World Heart Day is celebrated all over the world on the last Sunday of September. The first World Heart Day was observed on September 9, 2000.
Today, 1.50 crore people die of heart disease in the world every year. In India, 90 lac people die of heart disease.

What Is The Reason Behind Heart Disease?

World Heart Day | What Is The Purpose Of It?

Due to lack of exercise in men, fat, calorie-rich diet, and sedentary life, especially in the age group of 30 to 40 years, the incidence of heart disease is ten times higher in the West than in the present age group.

Experts warn that 1.50 crore people worldwide die of heart disease every year, and 90 lac people are from developing countries.
Experts have announced that September 24 will be the first World Heart Day. Indians are four times more likely to have the arterial vascular disease than Americans.
6 times more than China. And 20 times more than the Japanese. Such an opinion was expressed by the President of All India Heart Foundation, Shri Dr. S. Padmavati.

Heart disease accounts for half of all deaths worldwide due to various diseases. By 2015, 34 percent of men and 32 percent of women will die of heart disease. An important reason for the rise in heart disease is the rapid urbanization and the consequent stressful life of the people. Dr. Upendra Kaul, President of the Cardiology Society of India, states that there are 50 million heart patients in India. And one-tenth of the population in the capital, Delhi, suffers from one form or another of heart disease, and the situation is similar in other cities.

Under the auspices of the World Heart Federation and the World Health Organization, World Heart Day will be celebrated on the last Sunday of September each year, with launches in 28 countries this year.

‘WHO’ Report (World Heart Day)

World Heart Day | What Is The Purpose Of It?

‘WHO’ According to this report, Indians are most likely to get heart diseases. About this sad tradition, says Dr.S.Padmavati, President of the All India Hard Foundation: ‘The search for innumerable increased means of entertainment, especially TV. As a result, people have lost interest in sports. An excellent recipe for a healthy heart, half an hour of daily exercise with nutritious and plain food. ‘

Important figures obtained to support the possibility of Indians suffering from heart disease. According to figures released by the WHO, 4 million patients died of cardiovascular death in developed nations in 1990.

Generally, In India, cardiovascular deaths occur at a young age. About 50 percent of deaths occur in people under the age of 70. Most vegetarians live in India. Less information about saturated fat and a sedentary lifestyle increases the chances of heart disease in Indians. So a simple, everyday lifestyle is essential for a healthy heart.

Factors Responsible For Heart Disease

Generally, Factors responsible for heart disease are as below

  • Lack of exercise,
  • Fatty food,
  • Sedentary life,
  • Mental stress,
  • Increasing urbanization.
World Heart Day | What Is The Purpose Of It?

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