Today’s topic is Why Do We Fall Ill? Must-Know For Good Health. Why do we get sick, let’s know about it today. Dr. Satyanarayan Baheti has divided the causes of disease into four parts. Due to which the causes of disease can be easily understood. Like (1) food (2) exercise (3) emotion (4) destiny. Now let’s know about these four in detail.

Why Do We Fall Ill?

1Causes of disease
(1) Food
(2) Exercise
(3) Emotions
(4) Destiny
2Factors affected the health
3Characteristics of good health
Why Do We Fall Ill? Must-Know For Good Health

(1) Food

First of all, about 25% of diseases arise in our bodies due to food disturbances.

(1) Eating more food than necessary.

(2) Eat tasty things in large quantities.

(3) Consumption of fried, chili spices more.

(4) Reducing the intake of salads, fruits, vegetables.

(5) Do not eat food by chewing.

(6) Lack of proper information about drinking water. Meaning we do not drink water at the time when we should drink water. And drink water at the time when you should not drink water. So when we should drink water in what quantity, it affects our health a lot.

(2) Exercise

(1) Another reason is exercise. Similarly, another 25% of diseases arise due to lack of exercise.

(2) Waking up before sunrise, walking, or taking a walk is considered a very good exercise.

(3) Do some asanas of yoga regularly so that health can be achieved.

(4) Many diseases are cured on their own by doing Savasana for a while after exercise and other yoga practices.

(3) Emotions

(1) The third reason is emotions. Emotions and thoughts have a direct relationship with our health.

(2) Good health depends on good feelings and good thoughts.

(3) Avoid them by controlling negative emotions like anger, jealousy, condemnation, hatred, fear, ego. If you adopt constructive and positive thoughts, then life can be enjoyed in the true sense.

(4) Destiny (Why Do We Fall Ill?)

(1) The fourth reason is destiny. The sins of previous births have to be suffered by indulging in physical or mental pains in this birth.

(2) The scriptures tell that the destruction of this set karma in the form of destiny is done by suffering.

(3) Natural calamities, unknown diseases, hereditary diseases, accidents, and some inevitable events of life which we cannot prevent have to be suffered. No one has any control over this. They should be accepted patiently, satisfied, and with a smile.

In this way, if we can control food, exercise, and emotions, then most of the diseases can be avoided.

It is completely within our right to do so. By adopting a regular lifestyle and increasing the energy of our body and putting it to positive use, we can make our life happy and healthy.

Know More (Why Do We Fall Ill?)

Why Do We Fall Ill? Must-Know For Good Health
  • First, we will know what is health? Generally, Health means you are physically, mentally, and socially healthy.
    • Physically means you are physically fit and healthy.
    • Generally, Mental health means your mental health should be in harmony with the environment no anxiety no tension.
    • Socially healthy means a good job, good environment, socially active then this is the point which shows that you are healthy as a whole.

Factors affected the health:

(1) Physical environment around us: The temperature, climate, weather, humidity

(2) Social environment: Job condition, office atmosphere, neighborhood, 

(3) Public cleanliness: Garbage disposal, sewage treatment, dumping grounds 

(4) Balanced diet: food habit

(5) Economic condition: Purchasing power

Characteristics of good health:

(1) Free from sickness and disease

(2) No unnecessary anxiety and tension

(3) Joy of living

(4) Full of self-confidence

(5) Free from any psychological illness

(6) Efficiency to work

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