life. Conscientious prayer purifies the mind and increases concentration. Prayer is the true process of being stable in one’s self and free from one’s vices and accepting one’s virtues. Ultimate peace is achieved through prayer. And you get satisfaction. Because this time the mind is stable, pure, concentrated, man presents all the things of his mind to God. He believes that his prayers need to be heard by God, and he thinks that sorrow will go away and happiness will be achieved.

What is the Mystery and importance of prayer?

What is the Mystery and importance of prayer?

First and last, what is needed and will always be there is the only prayer. Because it is also the strong basis of our life, but the sad surprise is that we all keep prayer only with fear, sorrow, pain, desires, aspirations, expectations.

Understand the depth of prayer today. Nature has already given you the solution to the problem in the form of prayer. God gives the power of prayer to every human being. So that he can develop in life. The things one wants, those things should come in his life.

  • Prayer is a feeling emanating from the depths of the heart that fills our mind, soul, and thoughts with amazing strength, peace, and comfort.
  • Through prayer, we connect with that supreme power, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. As food is essential for our body. Similarly, prayer is also necessary for our mind and soul. A heart full of prayer is filled with faith and happiness.
  • If you worry means you don’t pray and if you prayed then why do you worry. If you worry, it means you have not prayed properly. And if you have prayed with a sincere heart, then why do you worry about what you worry about.
  • All of your concerns, anxieties, and sorrows go when you pray.
  • A day without prayer is a day without a blessing and a life without prayer is a life without power.
  • Happiness, faith, and peace can never come to the heart from which prayer does not come out.
  • Some people pray only when there is sorrow and trouble. Those who pray only when there is trouble and sorrow, the troubles of their life do not end forever, but those who pray daily, even the biggest crisis does not harm them.
  • By the way, prayer can be done at any time and any place. But the prayer done in the morning fills our soul with peace and tranquility and fills us with joy throughout the day.
  • Today, we will pray at the feet of the Supreme Power, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, which since time immemorial people awakened by the soul filled with spiritual power have been doing it and are doing it even today.

Prayer Has Always Worked Wonders In People’s Lives

  • This prayer has always worked wonders in people’s lives. And even today this prayer is doing wonders in people’s lives.
  • Before starting this prayer, let me tell you a small important thing that this prayer affects your life when your heart’s feeling is associated with these words.
  • Because even without words one can pray. But there is no meaning of prayer without the sincere feeling of the heart.
  • That is why you must do this prayer every day with a sincere heart to the Supreme Father, God.
  • Now you can call that supreme power as Supreme Father, God, Shiva, Krishna, or Ram, Bhavani, nature, or Omkar whatever name you call, all names belong to that one supreme power.
  • So let us all pray this together to connect with that true form of supreme power.

Best Prayer Of The World

Best Prayer Of The World

O Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul in the form of supreme power, may you remove the darkness of fear, unrest, sorrow, and trouble in our lives.

And give the light of fearlessness, happiness and joy in our lives.

Grant purity of mind, thought and soul.

O Almighty Father, God bless the entire world with happiness, peace, health and prosperity.

Oh God, I pray before you because I have full faith in the power of prayer and in you.

I pray because God has always answered my prayers.

I pray because today you have again shown a new day of my life.

Whatever people think or say, I will always keep praying for you in God.

Oh Lord, you have listened to my prayers even when I can’t find words for my prayers

O God, fill me with so much strength that I can easily overcome all the difficulties of life, all the sorrows, and all the troubles by your grace.

O Lord, may love, peace and joy be established in the heart of every living being of the entire world.

Fill my heart with such satisfaction and gratitude that all desires and grievances of the mind go away and my heart is filled with thanks and faith.

May God forgive me for all the mistakes made knowingly and unknowingly.

And please bless me that happiness, peace and purity remain in my heart.

And with that pure heart I can serve your created beings and creation.

Let no one’s heart be hurt by my thoughts, words and deeds.

O God, with your divine grace and power, you have removed my sorrows by doing miracles.

You have always fulfilled my every good wish and supported me in every situation of life.

I salute you again and again. I thank you once more, and again, and again.

  • Prayer completed. Do this prayer every morning before the day starts and at night after the day ends.
  • Prayer should be the morning’s key and the night’s lock. This means Every morning of our life should be opened with the key of prayer and every night of our life should be closed by the lock of prayer. I have full faith that whoever prays with a sincere heart, his every wish will be fulfilled and all his sorrows and troubles will be removed. Close your eyes and pray with a sincere heart for a minute.

