Today’s topic is What Is Ubtan? Which is The Best Ubtan Or Soap? There are many chemical-rich substances in our house that we use in our daily life, which are harming our health day by day. Through this article, we are trying to introduce you to those things which were used in ancient times. Today again we should include those things in our daily life for the health of ourselves and family, from which health can be achieved.

Various types of expensive to expensive soaps are used for bathing. Which does not have any particular benefit, but it definitely brings harm.

What Is Ubtan?

  • Ubtan is very beneficial for the body. Ubtan is made by mixing many health benefits. And Ubtan is also used for bathing and which is being used since ancient times.
  • Multani Mitti, turmeric, lemon, neem powder, and many other health-boosting substances are used in Ubtan. Ubtan makes the skin glowing, fair.

Why We Should Not Use Shop?

What Is Ubtan?  Which is The Best Ubtan Or Soap?

In particular, I want to bring three things in front of you.

(1) Often in the days of autumn and people who have sensitive skin, their skin becomes completely white after bathing even during the summer days. The chemicals used to make soap. When this soap is rubbed on the body, these chemicals completely pull out the oily substance of our skin. Destroys the oil, due to which the skin becomes completely dry and white. Which is called dryness. Then various types of medicines, creams are used to remove dryness. In which money, time, and health are all lost.

(2) Secondly, many chemicals are also used to make it. The aroma that comes out of this is completely made up of artificial chemicals. Many chemicals are also used in making the soap that is made in this, which is harmful to the skin.

(3) And thirdly, if the soap accidentally enters the eye while taking a bath, then it causes a lot of irritation. And if it goes inside the mouth, or inside the ear, then it can also cause many physical problems.

What Are Natural Sources For Bath ?

What Is Ubtan?  Which is The Best Ubtan Or Soap?

So by bathing with soap, we can definitely get many types of harm.

(1) Multani Mitti

Instead, we have a natural alternative, Multani Mitti. Which is being used since ancient times for bathing. Ubtan for bathing is natural and healthy. If you want, mix Multani Mitti with water and rub it all over the body and take a bath with normal temperature water. By doing this, it is a completely natural method of bathing.

(2) Multani Mitt, Shikakaya, and Aritha

  • To increase its quality, mix both Shikakaya and Aritha in the same quantity of Multani Mitti. So this enhances the quality of this Ubtan even more.
  • To increase its quality more, turmeric can be added to it and powder of neem leaves can be mixed in it. Bathing with this is sure to eliminate most of the bacteria, germs and such elements which harm the body completely. So this is a very healthy way to take a bath. It is also used for many types of skin related diseases.

Benefits Of Ubtan

  • It is beneficial to use it in skin rash, dryness, itching, redness of the skin, or other skin-related diseases. Many types of skin-related diseases get destroyed by themselves.
  • One more thing, when bathing with soap, the nature of soap is slippery, it slips over the body. And when bathing with Ubtan, it has to be rubbed well on the body. So when we rub the Ubtan well on the body, then our muscles will also become strong. When it is massaged well on the whole body, then the circulation of blood will be done well in the body.
  • All the parts of the body will get a sufficient amount of blood. The blood vessels which conduct blood in the body will expand, they will be exercised, as a result of which the whole body will get healthy. The muscles will become strong. So by taking bath in this way, we can get many health benefits. Try to stay close to nature and stay away from diseases.

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