Hello friends, today we are going to talk about sleep. Many times you do not get proper sleep at night, due to which your next whole day also gets spoiled. Now there can be many reasons for this, but today we are going to talk about three such main reasons due to which you do not sleep properly at night.

2Why Can’t I Sleep Through The Night?
1. Oversleeping during the day
2. Having physical pain
3. Mental pain
3Topmost Tips For Good Sleep
1. Bathe at least twice every day.
2. Drink milk before sleeping
3. Read good books before sleeping

Why Can’t I Sleep Through The Night?

Why am I not Sleep Through The Night?

(1) Oversleeping during the day

  • The first reason is very common and due to which many people do not sleep at night. And that is to sleep more during the day.
  • Many people sleep too much during the day and due to which they do not get proper sleep at night. And then he falls asleep. Because of which he again wakes up late the next day. And then their entire routine goes awry. And again they sleep late at night.
  • Whenever you get a full night’s sleep, you will not need to sleep during the day.
  • If you take proper sleep of 6 to 7 hours or eight hours at night, then after that you will not get sleep during the day. And you will fresh fill.
  • But even after that, you feel tired at times. Or if you feel that I need to sleep for a while, then you can take a short nap. By which you will feel recharged again.
  • Earlier there were no mobile phones, so a person used to sleep after doing his work on time.
  • But since the mobile phone has come, a person spends all his time looking at the mobile phone. And he does not even know when it is 10, 11, and 12 o’clock at the night.
  • Sometimes it’s one or two o’clock in the night and we keep on using our phones. Because of this, we get late in sleeping and then the next day we have the same problem.
  • So if you have made a routine of sleeping during the day. So you break that routine. Do not sleep during the day for a day or two.
  • And then see how much sleep you will get at night.

(2) Having physical pain

  • Another big reason is your physical pain. Sometimes you have pain in your head, sometimes you have pain in your hands and feet, sometimes you have back pain, or if you have any kind of physical pain, then you cannot sleep. You have a hard time sleeping.
  • And that’s why you should consult your personal doctor. You should consult a doctor.
  • And whatever kind of pain is happening. You should get rid of him.
  • Many times you must have noticed that if you get a little cold or cough, then you do not get sleep throughout the night.
  • You do not feel comfortable and your next day also goes bad. That’s why you have to pay special attention to this matter.
  • Many times you keep on bearing the pain and think that if not today then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be fine.
  • And that’s why you don’t do any treatment for it. Due to this, you do not sleep properly at night.
  • You are preoccupied with your work during the day. But when you sleep at night, you feel that pain. And because of this, you are not able to get proper sleep.
  • So if you want to get proper sleep then whatever kind of pain you are having. Whatever physical pain you have, you should take the advice of the right doctor, take the right medicines or get the treatment done. And get proper sleep.

(3) Mental pain

  • The third and most important reason is your mental pain. Yes, mental pain.
  • Whenever you talk to someone during the day, you have a fight or if any thoughts are going on in your mind throughout the day, then those thoughts do not let you sleep at night.
  • Whenever you try to sleep, then again and again those thoughts come to your mind, those thoughts come and due to which you do not sleep.
  • Now let’s understand it as an example. Suppose one day you have a quarrel with your siblings, parents or husband or wife, then you keep that thing in your mind throughout the day, keep working but whenever you go to sleep, the same things come to your mind. It comes again and because of that, you are not able to sleep properly.
  • So what should you do about this? Whatever is the matter of your day, whatever is the confusion, then by the end of the evening, all those things should be resolved.
  • You should talk, you should discuss. With whomever, you have a quarrel with, or if something has happened, then do not keep it in your mind, you should discuss it and find out its solution.
  • Assume a husband and wife are having a disagreement. Now they got angry with each other and went to sleep. Both kept thinking throughout the night but both of them are not talking to each other, both are angry with each other and because of that, both are not getting sleep.
  • When they wake up in the morning, even then both of them are still angry with each other. But this is not a practical solution and it bothers both the people.
  • What will you have to do now? You should sit and discuss. Whatever the problem is, it should be sorted out.
  • When a solution to this problem is discovered. When you get talked about, then all that tension ends. And you can take your sleep by filling a lot of relaxation.

Topmost Tips For Good Sleep

Apart from this, I am giving three very good tips that will help you sleep very well at night.

(1) Bathe at least twice every day.

  • You get very tired because of whatever work you do throughout the day. But there is a rule in our homes that we take bath once in the morning.
  • Here you will add a rule. After finishing all the work of the day, you will definitely take bath once in the evening.
  • You take a shower, after that, you will see how well you sleep.

(2) Drink milk before sleeping

  • Second, take a glass of milk without sugar at night while sleeping. Add a little honey to it and add a little turmeric.
  • And you drink this milk. And then after that see how well you sleep at night.

(3) Read good books before sleeping

  • And the third and most important thing is that whenever you go to sleep at night, you must read something before that.
  • Read some good things, read some self help books. Due to which your mental growth will happen. You’ll be able to obtain a decent night’s sleep as well.
  • If you are single then read that book alone, if your wife is with you then read and teach it yourself.
  • And if you live with your entire family, then you can sit with your wife, children, parents and read a good book. And you can learn them too.

So if you put good thoughts in your mind while sleeping, then you will get a very good sleep at night.

So I hope that you will apply all these methods and they will give you a very good sleep.

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