How To Pray?

What Is Prayer And Why It Is Important?
  • Some people do not know how to connect themselves to God, how to worship Him, how to pray? Is it necessary to leave home to worship God or is it necessary to sit and meditate throughout the day, someone asked Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is the devotee? He said that there are three types of devotees who have called to God even once in their life, they are also devotees, those who call every day are also devotees of God, but those who remain immersed in the memories of God all day, that devotee is the best.
  • Even if you do not chant all day, do not meditate all day, but only for 5 minutes when you start sleeping at night, then you should remember God with your heart for only 5 minutes.
  • Pray that it is thanks to you that whatever you have given in my life. And when you wake up in the morning, thank God from your heart for just five minutes that you have again given me a new day in my life. Again given a chance that I can do something in my life. How many mistakes are there from us in life, I commit sins every day and you forgive me every day. I am strong by habit and you are known by kindness. Even five minutes of prayer from the heart will fill new energy within you. A new power to win will come within you. You will get new energy to fight the sorrows.

Story Of Farmer

What Is Prayer And Why It Is Important?

Once Lord Narada asked who is your biggest devotee? Narad felt that if I do Narayan Narayan all day, then who will be a bigger devotee than me? God told him that there is a farmer who lives on earth, he is my biggest devotee. Hearing Narada was very surprised that who can be a bigger devotee than me? He thought I’d see. When he saw the daily routine of a farmer, in the morning he used to go to work in his fields chanting a rosary of God’s name. After working all day, coming to his home, he used to chant the name of God again at night. He did not do any chanting all day. He lived his life honestly and served his parents and brought up his wife and his children. Didn’t hurt anyone.

And Narada wondered that how can he be a devotee of God? He again came to God and after coming to God, he said the whole thing that he only chants your name and does farming all day, how can he be your biggest devotee? God said that he does a rosary, but while doing a rosary, he does not think of the world even for a moment. Does not think about the world and does his duty with great honesty.

  • If we also remember God with our heart for just five minutes, then the effect of those five minutes of prayer will remain in our life for the whole day. But remember that we should not care about the things of the world even for a second and dedicate the whole five minutes to God with complete sincerity and by doing this you will be able to know in a few days how positive changes come in your life. . The energy that you will get, you will feel yourself. It is not that it is necessary to be religious to pray, just thank God for five minutes. Oh, we don’t even have the strength to take our own breath. We do not have the power to produce grains from the earth, we only sow seeds, and fruits and flowers come from the power of nature. In our life too, it will bring flowers of happiness if the seed of prayer is planted in our life.

Story Of Three Innocent Saints

What Is Prayer And Why It Is Important?

There are three innocent saints in a village, all three of them used to pray to God. His prayer had such an effect on his village that the whole village started coming to him. So the priest of the village later wondered which of the three sadhus had come and went to them, he thought that there would be some great scholars, but when he came and saw that all three of them were looking very simple. All three of them were illiterate. The priest asked which prayer do you pray?

All three of them said that we are illiterate. We do not know anything, we say only one thing to God that God we are also three and you are also three and we know God in the form of three powers as one creator, one sustainer, and one who harmonizes him. In the form Which are the three powers of God. So we pray that you are also three and we are also three, then do our welfare. He wondered how these people are? How was this prayer that we are also three and you are also three, then do our welfare?

The priest taught them all the rituals he had prayed for. He did not understand what he learned once, taught him the second time he did not understand, taught him for the third time, then he understood something. After learning them for a long time, he felt that these three had now learned this prayer. He had to go to the river, as soon as he started going on his boat, he must have gone a little further than he saw that all three of them were walking on the water. All three of them came and said thank you for teaching prayer, but we have forgotten your prayer. Then teach again. When he saw that these three are walking on the water, what a wonderful effect they have. So he realized that his simple prayer has more effect than the prayer written in my words.



How we pray is more important than how long we pray. One needs faith and love for God and the pure-hearted devotee gets the Lord very soon. So if we sincerely add only five minutes of prayer to our life, then have faith that you will get many better qualities in your life. And you will experience divine energy in your life. You will feel that yes God is with me. You just have to instill faith in your prayer.

If you worry, it means that you are not praying properly. Why worry if you pray right? Have full faith in that God. If you worry then you have not learned to pray properly and you do not believe in your prayer. If you pray from the heart, then why worry? God said this to Arjuna, if you put your mind to me with a sincere heart, then I will take care of your every concern. So if we give five minutes only five minutes to God, then these five minutes can do miracles in our life.

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