Human life and the environment are always said to be complementary to each other. We cannot even imagine life without the environment. Let’s see What is World Earth Day? Significance, History.

What is World Earth Day? Significance, History

As we all know that global warming is becoming a major issue worldwide. Earth Day creates awareness about the environment. Do you know when and why Earth Day is celebrated? What is the history behind it and when was it first celebrated. So let’s know about it.

What Is Earth Day? Why Do We Celebrate It?

Save Earth

So let’s first know what is Earth Day.

  • This is an annual event. Which is held on 22 April to demonstrate environmental protection support around the world.

Who Founded This Day And When?

Gaylord Nelson
  • Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson on April 22 as Environmental Education.
  • In 1969, due to the huge waste of oil spills in Santa Barbara, California began.
What is World Earth Day? Significance, History
  • The day started in 1969, today in the whole world celebrates this day in more than 193 countries.
  • The first Earth Day held on April 22, 1969, was attended by 20 million Americans.
  • In which there were people from every society, region and class.
  • Thus, this movement turned into the largest environmental movement of modern times.
  • During this time, students of thousands of colleges and universities of America protested against the degradation of the environment.

Why Is Earth Day Celebrated?

Forest cutting
  • Environmental savvy, domineering societies, voluntary organizations to stop oil spills in the sea, to stop companies pouring dirty factory water into rivers, to stop the practice of poisonous garbage, and economic activities that cut forests to stop, they are still performing continuously.
  • And to spread awareness for all this and to make the environment clean, Earth Day is celebrated.

Who Gave The Word ‘Earth Day’

Julian Koenig

Let us now know who gave the word ‘Earth Day’.

  • Julian Koenig coined the term ‘Earth Day’ in 1969.
  • Julian Koenig’s birthday is also on 22 April.
  • He had said that ‘Earth Day’ combines with ‘Birthday’, hence he suggested to celebrate Earth Day on 22 April.
  • Along with this Ron Cobb created an Ecological symbol.
What is World Earth Day? Significance, History
  • This logo contained the letters ‘E’ and ‘O’.
  • In which ‘E’ represents the environment and ‘O’ organism.
  • This logo was published on 7 November 1969 in ‘Los Angeles Free Press’.

The theme of Earth Day 2018 is End plastic pollution countdown to April 22.

Learn About The Factors That Destroy The Environment

What is World Earth Day? Significance, History
  • Polyethylene is the deadliest to Earth. Still, it is being used. The 2018 theme was therefore based on eliminating plastic.
  • Cutting down trees, and polluting rivers and ponds has been a part of our daily lives. Which is not right.
  • The tendency of human exploitation towards the earth.
  • Non-strengthening of forest and environmental protection laws.
Save Earth

The day we make this earth livable for generations to come, the world will truly celebrate Earth Day.

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