Today’s topic is What Is The Function Of Prana Vayu? Let’s see. Prana Vayu does the work of keeping the body alive. Prana Vayu is working by pervading the whole body. It serves to keep alive. This entire universe has been created by the Prana element (air element). The same Pranavayu pervades the whole body and acts in different ways.

According to these functions, different names have been given to the prana. This vital element is working mainly in five ways. That is why the same vital element is known by five types of names. (1) Prana (2) Apana (3) Vyana (4) Samana (5) Udana. These five also have subsidiary prana. Their names are as follows. (1) Nag (2) Kurma (3) Krikal (4) Devadatta (5) Dhananjay. These ten pranas perform different functions in the form of head and assistant.

Function Of Prana Vayu

What Is The Function Of Prana Vayu?

(1) Prana – It works in the area of the heart. The beating of the heart is done by this prana. At the end of old age, when the time of death comes, then this prana performs mainly important functions.

(2) Apana – Apana Vayu works in the lower part of the body. It is mainly active while passing stool. The same Apana works mainly at the time of birth of the child.

(3) Vyana – This Pranavayu spreads evenly throughout the body and does the work of developing all the organs. It spreads in the subtle glands and makes the organs strong.

(4) Samana – This Pranavayu works by spreading in the abdominal region. And Generally, It helps in the digestion system.

(5) Udana – Udana Vayu works inside the head above the neck. Sadhaks or Yogis take more work than this Udan Vayu. When the seeker’s throat chakra is opened, the Udana Vayu becomes particularly active and when the yogi renounces the gross body, then takes the help of Udana Vayu to ascend upwards.

(6) Naag Vayu – This Pranavayu does the work of vomiting.

(7) Kurma Pranavayu – This Pranavayu does the work of closing and opening the eyes. That is, it works in the eyelids.

(8) Krukal – This Prana Vayu acts as sneezing.

(9) Devadatta – This Pranavayu works while yawning.

(10) Dhananjaya – This Pranavayu pervades the whole body and remains inside the body even after death.


What Is The Function Of Prana Vayu?

We all know about Apana Vayu that it is always getting degraded. Generally at the time of birth also this Vayu acts mainly. And does the work of excreting urine. The most important thing is that when the Sadhak practices yoga, that is, starts meditating, then first of all this Pranavayu leaves its normal nature and starts moving upwards and starts working in the area of ​​Muladhara Chakra. Even at the time of Moolabandha and Siddhasana, this Apana Vayu starts turning introvert at a rapid pace leaving its normal nature to be inverted.

This Pranavayu is more affected during all types of Pranayama. During Bhastrika Pranayama, there is a greater effect on this vital force. At the time of Kapalbhati and Uddiyana Bandha, the Samana Vayu becomes more active. Due to this the digestive system also starts working at a faster rate. At the time of inner Kumbhak and outer Kumbhak, Vyana Vayu starts actively at a rapid pace. After the opening of the throat chakra, the Udana air becomes more active at the time of Savikalpa samadhi. While providing upward movement to the subtle body, this Udana Vayu helps in taking it to the higher worlds.

What Is The Function Of Prana Vayu?

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