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Sant Ravidas was an Indian poet, great saint, and connected the Bhakti movement from 15 to 16 CE. Sant Ravidasji was born in the village of Seer Govardhan near Varanasi. Everyone has their own opinion on the birth of Sant Ravidas. Some believe that he was born around 1376 to 1377. Some say 1399 CE. According to some documents, Sant Ravidas Ji spent his life on earth from 1450 to 1520 years. His birthplace is now called Sri Guru Ravidas Birth Place.

Sant Ravidas
  • Parents :
    • Ravidasji’s mother’s name was Kalsan Devi and her father’s name was Santokh Dasji. Ravidas Ji’s father was a sarpanch in the Raja Nagar state. He used to make and improve shoes. Ravidasji’s father made slippers from the skins of dead animals. He never used to kill an animal.
  • Childhood :
    • Ravidas Ji was very brave and believed God since childhood. Ravidas had to suffer from the inferiority complex of high clans since childhood.
    • They always kept putting this child in the mind that his high clan was not there. Ravidas used his pen to change society, through his creations, he taught people about life, teaching people that human beings should love their neighbors without any discrimination.

Guru and Education

Guru and Education
  • As a child, Ravidas used to go to his Guru Pandit Shardanand’s school for education.
  • After some time, upper-caste people stopped going to Ravidas’s school. Pandit Shardanand knew the talent of Ravidas.
  • He did not believe in the discrimination of society. He believed that Ravidas is a child sent by God. After which Sharadanand started teaching Ravidas Ji in his personal school, he was a very talented and promising student.
  • He was educated more by his understanding than his teacher taught him. Pandit Saradanand was very impressed with Ravidas Ji, seeing his conduct and talent, he used to think that Ravidas would become a good spiritual teacher and a great social reformer.


  • As Saint Ravidasji grew older, his devotion to the form of God grew and he always used the words Ram Raghunath, Raja Ramachandra, Krishna, Hari Govind Hari, etc. and which gave proof of his deliciousness.
  • Ravidas Ji used to be the religious guru of Meerabai. Meerabai was the daughter of the king of Rajasthan and the queen of Chittor.
  • She was very much influenced by Ravidasji’s education and she became a great follower of him. Meera Bai writes in her compositions, many times she was saved from death by her Guru Ravidasji.


Sant Ravidas
  • Regarding Ravidasji, the people of the society said that God sent Ravidas Ji to the earth to protect the religion. Because at that time sin had increased greatly.
  • People used to do casteism in the name of religion. Ravidasji bravely faced all the discrimination and explained the true definition of faith and caste to the people.
  • He used to explain to people that man does not want to go by believing in caste, religion, or God but he is known differently from his deeds. Rawadasji then tried a lot to eliminate the question of untouchability prevalent in society.
  • In those days, the low-caste people were highly discouraged. Worshiping in the temple, studying in school, going to the village during the day was completely prohibited.
  • Even they were forced to live in kutcha huts instead of pucca houses in the village. Seeing this plight of society, Ravidas decided to remove untouchability from society.
  • Ravidasji used to give a message to the people that God has 6 men, not man has made God. It means that every human being is created by God. And everyone has equal rights on earth. Sant Guru Ravidas Ji used to properly teach people about brotherhood and tolerance.

Sikh Guru Arjun Dev

King and Sant Ravidas
  • The verse, religious songs, and other compositions written by Ravidas Ji were included in the book of Shikha ‘Shastra Guru Govind Guru Sahib’ by the fifth Sikh Guru Arjun Dev.

King and Sant Ravidas

King and Sant Ravidas
  • Ravidasji was also prevented by his caste from moving forward. The Shudra people prevented Ravidas from dressing like a Brahmin and wearing janeu, applying tilak.
  • Guru Ravidasji used to deny all these things. He further said that all human beings have equal rights on earth. He can do whatever he wants.
  • They started doing all that was forbidden to the lower caste. The Brahmin people were against his activities. He complained against Ravidasji to the king there.
  • They made a complaint against Ravidas in front of the king. Ravidasji had responded with great affection to all Brahmins and King.
  • He said in front of the king that Shudra also has red blood and heart, he also has the same rights as in sentences, Ravidasji gave this answer in front of everyone in a full meeting.
  • Ravidasji ripped his chest in front of everyone in a full meeting. And the four yugas like the Satyuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga made the janeu for four eras like gold, silver, copper, and cotton respectively. All the people present there including the king were very embarrassed and amazed and touched their feet and honored Guru Ji. The king deeply regretted his childish act.
  • He apologized to the Guru. Ravidasji forgives people and says that one can get God by serving people, not by Janeu. He said that only you all have been involved in this activity to show reality and truth. He removed the thread and gave it to the king and after this, he neither wore the thread nor applied tilak.

Father’s Death

Guru and Education
  • He sought help from his neighbors after the death of Ravidasji’s father’s death. So that he can cremate his father on the banks of the Ganges.
  • The Brahmins were against it because they used to bathe in Gangaji. And because of Shudra’s funeral, she would get polluted. At that time Guruji was feeling very sad and helpless.
  • But even in this hour, he maintained his restraint. And prayed to God for the peace of his father’s soul. And then there was a huge storm. The water of the river starts flowing in the opposite direction.
  • Then suddenly a big wave of water came near the body and absorbed all the remains in itself. It is said that since then the river Ganga is flowing in the opposite direction.

Babar king of Mughal

  • According to the history of India, Babar was the first ruler of the Mughal Empire. Who captured Delhi by winning the battle of 1526 Panipat.
  • Babar knew very well about the spiritual powers of Guru Ravidas Ji. He wanted to meet them.
  • Babar then goes to meet him with Humayun. So he honors them by touching their feet. Guruji punishes him instead of blessing him. Because he killed many innocent people.
  • Guruji teaches Babar. Due to which Babar becomes a follower of Ravidasji. And does good social work.

Death of Sant Ravidas

Death of Sant Ravidas
  • Ravidasji’s truth, humanity, love for God, goodwill were increasing day by day and followers were also increasing. On the other hand, some Brahmins were planning to kill them. Some of Ravidas’s opponents organized a meeting.
  • He invited Guruji in it. Guruji already understands the tricks of those people. Guruji goes there and starts the meeting. By mistake, Bhalla Nath is killed along with those in place of Guruji.
  • When Guruji blows the conch after a while in his room. So everyone is taken aback. Look at your partner dead, very sad.
  • And go to Guruji with a sad heart. Ravidasji’s followers believe that Ravidasji abandons his body after 120 or 126 years.

Sant Ravidas Jayanti

Sant Ravidas Jayanti
  • Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Magha.
  • There is an annual festival of Ravidas Ji’s disciples these days. Special programs are organized in his birthplace in Varanasi. Where devotees of Ravidasji reach there in millions.
  • The Sikh community organizes Nagar Kirtans from place to place. They perform Special Aarti.
  • The purpose of celebrating Ravidas Jayanti is to remember the teachings of Guru Ravidas.
  • The brotherhood has given him, once again the world can adopt the lesson of peace.
  • There are Many memorials of Ravidasji in Varansi.Ravidas Park, Ravidas Ghat, Ravidas Nagar, Ravidas Memorial Gate, etc.

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