At the end of the fourteen Manvantars, i.e. one ‘Kalpa’ is completed, one day of Brahma is completed, and his sleep period comes. Thus came the sleep period of Brahma at the end of the last ‘Kalpa. The three worlds, including the earth, were submerged in the sea by the flood. At that time Brahma, who wanted to sleep, fell asleep. This time a powerful demon named Hayagriva picked up the Vedas that came out of Brahma’s mouth. The Lord assumed the incarnation of Matsya to bring back these Vedas. (What Is the Purpose Of Matsya Avatar)

Story Of Matsya Avatar (What Is the Purpose Of Matsya Avatar)

What Is the Purpose Of Matsya Avatar

There was a king and his name was ‘Satyavat’. He was a great devotee of God. He used to do penance only by drinking water. Once while offering water to Surya Narayan from the water of the river, a fish came in the palm of the king’s hand. The king was about to throw the fish into the water, when the fish said, ‘King, don’t throw me into the water, big fish will kill me.

The king felt pity for the fish, so he put the fish in a bowl and brought it home. The next morning the fish become so big that the king keeps it into another big place of water. But as the fish got bigger, the space of the water also got smaller so the fish had to be kept in the lake. Soon the fish grew bigger and the lake seemed too small for him to live in, so the king kept the fish in the sea.

Now the fish said to the king, O king, from today on the seventh day Bhulok, Bhuvarlok and Swarglok are going to drown, such a catastrophic event is about to happen. At that time a boat will come to you and you will sit in the boat with all the herbs, all the seeds, the Great seven sages (Saptrishi), etc. And then tied up the boat to my horn with the rope of the Vasuki snake. (What Is the Purpose Of Matsya Avatar)

For seven days the king meditated on God. On the seventh day, there was a catastrophic event in the sea, and the earth began to sink from all sides. A large boat came and the king got into the boat with herbs, seeds, and seven sages. One such giant fish appeared there. The king tied the boat with the horns of the giant fish with the rope of the Vasuki snake. And the king prayed to God that, O Lord, you are in the heart of every creature, I have surrendered to you. Then Matsya Bhagwan took the boat and stayed in the sea till the end of Brahma’s night, and preached knowledge to the king. After the end of the catastrophic event. Lord Matsya brought back the Vedas from Madhu- Kaitabha and gave them to Brahma. ‘Speak Jai Keshav Matsya Swarup, Jai Jagdish Hare’.

Story Of Hayagriva

The same story is with the Hayagriva incarnation of God. The lotus was born from the navel of Lord Vishnu. ‘Brahma’ sat in the lotus. Brahma sat in the lotus. There were two water points on that lotus as a symbol of ‘Rajogun’ and ‘Tamogun’. From them were born two demons named Madhu and Kaitabh. Brahmaji was engrossed in creating the universe. Then these two demons stole the four Vedas dear to Brahmaji. Brahma prayed to God to bring back the Vedas. The Lord assumed the form of Hayagriva. His neck and face were like horses.

Hayagriva entered the sea and went to the abyss and started ‘Samagan’. When ‘Madhu’ and ‘Kaitabha’ fell in love with the song, the Lord took the Vedas from them and gave them to Brahma.

‘Madhu’ and’ Kaitabha’ came to fight. Then God killed both of them. Since then Lord ‘Madhusudan’ has been called.

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